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Top 20 Binance Smart Chain Cryptocurrency Token to Buy and Invest in 2022


Top 20 Binance Smart Chain Cryptocurrency Token to Buy and Invest in 2022.

Binance Smart Chain Cryptocurrency Token to Buy and Invest: Do you know that Crypto tokens have their particular unit of value in blockchain? Having Crypto tokens can be use for investment in any business that captures their interest.

Binance Smart Chain Cryptocurrency Token

What is Crypto Token

It is a unique virtual currency representing tradeable and fungible assets. Many companies have issued their own currencies, often called tokens, and these can be traded specifically for the goods or service that the company provides. Think of them as you would arcade tokens or casino chips. You’ll need to exchange real currency for the cryptocurrency to access the good or service.

Interestingly, crypto token are also created and launched for cryptocurrency users to use for trading. The whole idea about this is made possible by Blockchain technology. In crypto, there are different encryption cryptographic and algorithm methods that offers assistance to safeguard tokens from intruders.

As a result, it promotes secure payment of goods and services online without any third-party interference. Crypto-assets are the transactional units found on blockchain technology manufactured from standard templates found in Ethereum network.

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Different Types of Crypto Token

There are five numerous types of crypto token below:

  • Platform tokens
  • Security tokens
  • Transactional tokens
  • Utility tokens
  • Governance tokens

Platform Tokens:

These tokens use blockchain infrastructure to offer Defi applications that will serve various purposes. For instance, Dai is a stable coin because it has a tagging price to the U.S. Dollar. Also, the pricing mechanism is built on smart contracts.

The entire infrastructure of the token is one Ethereum blockchain. These tokens gain massive benefits from other blockchains and gained maximum security to assist other transactional activities on the blockchain.

Security Tokens:

These tokens emerged primarily as a result of upsurging regulatory issues or concern. On the other hand, security is issued by either trust, company, legal entity, or company, and it shows ownership interest. These types of securities are notes, shares, bonds, debentures, warrants, etc. These tokens function like real-world securities to protect digital assets.

Transactional Tokens:

The tokens are ideally for transactions such as payment of goods and services. They act as conventional currencies, but they have other benefits to the users. For instance, users can carry out transactions without the need to find any traditional intermediary authority.

On the other hand, it functions as a currency to other networks. It is essential to note it is not all transactional tokens that can perform transactions. The global supply chain is a non-transactional token for the flexibility of smart contracts.

Utility Tokens:

Utility token  can be merged into other existing protocol on the Smart Chain network. The primary purpose of the token is for payment of goods and services within the Blockchain Technology system.

The platform offers maximum security for the utility token. On the other hand, the token provides network activity to make the platform more robust. A perfect example is Dai integrated into Axie Infinity to provide users with a stable in-game currency.

Governance Tokens:

The governance token permits stakeholders to debate, form collaboration, and carry out a vote to manage a system. The voting system of the governance token runs on signal support to bring out new proposals.

Uses of Smart Chain Cryptocurrency Token

Below are tokens can offer numerous benefits to users:


Most of these tokens allow users to trade on numerous exchanges depending on the type of platform in cryptocurrency trading.

Transactional Fee:

The transactional fee is another benefit because users can make payments for their transactions on any exchange platform at a discounted fee.

Payment Processing:

Tokens can function as a medium of payment for customers because of their flexible payment methods.

Booking Services:

For instance, if you want to embark on any trip, you can book your flight and hotel accommodation.


If you are the type, who likes fun or entertainment can purchase lottery tickets, movie ticket, amusement parks, and many other exciting places to spend time with your loved ones.


Users can invest in various things relating to the cryptocurrency world, such as ETFs, stocks, digital assets through these tokens.

Binance Smart Chain (BSC) Video Tutorial

Binance Smart Chain Cryptocurrency Tokens

The following are the various tokens for anyone to purchase and invest in 2021:

Binance USD:

It is one of the smart chain cryptocurrency tokens for anyone, and its been issued by Binance. The New York State Department of Financial Services has approved the stable coin, and they also play a significant role in regulating it.

It came out in September 2019, and since then, it has helped to merged dollar stability through blockchain technology. The digital fiat currency can support BEP-2, and there is a circulating Binance USD coins supply of 5,402,890,536 BUSD. Presently, it is ranking #27 in the CoinMarketCap.

