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Top 5 Business You Can Start With Little or no Capital in 2022


Top 5 Best Business You Can Start With Little or no Capital in 2022.

Top 5 Business You Can Start With Little or no Capital: You can start 2022 as the year of your financial breakthrough if you keep reading this article below. Below are FIVE BUSINESSES you can run in any country with NO CAPITAL. As a student , Nursing mother, Teacher, Civil servant, you can comfortably make money with little or NO CAPITAL.

Business You Can Start With Little or no Capital

Online Business has taken over the the entire world, you easily stay at the comfort of your home and make some good cash on daily, weekly and monthly basis, apart from cryptocurrency, there are many other legit online business in the world. We will provide you with the top best 5 business You Can Start With Little or no Capital.

Top 5 Business You Can Start With Little or no Capital


This is the practice of writing for people/organization for a pay . For those of you whoare good writers, this is the opportunity you have to earn in dollars writing for organizations without being employed by them.

One good thing about freelance writing is it doesn’t require money to do . With your phone you are good to go . Some freelance writers earn more than 200 Dollars a day but for you as a starter , it requires time and consistency.
Below are the websites where you can secure clients for yourself capable of paying in dollars


The full meaning o CAC is Corporate Affairs Commission.
In Nigeria , any business that is not registered with Corporate Affairs Commission is almost considered illegal and businesses without CAC Certificate can’t access long term loans, grants, locally and internationally.

One very unique thing about this business is that everything can be done online from the comfort of your home including the issuing of Certificate because Corporate Affairs Commission no longer give hard-copy .

Against what some people believe, you don’t need to be a Lawyer or chattered accountant to register people. This is something I have done for years yet am neither a lawyer nor am chattered accountant.

You don’t need any capital for this business because clients pay you first and most times complete payment before you start processing their CERTIFICATES for them .
The business is very lucrative: take for instance the business Enterprise Certificate takes about 11 ,000 Naira to process , you charge at least 20,000 Naira .
The company Certificate which costs less than 40,000 Naira , You charge up to 55,000 Naira for it .
The only capital you need in this business is just this phone you have now. to to process CAC certificates,
Below is the link to apply for one


For those of us who are Teachers, this is one mega way to make money .
Many parents around You Need Tutors who will come down to their house and teach their wards.

This service is needed because some children don’t learn fast in the classroom but with the help of a tutor , this could become history. Honestly speaking, this is better than being a full time Teacher where you are paid 30,000 to 50,000 Naira and yet not have time for yourself.

Some people I know collect about 20,000 Naira for just one person and spend only 20 hours in one month ( that’s 5 hours weekly ) imagine having up to 5 student , You will be cruising home with at least 100k monthly without much stress.

Now this is for people who live in small cities like mie – Umuahia , Abia State . For those in Port Harcourt, Abuja, Lagos you can double or even triple the amount .
Incase You are worried about getting clients , Okpara says worry no more .
By God’s grace, I will get you clients no matter your place of residence free of of charge.

Join the WhatsApp group with this link
Drop following information in that group,


You can become a Uber driver and comfortably earn at 150,000 monthly. Am sure someone is saying but I need to have a car. (NO)

(Male and Female) you need not have a car before you could become Uber driver . In Uber , there are two categories of people in there , those that register their to drive and those who register their for others to drive for them.

Kindly visit ttps://uber.com. you can sign up for someone’s car and make a living from that. Pls you must have a DRIVER’S LICENSE.


Anytime you watch a comedy , wrestling, boxing , marriage classes or anything at all on YouTube somebody is getting paid for it and to create videos, you don’t necessarily require a Video Camera, with your phone , You are good to go.

You can even even earn by posting videos that are not yours ( pls there are ways to do this otherwise you will be penalized by YouTube) and you must not show your face on the camera to earn from YouTube.

To start, go to YouTube,create a channel.
Remember, you can be paid only when you have 1k subscribers and 4,000 watch hours and applied for their partnership program. This requires hard work but the pay is high as you could earn at least 100 dollars daily.


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