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Top Best Crypto Marketing Agency in the World 2022


Top Best Cryptocurrency Marketing Agency in the World 2022.

Best Crypto Marketing Agency: Below is Top Best Cryptocurrency Marketing Agency in the World 2022. If you are looking for where to learn crypto currency trading, then you can choose from the list we have provided for you in this article.

Best Crypto Marketing Agency

Crypto currency trading is one of the best way of making online cash. But before you start crypto business you need marketing agent just like forex broker before you start Euro (EUR) currency trading.

Top Best Cryptocurrency Marketing Agency

1. CryptoPRBest All Round Crypto Agency

CryptoPR has quickly carved a market for itself in the booming crypto space since launching this year. The company runs PR services and generates traffic and leads to your cryptocurrency site, app, product, or token. CryptoPR specializes in the following services:

Top Media Outlets Are On Call

Although it is quite new to the crypto scene, CryptoPR has affiliations with some of the biggest names in the financial markets and the crypto space. Their media partners include Yahoo! Finance, MarketWatch, Bitcoin.com,

Inside Bitcoins, Benzinga, and several others. This increases your chances of getting the needed attention on your crypto project. Press releases, comparison listings and reviews, banner ad campaigns, and comprehensive publishing services are CryptoPR’s strong suit.

Support For Multiple Languages

Another major benefit of working with CryptoPR is the dynamism you get to enjoy and the audience reach. While other crypto PR and marketing services are generally pitched and fixated on the English-speaking audience, CryptoPR gives you more flexibility and increases your chances of snatching a dynamic share of the booming crypto market.

Your press releases, publications, product launch, and banner ad campaigns can be delivered in English, German, French, Spanish, Arabic, Norwegian, Finnish, Danish, and Italian.

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Based Services

While other crypto marketing agencies are focused on cryptocurrencies alone, CryptoPR has gone a step further and now offers PR services for DeFi-facing blockchain startups. DeFi, which is meant to replace our traditional banking services, has boomed last year with over $80 billion total value locked (TVL).

However, the burgeoning sub-sector is closely controlled by DeFi big wigs like Aave and Compound Finance. CryptoPR places you top-of-mind by positioning you in popular channels users tend to visit, such as Telegram crypto investor channels, Discord servers, YouTube, Twitter, and other crypto-focused platforms.

NFT Market Campaigns

(NFTs) have become the recent crypto frenzy in the past couple of months. Following the remarkable sale of Beeple’s 5000 Days NFT for a record value of $69.3 million, the nascent sub-sector has gained a life-form of its own. Recent bellwethers like CryptoPunks and Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) have sold for jaw-dropping amounts as more investors pile up on these digital collectibles.

If you are looking for a media outlet that can push your NFT project to investors’ and buyers’ screens, CryptoPR is the one you should call on.CryptoPR can easily onboard your NFT project on popular online NFT marketplaces like OpenSea and Nifty Gateway without any extra cost on your part. With NFTs demanding a lot of attention in making them, you can focus on creating your digital collectibles while CryptoPR builds the hype around the project.

CryptoPR Has Deep Roots In Crypto

During its August launch, CryptoPR co-founder Adam Grunwerg noted that the PR services company has worked with some of the biggest crypto brands in the past. Per listings on its website, this covers Binance, DeFi Coins, eToro, Crypto.com, 1xBit.com, and several others.

A reputable crypto PR company handling your crypto project guarantees its success.

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ICODA is an alternative to CryptoPR and features as No 2 in our list of crypto marketing agencies you should consider. ICODA wants to revolutionize the world through crypto and uses its platform to propagate this idea. Like CryptoPR, ICODA offers services covering press releases, product releases, and launches. Some of ICODA services are:

ICODA has operated a long and fruitful crypto market services company and can move your project from the corridors of social media to the halls of fame of crypto prominence. If you are searching for crypto marketing agencies that can fast-track your project’s mass growth, ICODA is one for the job.The company is reputable for listing tokens on crypto aggregator websites like CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko.

Leverages Social Media

Crypto News is now obtainable on several platforms, including traditional news agencies. However, ICODA takes it a notch higher and ensures your project’s success by working with social media influencers, especially video-sharing platform YouTube.

YouTube is a popular hotspot for crypto reviews and news, and ICODA places your project front and centre on investor’s screens.

Crypto and DeFi Promotion

ICODA operates with a hands-on approach and will use the best marketing tools to make sure your crypto project reaches your intended targets. DeFi projects are not exempted, and you can rest assured that your PR projects are handled professionally.

3. Melrose PR

Melrose PR is a blockchain communication agency based in California, USA. The agency leverages industry best practices in strategy, content creation and thought leadership to educate the public on your crypto projects.

Want to attract the right customers by distilling the essence of your team’s work? Melrose PR should be your go-to agency.Strategy & Thought LeadershipThis is an overlooked area in public relations. Melrose PR can position your team and project as the right solution for your target audience.

The firm achieves this through flawless executed messaging, positioning, press relations and thought leadership content on the right platforms. Melrose PR is big on thought leadership.The platform leverages expert commentaries and op-eds.

Depending on your needs, the agency could also secure speaking engagements across popular crypto podcasts and industry events, allowing your team members to earn credibility and build rapport with the community.Media Relation and ContentMelrose PR is not shy or wary about the dirty tasks.

They can easily pitch your crypto project to reputable media houses like Cointelegraph, Fortune, Fast Company, and Quartz. Besides developing, drafting and distributing content, Melrose PR would also go the extra mile to educate the media about your project. If you want to secure major media coverage that your project deserves, Melrose PR can help you tell that story.

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