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Cure Bad Writing: Remedies to Solve your Bad writing


Cure Bad Writing: Every writer should work to eradicate bad writing because it has killed many would-be authors like a dreadful pandemic sickness. Unfortunately, many people don’t know how to address the issues associated with bad writing. Here, you will discover this. Yes, you will discover how to fix poor writing.

Cure Bad Writing: Remedies to Solve your Bad writing

Cure Bad Writing: Remedies to Solve your Bad writing

You are not happy anytime someone spots an error in your writing. This could be devastating when you have actually spent a good number of time and resources just trying to put up something readable. Then someone calls it bad. That is bad writing and you need to cure cure bad writing

This is not interesting.
The way forward is simple, it will be the main focus of discussion.
Before you can solve a problem, it is pertinent to first identify the problem before attempting to fix it. What are the problems of bad writing


Problem 1: Problem of Superfluous

Many actually write unnecessary contents they tend to write more than needed without a focus on the central theme. This is a big problem. As a writer, your words should be short and straight to the point.

How about This:


Problem 2: Unrelated heading :

This is very common. As a writer, it is a big problem to title your work as something else and make your content unrelated.
This is what they think:
Many writers who do this feel that they are trying to get the attention of the readers by deceiving them with their flashy topics. But that is not it.
When once someone sees that your content is different from the headings. This is what happens:
Off the go. This is worse if you are writing for the internet you will have a low traffic and your write up will rank less.

The problem of Clarity:


When your words are ambiguous, it defeats the aim of writing which is communication.
When writing is clear enough, it becomes self-explanatory. A good write-up free from the problem of clarity is such that even a little child can read and understand very well.
Many writers want to display their proficiency in writing by applying bogus words on their contents thereby making write up so ambiguous.
Get rid of this problem too:

The problem of Grammar:

This problem poses a threat to writers especially those who are new in the art of writing.
Don’t be scared, but it is advisable for a writer to avoid the grammatical errors in their write-ups. Writing is more interesting when you have the right message and know the right way to pass it across.



Here is the real deal

Solutions to Bad Writing


You don’t need to feel bad if you are faced with the aforementioned problems of writing. It is obvious to see many gifted writers falling off the track due to these problems. If you are one. Don’t be discouraged. You can pick up your pen filled the ink and go back to what you love doing best. (writing)
Here are the Remedies:

Go Straight to the Point to Cure Bad Writing:

In order to Cure Bad Writing When writing, go straight to the point of which your writing is meant to focus. Stop following the multitude of bad writers who write clumsy statements and get their audience confuse. Here is the remedy for the problem of superfluous sentences.
This is how to do it: as a writer, you should not dwell so much on a sub theme. Make it as brief as possible.
Give the point and take the much explanation. Readers of this century need quick answers to problems.


Read Also:

Use Subheadings:

The use of subheadings is a remedy to cure the number two problem of bad writing listed above. Subheading has been a remarkable tool which solves the problem of clarity.  Are you uncomfortable with subheadings?  Then try using:



A paragraph must at least carry a point of discourse. This is another remedy.

Research widely:


Our society is growing to a point where thorough research is dying out. Writers feel that it is a waste of time to do research especially when it comes to with reading other people’s work. Good writers are those who are dearly committed to the aspect of reading and research. Research in writing helps to unravel another person’s style of writing and gives wide knowledge on the subject matter. It does not only provide you with a person’s idea but ideas from different persons.

Remedy for Bad Grammer:

This problem can be fixed in three in three ways:


Proofread and Edit:
The art of proofreading and editing reduces the ungrammatical word structure concord disagreement.

This is one of those important remedies to cure bad writing. Proofreading and editing need someone competent in the aspect of grammar and can spot out salient grammatical errors. If you can’t do it yourself, reach out to someone or try to hire a Ghostwriter to proofread your works.
This is another aspect of solving the problem of grammar:
Mary your dictionary: Yes the dictionary is one important tool of a writer. Learning new words in the dictionary and their actual meaning is not a waste of time.
This is what I do:
While writing, I make good use of my dictionary searching for synonymous and antonymous words. That can fit in find which enables me to avoid redundancy. I learn the correct spellings of some words with my dictionary too.
The last remedy to cure the problem of bad writing is:

Enrolling In a Grammar Tutorial:


A grammar school is one that will let you know the rules of punctuation, spellings mechanics etc.
You don’t have to look for a grammar school in your community when there are lots of free online courses a writer can enroll in to develop his grammatical knowledge. Learn from the masters and let those who know it mentor you.

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