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51 Anger Memes for Dealing with Pent Up Rage

Anger Memes: Are you a person who is constantly angry? These memes, on the other hand, will do nothing to help you and may even increase your blood pressure. The only thing they can do for you is make you feel more understood.

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51 Anger Memes for Dealing with Pent Up Rage

Anger Memes for Dealing with Pent Up

How do you appear when you’re angry? And can your friends, family, and acquaintances deal with you when you’re agitated?

Anger is a normal emotion. It allows us to let go of pent-up emotions. However, it is frequently unsightly, particularly when it is unexpected and uncontrollable.

Of course, there is another way to express your rage: MEMES!

This article contains 51 amusing memes about being angry. You can use them to express yourself without resorting to violence, or you can share them with your friends for laughs.

We hope you enjoy our collection, whatever your reason for reading this article!

1. Throw Boyfriend!

Here’s one for the ladies who are tired of boyfriends who irritate them for no reason!

2. Flip House!

Hey, nothing’s impossible if you are angry enough, right?!

3. Throw Milk!

It takes a special talent to be able to squirt milk straight from a cow at someone you dislike! But, once again, we must caution against assaulting police officers, even with milk.

4. Set Fire!

This may appear to be the coolest angry person you’ve ever seen, but we recommend you don’t set any police cars on fire. Or, for that matter, setting anything on fire with a trumpet.

5. Calm Down ?

The words “calm down” are the last thing an angry person wants to hear. They will undoubtedly do the exact opposite!

6. Instead, I’ll Remain Upset

It’s sometimes easier to stay angry than to explain things they won’t understand. Don’t worry, they’ll leave eventually, giving you some peace and quiet.

7. Don’t Squander My Time

Do you ever have the impression that you’re dealing with a bunch of first-graders? That would be fine if you weren’t trying to teach your employees something at work!

8. Part 2: Understanding Women

Seriously, you should just give up and stop trying! (No, don’t do that—we know you adore her.)

9. Understanding Women Part 1

Gentlemen, sometimes you simply can’t win.

10. Goodbye, Mom!

Oh sure, you run away from home now—but you’ll be back as soon as dinner is ready.

 11. I’m Restraining Myself

Pretending to be cool when you’re actually about to snap? Instead of throwing hands, send this meme!

12. Mood Throughout the Year

Things always appear when you least expect them to. Simply instruct them to converse with the hand!

13. A World of Difference

Women can be difficult to understand at times, especially when they are angry. But, as the old adage goes, you can’t live without ’em!

14. You Already Know, Guys

Guys, a few tears are far preferable to being murdered by your girlfriend!

15. Just Me Being Cute

When the people we care about are angry, we can’t help but laugh—and then they get even angrier, of course!

16. You, Come Here

Do your eyes ever turn bloodshot

when you’re enraged? Relax, you’re going to have a heart attack!

17. Angry Sugar, Yeah

Leave it to Lisa Simpson to speak truth to the masses. If you are into sugar and spice, then salt is anything but nice.

18. I Am Fluent. I Tell You

Don’t mess with an angry Canadian playing ice hockey unless you want to see all the anger and rage. Of course, once the game is over, they are the nicest people you’ve ever met!

19. Snick, Snick!

Snickers created a hilarious series of commercials about how their candy bars can prevent you from becoming a monster. Do they serve you well?

20. I Will Find You

This cutie might be joking, but I doubt you want to make him angry. Do you ever feel this way when someone is annoying you?

21. A Very Relatable Rihanna

Rihanna understands us! Sometimes we just get pissed out and our faces show it!

22. I Really Can’t

If your friends insulted you and you haven’t moved on, this is the perfect meme to express your feelings. But, of course, you’re joking.

23. Not Surprised

Is the face you make when you are disappointed? We aren’t surprised.

24. Angry Moms, in Real Life

Seriously, though? Why do anime moms look so friendly, no matter what their moods are? Reality isn’t quite so warm and fuzzy.

25. I Was Joking

We might think we have the patience of a saint, but as soon as something gets us riled up, the truth comes out!

26. Don’t Wait for this Expression

When your friends are attempting to annoy you and you are becoming annoyed…

Send this meme with the caption “Don’t wait for this face!” to them.

