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The Top 20 Deepest Swimming Pool in 2023


Deepest Swimming Pool: Did you know that the deepest swimming pool in the world appears to be almost as dark, deep, and unknown as the ocean? We’ve compiled a list of the top 20 deepest swimming pools in 2023.

The Top 20 Deepest Swimming Pool in 2023

Top 20 Deepest Swimming Pools in 2022

The following are 20 of the world’s deepest swimming pools, along with some background information about each of them.

1. Deep Dive Dubai

Deep Dive Dubai, the world’s deepest swimming pool, is now open to travelers looking for something truly unique.

The newly opened Deep Dive Dubai pool in Dubai’s Nad Al Sheba district is certified by Guinness World Records as the world’s deepest swimming pool for diving.

Also, it has a depth of 60.02 meters and a capacity of 14 million liters of water—the equivalent of six Olympic-sized swimming pools.

2. Deepspot

They made the pool up of over a thousand tons of steel and reached a depth of 148 feet. It also stores 8,000 cubic meters of water, which is equivalent to the amount of a 25-meter pool multiplied by 27.

The major purpose of this extraordinarily deep pool was to house scuba divers in training. As well as, allowing them to practice their sport in a controlled environment before diving into the ocean.

3. Nemo 33

The Nemo 33 pool is a freshwater facility in Belgium, specifically in the city of Brussels. 

Over two million liters of non-chlorinated water are stored in the facility’s underground caves, tunnels, and residences. The deep hole, which reaches a depth of 113 feet, is the deepest point of Nemo 33.

4. Y-40 Deep Joy

The Y-40 Deep Joy pool in Italy was previously the world’s deepest indoor swimming pool, with a depth of 130 feet at its deepest point. 

The massive pool is as long as a 14-story building and as deep as a 14-story structure, so it’s a big deal.

5. Homestead Crater

The snow melting off the Wasatch Mountains generated this crater over a 10,000-year period. The earth’s heat radiates just two miles below the surface, keeping the water reliably warm between 90 and 96 degrees.

The 65-foot depth makes for an enjoyable dive, and the 400-foot base allows for plenty of exploration.

6. NASA Pool

The NASA training pool is not only 202 feet long, but it also goes down to a depth of 40 feet. Also, it is far deeper than most pools, which are between 8 and 12 feet deep. 

It can hold 6.2 million gallons of water, which is enough to fill ten Olympic swimming pools. Aside from being a diver’s paradise, the big pool serves a special purpose.

7. Blue Abyss

The Blue Abyss is a deep pool dedicated to a variety of purposes, including commercial diving and submersibles, human life science, and even space exploration. 

The multi-layered pool, which is 50 meters deep at its deepest point, is equipped with innovative technology such as a fully functional “astrolab” and a crane and lifting platform.

8. Great Blue Hole

This natural pool is actually a large marine sinkhole near Belize City, Belize. It measures approximately 1,000 feet across and is surrounded by land in a nearly perfect circle. 

It has a depth of 407 feet, which is enormous when compared to typical swimming pools or even some of the world’s deepest man-made pools.


TODI is another Belgian bottomless diving pool. However, the fact that it also serves as a freshwater aquarium distinguishes this one.

The main pool is 32 feet deep and 118 feet wide at the site. This pool is unquestionably larger and more profound than the swimming pool at your local rec center, with roughly 6.5 liters of water.

10. Fosse of Villeneuve-la-Garenne 

Fosse of Villeneuve-la-Garenne is a diving site in Villeneuve-la-Garenne, France, that attracts approximately 40,000 divers each year. 

There are three separate pits in the pool, each measuring roughly 16 feet, 32 feet, and 65 feet deep.

11. Abyssea Diving Pool

The Abyssea diving pool, which is also in France, is part of an aquatic facility dedicated to fitness, well-being, relaxation, and total enjoyment. 

This renowned tourist attraction has a 16-foot swimming pool with a 65-foot-deep dive pool attached.

12. Divecube

Divecube, a handy underwater sanctuary for city-goers, a center for research and rescue training. Also, a tool to teach divers about ocean care before visiting the island’s endangered reefs.

Divecube’s interiors are as distinctive and unforgettable. A 3m (10ft) deep shipwreck has decorations created by Life of Pi’s scenographer – keep an eye out for the buried treasure chest.

13. K-26, South Korea

K-26 is in the middle of Gapyeong, about an hour’s drive from Seoul. The building’s simple façade belies the fact that it houses Asia’s deepest diving pool.

The pool, which starts on the third floor and falls to 26m (85ft), is filled with 2.6 million liters of 29°C (84°F) water. However, it has platforms at 1.3m (ft), 2.5m (8ft), and 5m along the way (6ft).

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14. Sunlite Pool

Sunlite Pool has been a fan favorite for nearly 90 years. It measures 200 feet wide, and 401 feet long, and stores over three million gallons of water.

 Sunlite Pool is larger than a football field, covering over two acres. Everyone has a safe and enjoyable experience thanks to our Platinum Award-winning lifeguard staff.

15. Astoria Park Pool

Astoria Park’s pool, which is between the Robert F. Kennedy (originally the Triborough) and Hell Gate bridges, provides one of the most spectacular swims in the city. 

It served as a model for the rest of the Works Progress Administration’s pools, and it is still a favorite among New Yorkers.

16. The Lagoon at Epperson

Wesley Chapel is home to Florida’s first lagoon. It has over 7 acres of pure blue waters suitable for swimming, sliding, playing, paddling, sipping, and tanning.

17. Pearce Pool

The Pearce pool has been the pool of choice for district swim events for decades. 

Moms may rest and converse while the kids tire themselves out, surrounded by shaded picnic tables and Lifeguard towers.

18. Oak Ridge Outdoor Pool

The pool is fed by spring water and is one of the largest in the country. The depths range from zero to thirteen-and-a-half feet, and the reservoir holds 2.2 million gallons of water.

 It opens each year on Memorial Day weekend and ends in mid-August with a Puppy Pool Party to round off the season

19. The Lagoon at Windsong Ranch

The lagoon at Windsong Ranch is 5 acres in size and 8 feet deep at its deepest point. 

This gives you plenty of room to live the Caribbean lifestyle–imagine having the perfect beach getaway right outside your door.

20. Marina Bay Sands pool

Imagine swimming in the infinity pool on the 57th floor of the Marina Bay Sands, looking down on the magnificent metropolitan skyline. The Marina Bay Sands pool is the perfect place for you.

Has the World’s Highest Infinity Pool Opened in Dubai?

The world’s first and highest 360-degree infinity pool, Aura Skypool, has opened at Dubai’s Palm Tower.

How Long Can a Pool of Water be Safely Left Stagnant?

Because stagnant water encourages algae growth. As a result, you must drain it after each use. The water can only be kept in for a maximum of 24 hours.

As a result, if you don’t want to use chemicals, you’ll have to deal with the inconvenience of changing the water.

Which is the Deepest Swimming Pool in the World?

The Deep Dive Dubai is the deepest swimming pool in the world

It is clear that the deepest swimming pool is to some extent in comparison to the depth of some oceans and it is advised that no individual should make an attempt to swim there without supervision.

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