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10 Reasons Why Students Graduates with Poor Grades – Check Here.


Reasons Why Students Graduates with Poor Grades Such as: Poor Preparation, Lack of Focus, Poor Time Management, Negative Attitudes, Less Perseverance, Lack of Confidence, Over Confidence, Lack of Critical thinking Capability, Fear of Failure, and Carelessness.

Reasons Why Students Graduates with Poor Grades: 10 Reasons Why Students Graduates with Poor Grades | This article will show you the different reasons why Students Graduates with Poor Grades.

Reasons Why Students Graduates with Poor Grades

Reasons Why Students Graduates with Poor Grades

What exactly are the reasons why students graduate with poor grades in the university or Polytechnic? Many students fail examinations not because they don’ know what to write. In as much as academic failure can be attributed to the student in question, there are some other reasons outside their control.

In the university, students are required to pass a large number of examinations; tests and assignments to prove their intellect and learning capabilities. However, this is not always the case. No student will deliberately want to fail his/her exams.

Like I’ve mentioned above, there are many factors that contribute to students failure in the university. Some of these are internal factors while others are external factors.

The higher institution is an important stage of a student’s academic life and career. It is therefore important to understand the reasons for high rates of failure among university students.

If these reasons are avoided, more students will graduate with good results from the university.

Reasons Why Students Graduates with Poor Grades

Below are some reasons why students graduate with poor grades at the university.

1. Poor Preparation

The most common reason why students have poor grades in school is poor preparation. Developing a procrastinating approach towards studies often lead to less preparation for studies and examination.

This lazy and lackadaisical attitudes of students keep them away from making an effort to learn and understand various concepts that they might be tested upon. Some students are just too lazy to work themselves. Most at times, they expect others to do their assignment and tests for them.

If you sure want to graduate with good grades, first of all, you need to take your studies seriously.

2. Lack of Focus

This is a digital age where everyone has access to smart devices and mobile phones. While these devices might be valuable to learning, it can also be a major impediment to studies.

In fact, with access to the internet 24/7, involvement in social media and video games may make active study a bit hard. A lot of students fail because they are unable to focus on their studies and are distracted by gadgets.

Don’t get me wrong, you need these devices, but you need to discipline yourself so that you won’t be carried away by them.

3. Poor Time Management

Time is a valuable asset, and once it is lost, it cannot be recovered. Spending your time on irrelevant things can really harm your grades.

Non-academic activities often take up most of the time of students. They fail to utilize time properly due to procrastination. Some students spend more time attending religious activities and social gatherings than they spend on their books.

On the other hand, commitments to a large number of academic activities can also make students not to prioritize their studies and hence lose valuable time. In most cases, students who have poor management skills often graduate with poor grades.

4. Negative Attitudes

Students attitude towards studies can be an impediment to good grades. Having a pessimistic and negative vibe towards life and its challenges is often very harmful.

Most students, when faced with challenges, start carrying a negative attitude towards everything in life. This can lead to a lack of motivation to study. The end result is always failure which may harm your chances of graduating with good grades.

5. Less Perseverance

Academic success is attained through hard work and dedication. Understanding these two factors can take you far in life.

We all know it’s isn’t easy to study in the midst of seeming distractions, however, if you want to achieve good grade, you need to be dedicated and hard-working. You need to take every obstacle as a challenge and work towards achieving greater success in life.

6. Lack of Confidence

Most students graduate with bad grades because they lacked self-confidence. The internet and social media have made students more isolated. This often rubs off on students self-confidence and approach to studies.

Some students often do not believe they can pass their assessment very well. In fact, believing in what you can do is a major step to overcoming academic failure. If you have difficulties understanding a topic, ask for help from teachers or friends.

7. Over Confidence

You might ask, how does overconfidence make students graduate with bad grades from college? Well, the answer is that, some students are just so overconfidence that they don’t pay attention to details.

In the academic world, details matters a lot. However, when a student feels he knows it all, that might not end up well. Often times you’ll see brilliant students ending up with bad grades.

8. Lack of Critical thinking Capability

Higher education often requires students to have a certain level of thinking and critical reasoning capabilities. Students with inadequate intellect and analytical skills often fail to perform in school.

9. Fear of Failure

Some students often fail examination even before sitting for the said exams. When you’re constantly intimidated with the very thought of failure, chances are that you might end up failing. Fear of failure should be squash totally if you really want to get good grades.

10. Carelessness

Carelessness is one of the major reasons why students graduate with bad grades from school. Most students are so careless that they even fail to write their ID number on their answer booklet.

Some students don’t even read examination instructions and end up providing wrong answers to questions. On the other hand, others don’t even give due importance to their studies.

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