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Credits to Graduate High School in NY?


Credits to Graduate High School in NY: Students in New York must earn 44 total credits across specific subject areas in order to graduate from high school.

Credits to Graduate High School in NY?

Credits to Graduate High School in NY?

Subject-area requirements differ depending on the type of diploma and may also differ if a student receives an endorsement.

Inquire with your school counselor for more information on credit requirements.

Graduation Requirements in NY High School

To earn a diploma, students must earn specific course credits and pass specific Regents exams.

If you believe your student is not on track to graduate, please speak to your school’s guidance counselor immediately.

Earning a Diploma in NYC

In New York City public schools, students can earn three types of diplomas: a local diploma, a Regents diploma, or an advanced Regents diploma.

Each is a valid high school diploma and can be used to demonstrate graduation or enroll in programs after high school, like college and the military.

To earn a diploma, students must earn specific course credits (see table to the right) and pass specific Regents exams (see table on the reserve side).

Diploma Endorsements

Students may also earn endorsements to their diplomas. Endorsements recognize the successful completion of additional courses and exams in particular subject areas.

Ask your school about the requirements for the following endorsements: Arts, Seal of Biliteracy, Career Development and Occupational Studies (CDOS), Career and Technical Education (CTE), Honors Designation, Mastery in Math, Mastery in Science, and the Service Seal.

Commencement Credentials

Students can earn two types of commencement credentials: the CDOS commencement credential and the Skills and Achievement commencement credential.

These credentials recognize specific achievements, but they are not diplomas.

Students who receive commencement credentials may continue to attend school until they earn a high school diploma or until the end of the school year in which they turn 21 (whichever occurs first).

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Due to COVID-19, students who turned 21 within the 2020-21 school year may remain enrolled for 2021-22 in pursuit of a high school diploma, credential, or endorsement.

Ask your school counselor for more information about commencement credentials.

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Minimum Exam Requirements

All students must pass at least five Regents exams or State-approved alternatives to Regents exams in order to graduate.

Subject-area requirements for exams vary by diploma type and endorsement as described to the right.

All students can earn a Regents or advanced Regents diploma.

Some students, including students with disabilities, can graduate with a local diploma by earning different exam scores.

Contact your school counselor to learn more about Regents exams, State-approved alternatives, and these other exam flexibilities for students who meet specific eligibility requirements:

‣ Appeals to graduate with low scores on Regents exams

‣ Safety Net flexibilities for students with disabilities

‣ Exam waivers for transfer students

‣ Performance-Based Assessment Tasks (PBATs) for students at State-approved schools.

Conclusion and Call-to-Action

The state of New York requires all students to complete a minimum of twenty-two credits, two of which are earned by taking a 12 credit of Physical Education each year of high school.

In New York State, the following units of credit are required for graduation:

‣ 4 credits in English

‣ 3 credits in mathematics

‣ 3 credits in science*

‣ 4 credits in Social Studies

‣ 1 credit in World Language (LOTE).

‣ 12 credit for health

‣ 1 credit in art/music

‣ 2 credits in Physical Education

‣ 3 12 credits in electives.

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