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15 Best Rechargeable Public Address System in Nigeria

Best Rechargeable Public Address System: For corporations, schools, religious institutions, event venues, and everywhere else that has to successfully communicate with large audiences, a dependable and powerful public address (PA) system is a need. In Nigeria, where power supplies can be unpredictable, a rechargeable battery-powered PA system is great for portability and convenience. There are several cordless, crystal-clear sound-projecting, rechargeable PA systems available on the market.




15 Best Rechargeable Public Address System in Nigeria

15 Best Rechargeable Public Address System in Nigeria

When selecting the right rechargeable PA system in Nigeria, key factors to consider are the battery life, charging options, sound output power, speaker configuration, wireless microphone capability, and ease of transport. Rechargeable systems need batteries that can last for hours of continuous use and charge up quickly when needed. Sound power should be sufficient to fill the intended space whether indoors or outdoors. Having multiple speakers and wireless microphones allows flexible setup and crowd coverage. Wheeled carrying cases and pull handles provide easy mobility.

1. Anchor Audio Beacon –

With 800 watts of sound power from two speakers, this PA system can cover crowds up to 800 people. It runs for up to 12 hours on one charge and recharges in 4 hours. The Beacon has Bluetooth, USB charging, and wheel/handle transport.

2. ION Audio Block Rocker Plus

Pumping out 100 decibels of clear stereo sound, this lightweight PA pushes sound up to 125 feet. It incorporates a rechargeable battery, telescoping handle, and grab-and-go design.

3. Pyle PPHP1500BT

Equipped with 1500 watts of power, wireless microphone, and 5-hour battery, this Pyle PA system can easily project sound for events and presentations. Integrated Bluetooth allows wireless music playback.

4. Anker Anker PowerConf S3

With a 2-mic wireless system, the Anker PowerConf S3 delivers HD sound amplification for up to 8 hours on one charge. Feedback suppression provides a clear audio signal. 


A budget 800W PA system with 8-inch subwoofer and 3-inch tweeter for full-range stereo sound. It includes built-in Bluetooth and handheld wireless mic for flexibility.

6. Alphasonik APP-PA1500BT

Get booming sound with 1500 watts of power through two 10-inch woofers and a 2-inch tweeter. Features built-in reverb effects and 10-hour battery life. 

7. Anchor Audio Go Getter

Portable and lightweight at just 8 pounds, the Anchor Go Getter outputs 125 decibels utilizing 60 watts of power. It includes a handheld wireless mic and shoulder strap carry bag.

8. technical pro MX-PAA1

With 60-watt output from a 6.5-inch woofer and 1-inch tweeter, this PA system offers 4 hours of battery-powered operation. Great for presentations and small gatherings.


Compact and affordable 600 watt PA with Bluetooth to play music from any Bluetooth-enabled device. Rechargeable battery provides 3 to 5 hours of use.

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10. Alphasonik PPKIT6-3BT

All-in-one 600W rechargeable PA kit with CD/MP3 combo player with Bluetooth, speaker stand, and wired handheld mic. Good value for money.

11. Anker Soundcore Rave Neo

IPX7 waterproof with strobe lighting, the Soundcore Rave Neo pumps out massive bass courtesy of its two 3.5-inch woofers. Battery provides up to 18 hours.

12. ION Audio Tailgater Express

With a 50-hour battery, this PA hauls an easy-carry design that sets up fast. 50 watts of power drives a 3-inch tweeter and 5.25-inch woofer with decent volume for up to 500 people.

13. Technical Pro MX-PAA2

Delivers 80 watts of clear sound from a high-efficiency 8-inch woofer and compression tweeter. Convenient telescoping handle and 5-hour lithium battery make mobile use a breeze.


Lightweight 10-pound PA with 250 watts to cover crowds of 100+ people. Provides 30+ hours of portable amplification from its rechargeable sealed lead-acid battery.

15. Anchor Audio MegaVox PRO

With a 12-hour battery and 2000 watt power handling, the MegaVox PRO gives booming coverage for large crowds. Integrated mixer, Bluetooth, and DC power make setup versatile.


In conclusion, the best rechargeable PA system for your needs depends on your budget, intended use, and the size of audiences you need to reach. Any of the systems on this list can provide cordless, reliable sound reinforcement for Nigerian churches, schools, events, and businesses. Compare sound power, battery performance, wireless features, and transportability to choose the right rechargeable PA system in Nigeria for clear voice and music projection.

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