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Carnegie Mellon University Acceptance Rate 2022-2025


Carnegie Mellon University Acceptance Rate and Admission Requirements.

Carnegie Mellon University Acceptance Rate: Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) is one of the most competitive schools to gain admission in the USA. It is highly selective with high GRE Scores when it comes to admitting students.

Carnegie Mellon University Acceptance Rate

About Carnegie Mellon University – CMU

Carnegie Mellon University, CMU is a one of the highly rated private universities in the State. CMU was established in 1900  by Andrew Carnegie, a Scottish-American industrialist,in the late 19th century. The school is located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. Carnegie Mellon University has over a dozen degree-granting locations in six continents. It has campuses in Qatar and Silicon Valley, including over 20 research partnerships.

The founder happens to be one of the richest Americans in history.

Acceptance Rate at Carnegie Mellon University Pittsburgh

The acceptance rate at Carnegie Mellon University is around 15.4%. This means that out every 100 applicants, only 15 are admitted, thus making the school extremely selective and difficult to get into. Carnegie Mellon University set a high standard as GPA requirements. SAT/ACT requirements are also part of the selection and consideration for admission into any of the institution’s academic programs. Failure to meet their expectations listed below, your chance of getting in is nearly zero.

Even with a high SAT/ACT and GPA, applicants still need to impress Carnegie Mellon through their other application requirements, which may include extracurriculars, essays, and letters of recommendation.

Carnegie Mellon Acceptance rate is not a definite acceptance rate for the school as it differs each year. Student Major can give a rate from the school’s previous enrollment.

The school received 44,159 applications from the 2019 application statistics and were admitted. Carnegie Mellon University’s acceptance rate is 15%.

Carnegie Mellon University’s previous Student Enrolment (Fall 2019-2020 application statistics)

College/SchoolsApplicationsAcceptance RateEnrolled
School of Architecture56630%69
School of Art77716%39
College of Design7417%34
School of Drama2,8333%64
School of Music81421%51
Dietrich College of Humanities and Social Sciences5,91324%277
Information Systems1,14926%51
Mellon College of Science7,19918%214
School of Computer Science9,2097%218
Tepper School of Business3,37919%144
Intercollege Degree Programs67411%19

Carnegie Mellon GPA, SAT and ACT Requirements

At Carnegie Mellon University, you need a very strong GPA to gain entrance. Although the average GPA as required by the school is 3.84.

The average GPA at Carnegie Mellon is 3.84.

Meeting a GPA requirement of 3.84 is still not a guarantee. CMU requires that you be near the top of your class. This will show in your transcript and a starting point is that you have mostly A’s. 

However, if your GPA is at or below the school average of 3.84, you’ll need a higher SAT or ACT score to complement it and compete effectively against other applicants who have higher GPAs than you.

Both the SAT and ACT have an optional essay section and Carnegie Mellon requires you to take the SAT Essay/ACT Writing section, which will be useful in their admissions consideration.

Average Academic Profile of Accepted CMU Students


CMU’s average high school GPA for the freshman class is 3.85. Approximately 32% had a GPA of 4.0.


CMU is currently test-optional. For the class of 2025, 76% of students submitted SAT scores, and 35.2% submitted ACT scores.

The middle 50% range for SAT scores was 700-760 (ERW)/760-800 (M). For ACT scores, it was 33-35.

Class Rank

Of those submitting class rank (45.5%), 88.5% of students were in the top 10% of their graduating high school class, and 99.7% were in the top 25%.

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SAT Subject Test Requirements

Schools vary in their SAT subject test requirements. Typically, selective schools tend to require them, while most schools in the country do not.

Carnegie Mellon University is among the few ones in the country that requires SAT subject tests for admission. If you want to increase your chances of getting enrolled, go for the 75th percentile, with a 1560 SAT or a 35 ACT. Together a 3.84 GPA or higher. If your GPA is lower than this, you need to compensate with a higher SAT/ACT score.

Selective institutions like Carnegie Mellon, often need to be impressed with the rest of your application. We’ll cover those details next.

But if you apply with

Carnegie Mellon Admission Requirements

  • High School Performance
  • Standardized Tests
  • Teacher, and Counselor Recommendations
  • Non-academic Information
  • Non-academic information includes the following
  • Extracurricular Contributions
  • Passion and Perseverance
  • Leadership and Community Engagement
  • The Common Application Essay
  • Carnegie Mellon Short Answer Questions

Carnegie Mellon Undergraduate Admission

As an undergraduate program applicant at Carnegie Mellon University, you must fulfill the following requirements below:

  • Send in a common application
  • Pay a $75 application fee
  • Submit an official high school transcript
  • Submit all required standardized testing official score reports, which includes the TOEFL or IELTS if English is not your native language
  • Get teacher recommendation
  • Submit a secondary school counselor evaluation
  • Write a common application essay

Additional Requirements are:

  • CMU Common Application Writing Supplement, which contains three short answer questions.
  • All fine arts applicants to the Schools of Drama and Music are to arrange required pre-screen, audition, or portfolio review.
  • All fine art applications to the Schools of Architecture, Art, Design are required to submit the required portfolio and creative materials.
  • Applicants are mandated to submit an academic portfolio/transcript consistent with their state guidelines and also, a list of all textbooks used.
  • Applicants are also mandated to provide proof showing that they have met all requirements for an official high school diploma, by the end of May of the year of graduation. 
  • Submit an official final transcript, GED or certificate of completion from your local school district or state board of education by the end of July of the year of matriculation.

How to Apply to CMU


Early Decision I*November 1
Early Decision II/Regular Decision*January 3
Early Admission (Juniors)January 1

* Early Decision 1 is not available for acting, directing, dramaturgy, music theater or the School of Music.

** RD deadline for Schools of Drama and Music: December 1. Early Decision 2 is not available for the Schools of Drama, Music, Design or Art.

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  1. Please correct your Class of 2025 applicant data for CMU. The number of Fall 2021 applications was 32,890 with an acceptance rate of 13.52%


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