Binance Coin:

It launched in 2017 based on an initial coin offering. Before it was available online, it came out as an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum network. The current price for this token is USD 571.85, and it ranks #3 in the CoinMarketCap.

The token can serve as a means of payment on the Binance exchange and token sales using the Binance Launchpad. Also, the token can power the Binance decentralization exchange.


The PancakeSwap token is making a massive impact on blockchain technology. There are exchanges use in trading in PancakeSwap such as CoinBene, FTX, VCC Exchange, etc. Because it is a Defi token, users can exchange tokens on the Binance Smart Chain.

On the CoinMarketCap, the token is ranking #34, and their live market cap is USD 4,151,387,437. Since the token runs on an automated market maker model for users to trade against a liquidity pool, users deposit funds into the pool and obtain liquidity provider tokens in exchange.

The Graph:

The token is for querying data for various networks such as IPFS and Ethereum. The top exchanges users can use to trade the token are OKEx, CoinTiger, Binance, etc. The latest CoinMarketCap of the Graph is #61 with a maximum circulating supply of 19,057,044,431 GRT coins.

It is easy for developers to build on the graph based on the hosted service available. The token can support indexing data on POA, Ethereum, and IPFS. According to statistics, many developers have implemented subgraphs for other smart chain technology tokens such as Balancer, Aragon, Uniswap, etc.


It is one of the high-performing tokens in the Binance smart chain technology. Based on the identity for the token, it can support extensive cross-chain collaboration. The CoinMarketCap is ranking #72, and the total number of ONT coins in circulation is 809,807991.

There are various top exchanges for users interested in trading the token, such as Upbit, Huobi Global, FTX, etc. Some of these features on ONT coins are ONT ID, DID, and mobile digital ID application. The ONT coin launched in June 2018, and till now, people are buying it.


Presently, the Venus coin is ranking #104 with a maximum circulating supply of 30,000,000XVS coins. The protocol has a user-friendly interface for any user for crypto-asset lending, decentralized finance ecosystem, borrowing solution, etc.

Furthermore, users can mint VAI stable coins within some seconds by using 200% of the collateral on Venus Smart Contract. The XVS community members regulate the control of any exchange on the token.


The price of buying this token on any cryptocurrency exchange is USD 4.88, and it is ranking #105 on the CoinMarketCap. Users have the privilege of using different exchanges for trading the token like OKEx, CoinTiger, Binance, etc.

The 1inch is another decentralized token with a trading volume of USD 168,624,832. The coin came into existence in August 2020, and lots of users are trading with the coin. In December 2012, the coin was able to raise approximately $12 million using Series A funding.

Bitcoin Standard Hashrate Token Price:

The top exchanges for BTCST are VCC exchange, PancakeSwap, Binance, and many others. The coin launched in December 2020, and each token valued at 0.1 TH/s, the mining power of Bitcoin with an efficiency of 60/WTH.

The essence of the token is to reduce the gap in the liquidity in Bitcoin’s mining market. The recent ranking in the CoinMarketCap is #110, and there is a circulating supply of 10,610,486 Bitcoin Standard Hashrate Token coins.


The Dodo token is a Defi token from China, and its on-chain liquidity provider focuses on providing decent liquidity and price stability. Some of these exchanges for the coin are CoinBene, VCC Exchange, Binance, Bits, etc.

The pricing mechanism for the coin takes the pattern of human trading to source out accurate market prices for assets. The latest ranking in the CoinMarketCap is #234, and it has an estimated supply of 110,551,964 coins in circulation. Besides, the coin takes part in other new crypto projects using a free ICO listing.


The idea of the token is built through the Polkadot to offer cross-chain trading. There are two crucial factors responsible for the project offerings – a smart liquidity aggregator and yield engine. The token project started during the second half of 2020 with a CoinMarketCap rank of #37.

The decentralized coin aggregates liquidity and offers automation to resolve the setback issues in trading platforms. The major exchanges for the token are Metro Exchange, Binance, FXT, etc. The token is another coin for people to invest their money.

Alpha Finance Lab:

It is one of the Defi tokens users in various Smart Chain Cryptocurrency technology can use. It offers a decent system to help those who are having issues with multiple needs relating to cryptocurrency. The principal name of the token is “Alpha.”

The token was founded by two people in 2020 using a token sale via the Binance Launchpad. The Alpha team has resource persons who can solve issues or problems Alpha users might face during investment.


