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Best Cities to Vacation and Study Spanish Intensively


Best Cities to Vacation and Study Spanish: People want to travel around the world and see different parts of the world. Beautiful cities can be found on every continent, making visiting and discovering them truly incredible. Some people travel for work, others for pleasure, and still others to study. Some people combine these concerns with travel for a variety of reasons.

Best Cities to Vacation and Study Spanish Intensively

Best Cities to Vacation and Study Spanish Intensively

When organizing a trip, different items should be taken into account. One of the most important points will be the language. For this reason, knowing the language of the country or city you will visit will be essential.

Currently, thanks to technological advances, you can study a language from anywhere you are. But if you need more time to check before your trip, you will also have the opportunity to learn this new language directly at your next destination.

For example, if you travel to Spain, you can study Spanish Malaga and thus learn everything you need about the Spanish language.

Malaga, a Beautiful City

Spain is one of the most chosen tourist destinations around the world. The reason is that this country has a spectacular history. Still, it also has fantastic architecture, exquisite gastronomy, beautiful landscapes, cities that will make you fall in love, and beaches with excellent moments.

Surprisingly, Malaga is one of the most visited cities in Spain. That is because it is a critical point of attraction within Andalusia.

The streets of Málaga, with their imposing architecture and colors, are an unmissable event that no one should miss. Walking there and appreciating the landscape will be genuinely unique.

The view that Gibralfaro Castle allows is incredible. You can see a large part of the city, the docks, and the sea from there.

Precisely, the beaches of Malaga are spectacular. The weather is usually unique and allows you to be there no matter if you are going to dive into the water. If it’s cold, you can enjoy the sand and the different places to drink or taste a delicious local dish.

The waves are the main protagonists on these beaches, and water sports are always present. There is music and places for the youngest, but you will also find places to rest and connect directly with nature.

Returning to the tour you can do in Malaga; we must highlight the Cathedral. This church was built in the 16th century and is one of the most representative sites in the city.

The Alcazaba, which is a Palace with Arabic details, is another of the most iconic places. Its architecture is striking, but its panoramic view from its towers is more impressive.

If you are an art fan, museums are also the order of the day. In Malaga, you can visit the Picasso Museum and discover the private life and work of the artist who is one of the most important in the world.

You can also visit the Carmen Thyssen Museum, the Contemporary Art Center, and the Pompidou Center.

If you like vehicles, you can also take your time and get to know the Automobile Museum. There you will find a sample of more than 90 cars.

The Botanical Garden, the bars and their famous Tapas when eating, the different landscapes, the sea, the people enjoying the beach, and many other things will make your stay there unique. But remember that if you are going to travel, taking Spanish classes in Malaga can be an exciting option. You can count on a teacher who will be at your disposal and help you achieve your objectives with this language.

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More Tourist Sites in Spain

Madrid is the excellent capital of Spain and has many must-see sites. The Royal Palace is a must-visit.

Walking through the Plaza Mayor and getting to know everything surrounding it will be fabulous. In addition, the Almudena Cathedral has very sophisticated architecture. Walking along the Gran Vía should also be in your plans.

Barcelona is another of the most impressive cities. You will have to walk along La Rambla and from there observe the beach and the beautiful sunset with sunset behind the sea. This city also stands out for its gastronomy and the theaters you can visit. The Temple of the Sagrada Familia must be on your itinerary.

Seville is also a significant site. This city’s main attraction is Plaza España. This space is located in María Luisa Park, and it is an incredible work that is full of details. You can also discover the Real Alcázar, one of the royal palaces with an Islamic and Gothic style simultaneously. This site was declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco in 1987.

In Valencia, you can visit the famous Central Market. You will also be able to enjoy the City of Arts and Science, and you will get to know the Palace of the Marquis.

All these cities and all the sites they have are truly unique. You should take advantage of the opportunity to travel, know and visit each place you can.

It would help if you remembered that taking Spanish classes will be essential to enjoy your trip thoroughly. In these cities, you will be able to have courses that adapt to your requirements, and thus, you will be able to learn while living an experience that will be truly unique.

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