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Updated List of Accredited Courses Offered in State Universities in Nigeria.


Courses Offered in State Universities in Nigeria | www.nuc.edu.ng.

Updated List of Accredited Courses Offered in State Universities in Nigeria: Below is the list of Courses Offered by Various State Universities in Nigeria, Subject Combination and their Admission Requirements.

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Courses Offered in State Universities in Nigeria

Courses Offered in State Universities in Nigeria

The National Universities Commission of Nigeria is a government commission promoting quality higher education in Nigeria. It is located in the capital city of Abuja. Check State Universities in Nigeria Courses below:

The Commission was established in 1962 as an advisory agency in the Cabinet Office, The Commission has a Governing Council, currently headed by Professor Shehu Galadanchi and its Executive Secretary is Prof. Abubakar Rasheed, who assumed office on August 3, 2016.

Since its establishment, the Commission has transformed from a small office in the Cabinet Office to an important arm of government in the area of development and management of university education in Nigeria.This Agency is responsible in accrediting all the Universities in Nigeria (Federal, State & Private) for quality education System, There are also responsible in approving and accredited Courses Offered by any of the University in Nigeria.

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Updated List of Accredited Courses Offered in State Universities in Nigeria

Click on the link representing your University to access your Courses, subject combination & Admission Requirements.

  1. Accredited ABSU List Of Courses
  2. Accredited ADSU List Of Courses
  3. Accredited AAUA List Of Courses
  4. Accredited AKSU List Of Courses
  5. Accredited AAU List Of Courses
  6. Accredited COOU List Of Courses
  7. Accredited BASUG List Of Courses
  8. Accredited BMU List Of Courses
  9. Accredited BOSU List Of Courses
  10. Accredited BSU List Of Courses
  11. Accredited CRUTECH List Of Courses
  12. Accredited DELSU List Of Courses
  13. Accredited EBSU List Of Courses
  14. Accredited EKSU List Of Courses
  15. Accredited EPU List Of Courses
  16. Accredited ESUT List Of Courses
  17. Accredited EUI List Of Courses
  18. Accredited GSU List Of Courses
  19. Accredited GSUST List Of Courses
  20. Accredited IBBU List Of Courses
  21. Accredited IAUE List Of Courses
  22. Accredited IMSU List Of Courses
  23. Accredited SLU List Of Courses
  24. Accredited KASU List Of Courses
  25. Accredited KUST List Of Courses
  26. Accredited KSUSTA List Of Courses
  27. Accredited KSU List Of Courses
  28. Accredited KWASU List Of Courses
  29. Accredited LASU List Of Courses
  30. Accredited LAUTECH List Of Courses
  31. Accredited MAUTECH List Of Courses
  32. Accredited NDU List Of Courses
  33. Accredited NSUK List Of Courses
  34. Accredited NWU List Of Courses
  35. Accredited OOU List Of Courses
  36. Accredited OSUSTECH List Of Courses
  37. Accredited PLASU List Of Courses
  38. Accredited RSUST List Of Courses
  39. Accredited SSU List Of Courses
  40. Accredited TASU List Of Courses
  41. Accredited TASUED List Of Courses
  42. Accredited Tech-U List Of Courses
  43. Accredited UAT List Of Courses
  44. Accredited UMYU List Of Courses
  45. Accredited UNIMED List Of Courses
  46. Accredited UNIOSUN List Of Courses
  47. Accredited YSU List Of Courses
  48. Accredited ZSU List Of Courses

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