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How to Check Your Mobile Number | See Latest Update


How to Check Your own Personal Mobile Number 2023 See Latest Update.

How to Check Own Mobile Number: This article will easily show you how to Check Your Mobile Number if forgotten, Having many SIM cards often results in people forgetting their own mobile number(s). See the procedures on how to check your own mobile number below.

How to Check Own Mobile Number

People with multiple sim cards will always forget their own mobile number, we have provided this article for those with such cases, so that they can easily get access to their mobile phone number.

Many times, we forget our own mobile phone number! You may wonder “How will I find my own phone number?”

Alternatively, how to check my own mobile number quickly?” Under such circumstances, how to find one’s own mobile number easily? Worry not!

In this article, we have mentioned verified and working USSD codes, which will help you find your own mobile numbers of service providers like- BSNL, Aircel, Vodafone, Airtel, Idea, Reliance, and Telenor (formerly known as UNINOR).

Please go through the list of USSD codes and find the one associated with your service provider. The following USSD codes will make finding your own mobile number a cakewalk!

Just dial the USSD code associated with your service provider and press the dial button.

Codes to Check Your BSNL Mobile Number

BSNL is a much-used service provider in India, belonging to the Government. It has a number of codes, using which you may check your own phone number. Some of the verified and working codes are-



Dial any one of the above-mentioned codes and wait for your number to be flashed across the screen! It usually takes around 5 seconds to get this task done!

Codes to Check Your Airtel Mobile Number

Like Vodafone, Airtel also is a  Private Service provider. It is well known for its affordable and fast Internet services. Here are verified USSD codes to check your own Airtel mobile number-


Though other codes are available, this is the one that works best all over India. Dial the code and hit the call button, you will get your number details within 5 seconds on your screen.

Despite other codes being shown on other sites, this is the verified code that works best all over India. It is valid everywhere! Dial this code and wait for around 5 seconds to get the details on your phone’s display!

Codes to Check Your Reliance Mobile Number

It can be said that the Private Service provider Reliance started the mobile phone revolution in India! Here are USSD codes to check your own Reliance mobile number-


This code is the best working one and is valid all over India. Dial it and wait for about 5 seconds and you’ll get personal number details on your phone’s screen.

Codes to Check Aircel Mobile Number

Aircel is popular particularly in Southern parts of India. Here are USSD codes to check out your own Aircel mobile number-


This number is valid throughout India. Dial it and wait for your number of details to be shown on the mobile screen.

Codes to Check Your Own Telenor Mobile Number

Telenor is a Private Service provider. Formerly, it was known as Uninor. It is very popular for low call and data rates. USSD codes to check Telenor own mobile number are-


This code is verified and is valid all over India. Dial and wait for details to appear on the mobile screen.

Codes to Check Your Own Tata Docomo Mobile Number

TATA Docomo is a Private Service provider. It is a very popular affordable call and data rate. USSD codes to check TATA Docomo own mobile number are-


This code is verified and is valid all over India. Dial and wait for details to appear on a mobile screen (takes around 5 seconds, maximum).

Codes to Find Own Mobile Number

Codes to find an own number of service providers like BSNL, Vodafone, Airtel, Aircel, TATA Docomo, Reliance, Telenor, and Idea have been listed below.

We hope the USSD codes will be of use to BSNL, Idea, Airtel, Vodafone, Reliance, Aircel, and Telenor (formerly known as Uninor) customers in India.

These codes are valid all over India and will help you find your own mobile number.

Another good way to check your own number, if you have a balance, is by calling your friend (if he/she is with you). This will help you instantly find your own mobile number! Both methods are fast and efficient.

How to Check on All Sim Cards

You just need to insert your SIM card on your smartphone. All codes below are USSD codes, so you need to call them from your mobile dialer.

How to Verify an Airtel Phone Number

Do you as an Airtel Sim user want to know your mobile number? Then you can check your Airtel number easily.

Dial * 1 # on your Airtel phone or dial any of the following USSD codes and follow the on-screen instructions to find your Airtel number.

*121 * 93 #

*140 * 175

*140 * 1600 #

*282 #

*400 * 2 * 1 * 10 #

*141 * 123 #

Codes to Check with Jio Sim Card

You can find out the Reliance JIO own number by checking the last text message you received on your phone about data usage.

JIO also sends data usage information to registered email. Both SMS and email have phone numbers listed.

You can use an alternative way to find your Jio phone number:

Send Geo to 199 from any Geo number;

Also, you will receive a text message with a JIO number.

Codes to Check Vodafone Number

Vodafone is a private service provider. It boasts of a huge customer base in India. Vodafone is known to provide good network coverage even in rural areas!

Now, you can easily check your Vodafone mobile number from your  smartphone  itself. Just select the USSD icon below and ask for it on your smartphone and see the pop-up screen. There you can find out your mobile number.

Vodafone Menu Check the number codes to find your mobile number

*1112 #

*131 * 0 #

*555 * 0 #

*777 * 0 #

*555 #

Codes to Check Your Own Idea Number

Dear idea operators, this is for you. Forgot your new Idea SIM card number? Then don’t worry at all. Here, for all of us, Idea operators have provided us with some USSD codes to verify the idea number on our mobile number.

Amazing right? Check the list of icons below. Idea code list Check the SIM card to find your mobile number

*1 #

*147 #

*789 #

*131 * 1 #

*100 #

This is the solution to your inquiry, how to know my idea number.

Other Ways to Find My Phone Number

You might wonder, “What can I do if I still can’t find my phone number?” Luckily, you have a few other options to try.

Enter a Short Code

Providers often have special shortcodes you can enter as easily as you’d call a phone number. While you’ll often find codes that provide information about your account balance, data usage.

Alternatively, payment status, some providers have a code that will display your phone number on the screen.

This code is #686# for T-Mobile, for example, but you can check your carrier’s support website to find the code you should use.

Call or Text Another Phone

If you’ve got a spare mobile phone or your landline has a caller ID, simply call your home phone from your mobile device.

You can also call or text a friend or family member and ask them the number that appears; you could also just ask the person beforehand since they probably already have your number on their phone.

Use a Phone Number Identification Website

You can also use your phone’s web browser to visit WhatIsMyNumber.io. This site has a “Detect Now” button that leads to an option to call a toll-free number and simply hang up.

As soon as you end the call, the website will display your phone number and give you options to copy it or share it.

Check Your Phone Bill or Carrier’s Website

Your phone bill will usually list the numbers for all devices on the account along with itemized lists of calls, texts, and data usage. You can often identify your phone number this way, but it can be trickier if you have multiple lines.

In that case, try logging in to your carrier’s website and looking for a “devices” or “billing” section of the customer portal.

Usually, you’ll find both your device make and model and the phone number, making it easier to differentiate between lines.

Call Your Service Provider

You can also always call your phone provider. The  automat ed system company’s  use often identifies your number and asks you to confirm it to move forward. If not, though, simply wait to speak to a representative.

Whenever you get a new SIM card, it takes time to remember your own mobile number. Most of the time, you end up calling friends or relatives to ask for your phone number.

If you have any questions concerning How to Check Own Mobile Number, please feel free to use the comment box below and ask us your question. We will be very pleased to answer you.

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