27. I Degrade Naturally

This is a very clever pun. Lauren, we’ve got your back. Actually, we have everyone’s back. If you’re about to lose it, check out our list of memes (also see this one).

 28. Seriously, Woman?!

Men are clueless, and they aren’t afraid to admit it. Tell us why you are angry so we can make sure not to do the same thing twice!

29. This is My Sleeping Expression

We understand, kitty. We truly do. Do you also have a grumpy resting face? If that’s the case, this meme is for you!

30. Please, Cooperate

We try to be nice sometimes, but the people around us make it so difficult! We simply must take the higher road.

31. Mom is a True Hero

How about your mother? What kind of person did she produce? Hopefully, one who is capable of controlling their rage!

32. Angry Spam

“Don’t send me angry if you don’t want me to be angry,” this meme literally says. And who can blame them? Spam is the devil!

33. Hulk Yoda

Two of our favorite green characters merged into one?! I’m not sure whether I should be afraid of him or try to make him my friend! Perhaps you should begin by not making him angry!

34. That’s Tedious, Doc

What makes this meme so amusing is that Kate’s response is former President Trump’s “boring” tweet. Do you frequently become enraged at yourself for no apparent reason? Have you ever thought about not sabotaging your own life? Boring!

36. Please don’t Tell Me what to do!

This one resonates with us. Who wouldn’t be irritated if they were told to do something they were already doing?

37. Waking Up Irritates Me

Does this describe you? Do you despise waking up? Us too! However, waking up extra early so that you can be angry about waking up early is pushing it.

38. Getting Out of Bed Irritates Me

Do you recognize yourself in this? Do you despise getting up? Us too! However, getting up extra early so that you can be angry about getting up early is pushing it.

39. No, I’m not Interested

Being single is a decision. Why would you bother caring for others if you can’t even care for yourself? Kidding! Send this meme to your friends if their questions about your personal life begin to irritate you.

40. I Am not Mad!

Is there a difference between mad and angry? This bear sure seems to think so!

41. You’re Cute, Baby

Send this meme to your girlfriend and she will be melted. Who can say? Maybe you’ll calm her down and she’ll be happy!

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42. Where is My Food?!

When you are so hungry and nothing’s on the table—that’s when you get “hangry.”

43. In Real Life, Angry Birds

Did you think that playing Angry Birds in real life would be fun? Think again!

44. For that Matter, True Friends

This dog’s expression is so timeless! Do you ever look like this when you’re furious but your friend makes you realize how ridiculous you’re being?

45. Want to See The Hulk?

Tell your friends that you don’t want them to see an angry Dr. Banner roaming around, so they better watch what they say to you!

46. It’s Crude, but it’s True

Let’s face it. Some of our family members are know-it-alls, and we occasionally want to kick their buttocks.

47. Allow Me to Kick You

Do you have this feeling all the time? We do! The Internet is a wonderful invention. However, it is also driving many people insane and foolish. Have fun dealing with them!

48. But I Warned You

It would be illegal to hit someone with a car, but it is perfectly legal to send this meme.

49. Would You Like to See it?

Oh, you don’t want to mess with this cute thing. You don’t want to see him angry!

50. Yes, Challenged

When someone accuses you of being always angry, explain that you, like this cat, are actually happiness challenged. Then, as a follow-up, send them this meme.

51. What is Anger Management?

This is most likely how your boss or HR manager appears when they are upset. Whatever you do, stay on their good side!

52. Different Points of View

Send this to your girlfriend if she enjoys memes and has a sense of humor. She’ll have a good laugh over it.

53. Cuter When Angry

Is this how your girlfriend looks when she’s angry? Send her this meme and make her even angrier! Just kidding. But you can try. She might laugh instead.


If you’re angry, we recommend venting your frustrations through these amusing angry memes. Once you’re ready to laugh, focus on truly releasing your anger so it doesn’t fester inside of you. You don’t want to poison yourself with your own rage!

We recommend saving any favorite memes from today’s article for a grumpy day. When you’re having trouble coping with your anger and frustration, a funny meme can help!

If you have any questions concerning Anger Memes for Dealing with Pent Up , please feel free to use the comment box below and ask us your question. We will be very pleased to answer you.

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