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Acumen West Africa Fellowship 2020 for Entrepreneurs and Organization-Builders


Acumen West Africa Fellowship 2020 for Entrepreneurs and Organization-Builders.

Acumen West Africa Fellowship: Acumen Academy has start accepting applications from entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs and organization-builders from both public and private sectors for its 2020 West Africa Fellowship.

Acumen West Africa Fellowship

Acumen West Africa Fellowship

The West Africa Fellowship will bring together entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs and organization-builders from both the public and private sectors who are modeling leadership, and who are hungry to do more.

Acumen West Africa: Despite being home to three of the fastest growing countries in the world, wealth in West Africa has not trickled down to the poor. Seventy-five percent of West Africans still live on less than $2 per day. Our solutions ensure opportunity and choice is available to everyone, not just some.

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Practical skills meet moral imagination in this intensive year-long leadership development program designed to equip extraordinary individuals with the tools, mindset, and community to tackle poverty and injustice in their communities. The next West Africa Fellowship runs from January 2021 to December 2021.

Acumen West Africa Fellowship Curriculum.

The Fellowship curriculum is centered around the principles of moral leadership:

  • Adaptive Leadership: Based on Ron Heifetz’s work, Adaptive Leadership is a practical leadership framework that supports Fellows’ ability to catalyse and embrace the gradual and meaningful process of creating change.
  • Authentic Voice: Grounded in Marshall Ganz’s life’s work, the Authentic Voice curriculum allows the Fellows to develop the capacity to articulate a hopeful vision, speak across lines of difference, and move others into action.
  • Good Society Readings: Modeled off The Aspen Institute, the Good Society Readings explore the meaning of a just society, and the moral and historical foundation of social change through text based dialogue
  • Managing Polarities: Based on Barry Johnson’s work, Polarities aims to cultivate an individual’s ability to lead effectively when opposing but interdependent and equally important values are in tension.
  • Systems Thinking: Fellows explore the concept of Systems Thinking by working collaboratively on live challenges—enabling them to better understand larger, systemic problems and design more effective interventions.

Acumen West Africa Fellowship Eligibility.

The fellowship is open to:

  • Entrepreneurs: Leaders of both for-profit and nonprofit organizations providing critical goods or services to the underserved.
  • Intrapreneurs: Builders from any sector tackling poverty and injustice from within by shifting the institutional culture—and building new collaborations.
  • Organizational Builders: Leaders (other than the Founder or CEO) supporting the growth of institutions combating poverty and injustice

How to Apply for Acumen West Africa Fellowship.

The application process consists of these steps:

  • Apply online by August 6
  • Complete Stage 2 application between September 7 and September 24
  • Attend an in-person Selection Conference in mid-November
  • Fellows are announced in January 2021

Apply Here

Official Link

Application Deadline: 6th August, 2020.

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