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Cancel Paramount Plus on Amazon


Cancel Paramount Plus on Amazon: To cancel your Paramount Plus subscription on Amazon, go to the active subscriptions page and select Cancel Channel. Here’s how to cancel Amazon’s Paramount Plus.

Cancel Paramount Plus on Amazon

Cancel Paramount Plus on Amazon

On the Amazon website, Amazon Prime members can cancel their subscriptions to any Prime Video channel.

To cancel your Paramount Plus Subscription, follow these steps.

‣ Use a web browser on a PC to access the Amazon account.

‣ In the top-right corner, next to the account holder’s name, click on “Account & Lists.”

‣ Once you’ve done so, select “Memberships & Subscriptions” from the drop-down menu.

‣ The user can view all of their active subscriptions on the following page.

‣ In this section, next to Paramount Plus, click “Cancel Channel” under “Prime Video Channels.”

‣ Verify your decision to cancel your Amazon Prime Video subscription to Paramount+.

Voila! Your subscription has now been canceled.

How Do I Activate Paramount Plus With Amazon Prime?

With an Amazon Prime subscription, Paramount Plus is not free. The Paramount Plus subscription must be purchased separately.

To view Paramount Plus shows from their Prime Video account, consumers must add Paramount Plus as a channel to their account.

You must purchase a Paramount Plus subscription on Amazon in order to activate Paramount Plus through Amazon.

Remember that customers who bought subscriptions through the Precise website will need to confirm their memberships on the Paramount Plus website.

To activate Paramount Plus with Amazon Prime, follow these steps.

‣ Open Amazon Prime Video on your streaming device first.

‣ Find “Paramount Plus” next.

‣ Next, select “Learn More” from the menu at the top of the screen.

‣ Select your subscription towards the end.

After completing these steps, your streaming device will automatically add Paramount Plus as an Amazon Prime Video channel.

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Can You Log into CBS All Access With Amazon Prime?

Yes, you can link your Amazon Prime account to CBS All Access.

Thankfully, Amazon has made it a lot simpler than you anticipated to combine Amazon Prime and CBS All Access.

This is due to the fact that Amazon Prime offers CBS All Access as an add-on channel.

How to Link My Amazon Prime and CBS All Access Accounts?

You can connect your Amazon Prime account to CBS All Access if you want to have everything you like to watch in one location.

Follow these steps to link your Amazon Prime to your CBS All Access accounts.

‣ Log into your Amazon account 

‣ Conduct a channel search 

‣ Next, search for the CBS All Access channel by selecting “Learn more” 

‣ Then “Start your 7-day free trial.”

‣ You may need to log into your Amazon account once again.

‣ After doing that, you must verify your billing information and select “Start your free trial.”

You must make sure your Amazon Prime subscription is still active.

As a result, you will be able to use the Prime app to view TV channels and access CBS All Access on more than 600 devices.

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How Do I Sign Out of Amazon Prime on TV?

To sign out of your Amazon Prime on TV, follow the steps below.

‣ Visit the Amazon website

‣ If required, login to your account.

‣ Go to “Accounts & Lists”

‣ Choose “Your Video Library” from the drop-down menu.

‣ Select “Settings,” followed by “Your Devices.”

‣ Scroll through your list of devices

‣ Click on the “Deregister” button next to your TV

Is an Amazon Prime Account Free?

No, an Amazon Prime account is not free, however, there is an option for a free trial.

Following a free trial, Amazon Prime costs only $14.99 per month (plus any applicable taxes). You can cancel your subscription at any time.

To use Amazon for free you can do any of the following:

‣ Use Amazon gift cards for free

‣ Change mobile plans

‣ Use credit card rewards

‣ Making use of a shared account using Amazon Household.

Is Paramount Plus Worth it?

The streaming giant, Amazon Prime Video, provides all Amazon Prime subscribers with a wide selection of top-notch TV series, films, and original content.

Paying extra for Prime Video channels is necessary if you want access to additional premium content.

Amazon Prime Video does really provide this new Paramount Plus streaming service, but only as a subscription channel.

You must individually subscribe to the Paramount Plus channel if you want to get all of the fantastic CBS programs and more.

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