The Swipe platform assists people in carrying out numerous exchanges, and they have three significant products available such as Swipe token, Swipe multi-asset mobile wallet, and Swipe debit card. The latest ranking in the CoinMarketCap is #156 and a total number of 289,266,978 SXP coins in circulation.

The Swipe ecosystem is controlled by the Swipe Token (SXP), and it acts as the propeller for the Swipe network. Besides, it can function as a means for making transactions. The top exchanges for the coin are ZG.com, Binance, CoinTiger, etc.

Injective Protocol:

The primary aim of the decentralized token is to increase the level of decentralization in numerous crypto exchanges. The lowest circulation of the coin in Cryptocurrency technology is 16,055,554 INJ coins.

The surprising thing about the token is there is no regulating body in charge of the project development. It was launched in 2020 through a public offering and was supported by big names in the crypto market such as Pantera, Binance, and Hashed. In the CoinMarketCap, it is ranking #187.


Linear is doing well in the Smart Chain Cryptocurrency technology, and it is ranking #235 in the CoinMarketCap. There are some exchanges for the coin, and they are Upbit, MXC.com, Binance, etc. The Linear token can function alongside other traditional assets such as market indices, Forex, commodities, etc.

Various products help in managing liquidity using Linear and other coins or tokens as collateral. Since it is built on the principle of the Ethereum network to function as collateral, the circulating supply of the coin is 3,535,304,757 LINA.

Battery Token:

It was launched in September 2020, and there are numerous top exchanges for the BatteryToken, such as CoinBene, PancakeSwap, Hoo, etc. The liquidity provider for the token is rewarded with Bake tokens. Since the Battery Token offers liquidity via Bakery Swap for users to earn Bake tokens.

The recent ranking of the battery Token is #245, and it has a circulating supply of 277,237,400 at maximum. The Bake rewards for the token comes via ETH, LINK, BNB, and many others. Users of the token can earn some share of the token’s trading fees.


The token was launched in 2018 together with a wallet and help users secure their digital assets. In addition to it, the token supports various crypto assets on the Smart Chain Cryptocurrency technology. The CoinMarketCap ranks #247 and has a total supply of 500,000,000 SFP coins in circulation.

The top exchanges for the Safepal coin are VCC, Binance, Gate.io, etc. It was launched in 2018, and ever since then, there has been geometrical growth with the token. Users can perform lots of functions on the Safepal wallet, such as swapping, managing, and storing their digital assets.


The token functions with several other applications such as MathPay, Math wallet, MathChain, etc., and the truth about it is that the token can support over 63 public blockchains. Besides, users can invest their coins and build their portfolios using automated quant trading.

It has a wallet extension for those who after multi-chain decentralized applications. On the CoinMarketCap is ranking #253 and has over 200,000,000 of the tokens at maximum supply. The top exchanges for the coin are Uniswap, HBTC, Xheta Global, etc.

Pancake Bunny:

It is one of the decentralized finance tokens associated with PancakeSwap. Farmers who are found in this token obtain permission from private entities to invest their profits on their behalf using mono-contracts.

Besides, it is an avenue for farmers to multiply their tokens. The principal aim of Pancake Bunny is to assist the Defi ecosystem by offering an accessible channel to gain more profits. In the decentralized industry, yield aggregators encountered a geometrical increase of activity in 2020.

Trust Wallet Token:

The trust wallet token is ranking #290 on the CoinMarketCap with a total supply of 250,926,200 TWT at maximum supply. Other renowned tokens on the Trust wallet such as Ethereum, TRON, Binance, and many others.

One of the reasons it can support numerous times is based on the fact it is a wallet. There are lots of benefits users of the wallet can derive from using the wallet. Initially, the token was launched as a BEP-2 asset on Binance Chain before it was relaunched on Binance Smart Chain as a BEP-20 token in October 2020.


The coin came out to boost the decentralized adoption for non-Ethereum users. Users of Ethereum can use the RAMP protocol to gain more profits. The token has a total circulation of 1,000,000 supply at maximum. Users of the token can use it in top exchanges like Hoo, Binance, Hit BTC, etc.

RAMP users can maximize their profits on their digital assets and unlock liquidity by simultaneously gaining multiple income streams. In 2021, RAMP came out, and it has a rapid growth of $300 billion.

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