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Buypower.Ng Login – How to Login


Buypower.Ng Login: You’re using a prepared metre, but you’re unable to recharge it at home. Be aware that you can now recharge your metre from the comfort of your home.

Buypower.Ng Login - How to Login

Buypower.Ng Login – How to Login

What we are going to be giving you in this post is information on how to go through with it. Firstly, you will need the Buypower. Ng.

Lots of people have ventured into using the application but have minor issues with how it works. This post will clarify your doubt and all the issues you have been having with making use of the application.


We will provide you with information including; how to download the application, how to make payment, how to retrieve tokens, how to reset passwords and most essentially, Buypower.Ng Login.

Read this post to the end to get information regarding the above listed. Share with other users of the meter to save them the stress of looking for ways to recharge their meter.

Buypower.Ng Login- How to Download the App

This section of the post is very important for the edification of our readers. Here, our readers will get to know how to download the Buypower.Ng application.


Downloading the application is the first step to follow. Those with a smartphone can get to enjoy using Buypower. Ng to recharge as the application interface is quite friendly.

One with no experience in the application can probably make use of the application with little or no assistance.

You can also access Buypower.Ng with the use of their website which we are going to provide. You have multi-choices of usage as a registered customer.


Below are procedures to follow in order to download the application:

  • With an active data connection
  • Enter your play store or App Store
  • On your search engine, type in Buypower. Ng
  • The application will pop up and then you click on install or download.
  • Immediately after installation, enable the application.

The procedure above is all you need to successfully download the application into your device. You can also make use of their website https://blog.buypower.ng/ to log in and proceed to buy electricity.

This is an essential part of the post. Readers with no experience will get to know how this application works from reading this section.


Here, we are going to be giving you information on how to log in. When once you finish installing the application into your device or loading it on the site, you will need to log in.

The login process is simple and we are going to be letting you in on it. To log in, you will have to have a stable network condition.

Note that; you can only buy meter tokens after login. Follow the steps below to log in;

  1. With an active data connection
  2. Open the downloaded application
  3. Click on the Click on Register option for new users. Information to enter includes;
  4. Your name
  5. Phone Number
  6. Email Address (Optional)
  7. Password
  8. For old users, information to enter includes;
  9. Phone Number
  10. Password.

If you have correctly entered the above listed then you have successfully registered/login your account and can now proceed to buying tokens.

Read the next section to see how to buy tokens from Buypower. Ng. Use the link to log in: https://buypower.ng/login

Buypower.Ng Login – How to Buy Token

The process of buying tokens is quite easy and we are going to take you through the process in no time. Those that have been searching for this information for some time now can get it here.


To buy the token, you just need to make use of the Buypower.Ng Application. Firstly, you will need to log in and then proceed with the processes below;

  • Input your phone number in the section provided and click on “Buy Electricity”
  • After that, fill in your state
  • Your meter number
  • Then enter the amount you want to buy the power
  • Continue to payment information
  • You can choose to pay by bank transfer or with the use of your bank card.

Note that the higher the amount, the higher the pay. Do well to follow the steps above. Also, with the use of Buypower.ng you can get a loan of 14 days then pay back after the 14 days have elapsed.

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Buypower.Ng Login – How to  Retrieve Token

It is essential that all our readers treat this section of the post as important. We are going to be letting you in on a piece of vital information.

What we are going to be sharing here will be helpful to all our readers. Here, readers will get to know how to retrieve tokens.

If you have misplaced your token before usage then it is possible to retrieve your token with the use of Buypower. Ng.


We are going to be providing you with that process in no time. Note that to retrieve any token, you might have already purchased.

Follow the steps below to retrieve the token;

  • Open the application you’re your mobile device
  • Click on transaction history
  • Go to the current date and copy out the token

Note that after payment, the token will be sent to your phone number via SMS. Do well to check before furthering to retrieve.


How to Reset the Password

If you have been having difficulty in login in or you want to change your password for a specific reason known to you, you will need to follow a procedure which will be given to you in no time.

Follow the steps below to reset your Password;Buypower.Ng Login – How to Login

For those making use of their Website;

  • Log in with the use of their website https://buypower.ng/login
  • Enter your phone number and click on “Buy Electricity”
  • Click on the “Forgotten Password”
  • Enter your Phone number again to get a reset link
  • A link will be sent to your phone number and email
  • Click on the link and follow the procedure.

For those making use of their mobile application;

  • Open the application
  • Enter your phone number and continue buying electricity
  • Click on Forgotten password
  • Enter or confirm the phone number displayed
  • A Link will be sent to your phone number and email
  • Click on the link and follow the procedure


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