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Courses in Medical and Health Sciences: The Medical and Health Science field is one of the fields with exciting career prospects for anyone who desires to work in this field.

Courses in Medical and Health Sciences
Courses in Medical and Health Sciences

The Medical and Health Science field is one of the fields with exciting career prospects for anyone who desires to work in this field.

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List of Courses offered in Medical and Health Sciences

Sometimes people make the mistake of thinking that the only way to work in the Medical and Health Science field is to either become a Medical Doctor or Nurse.

While this isn’t entirely false, however, you should know that there are other career paths in the health sector which is not very demanding in terms of study and also promising in terms of pursuing a career path.

This article would enlighten you on other courses to consider in the Health and Medical field. I would also, give an insight into the duration of the study and career prospects of studying such courses.

Courses in Medical and Health Sciences


The field of psychology helps to understand human behaviours, factors that affect one’s mental health being and reasons why people behave the way they do.

As one who studied psychology, you can work as a clinical psychologist in Hospitals where you would work alongside other health practitioners to determine the most suitable treatment method for patients.

Generally, it takes about 3-4 years to complete an undergraduate degree in psychology while a postgraduate degree would take about 2 years.

There are however online resources you can make use of to become a Psychologist within a period of 1-2years of intensive online training.

Dental assistant

Dental assistants help dentists with clinical procedures carried out on patients.

They sometimes help to sterilize equipment used on patients, keep records of patients visits to the clinic and assists during surgeries.

These days getting a diploma in Dental assistantship puts you at an advantage as it tells employers that you have the appropriate skill for the job.


Statistics is a multi-discipline related field which is useful in the medical field especially when carrying out research.

Biostatisticians work with Medical doctors and other researchers to help with interpreting and analysing medical-related data.

Biostatisticians need a bachelor’s or postgraduate degree in statistics to apply for suitable jobs.

Medical Laboratory Technology

As a medical laboratory technologist, you would enjoy a career in the medical laboratory science field.

You would also work alongside Medical Laboratory Scientists in the diagnosis of patients diseases.

Some Universities offer medical laboratory technology as a bachelor’s degree program, while colleges and polytechnics also provide part-time courses.

Human Nutrition

As a Human Nutritionist, you would help to formulate diets for invalids, convalescents and even healthy people who want to keep fit.

If you want to profer solutions to the challenges faced by individuals and communities as regards their diet them a career in Human Nutrition would be a good choice.

Depending on where you are, you can take online courses or enrol in a university to begin your career as a Nutritionist.


The field of Epidemiology is quite relevant, especially in medical research. Epidemiologists always help with the study of population health and underlying factors contributing to their health.

Data got from epidemiologists is quite important in making relevant inferences towards a population. Usually, you can practice in the field of epidemiology via online resources, obtaining a bachelor’s degree or Masters degree from a reputable university.

Courses in Medical and Health Sciences

Research Ethics

All medical practitioners, Doctors or Psychologists are taught the fundamentals of Research.

This is because conducting experiments that would be useful for humans can be very harmful if carried out in the wrong way.

Although not offered as a Degree program, there are professional certifications one can obtain for the proper understanding of Research Ethics.


The field of Genomics which is multi-disciplinary involves the study and application of principles that can be used to map out genomes.

You would be taught the core principles of Genomics if you pursue a degree in Health-related fields.

Having a Knowledge in genomics is important especially if you would conduct research in the field of molecular biology.

Health Information Management

Keeping records of patients, assigning them a hospital card and patient administrative work is the duty of a Health Officer.

Pursuing a degree or certification in Health Information Management means that you are interested in working in the administrative arm of the hospital.


Radiographers are professionals who take X-rays for patients while also learning how to reduce patients exposure to radiation.

Working as a Radiographer would also give you the opportunity to aid clinical investigations in the Hospital.

Radiography is one of the highest paying medical fields to work in, but you would be required to obtain a bachelors degree or postgraduate degree in Radiography.

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