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Dele Alake Biography – Net Worth, Age, Phone Number


Dele Alake Biography: There are a number of notable people who have succeeded in becoming well-known nowadays. Because of one thing or another, these folks are well-liked.

Dele Alake Biography – Net Worth, Age, Phone Number

Dele Alake Biography – Net Worth, Age, Phone Number

They have been able to attain great heights in their career. This is why it is important that all get to have full knowledge of who they are.

There is someone that has been able to amass great popularity today. This is a person that has been able to achieve a lot during his career and is very prominent.


There is a lot that individuals want to know regarding the life of this man. This is why this update is available here for all to see.

Dele Alake Biography is what this update is going to be all about. This is where all will get to know who exactly this man happens to be.

They are going to see the details of his birth as well as his background. His early life is also an essential aspect of this update.


The net worth of this man will also be available here for all to see. Also, get to know about his phone number from here.

The career and personal life of Dele Alake Biography will be here. Do well to get to know who this man happens to be.

Dele Alake Biography – Age, Background


When a person becomes prominent, a lot of individuals wish to know who the person happens to be. The same is the case with Dele Alake as he has become very prominent.

This is where all will see the first aspect of Dele Alake Biography. He did not just emerge prominent but went through several aspects to be where he is today.

Dele happens to be a Yoruba man as all can see that even from his name. Also, he has become prominent due to what he does best.


He hails from Ekiti state in Nigeria which is one of the Yoruba states. Also, his full name is Henry Dele Alake. Born on 6th October 1956 he is 67 years of age.

This man is a Nigerian who is also among the Christians in Nigeria. He grew up in Ekiti state and has lived there for a greater part of his life.

Dele happens to have gone through several levels of education that have shaped him. The details of his educational background are in the next section of this post.


Dele Alake Educational Background

This is another aspect of Dele Alake Biography that is very important. Very many people out there want to know more about this aspect.

They want to know the level of education that Dele has attained. This is why this update is going to be very much available here for all to see.


Dele happens to be one of the reasons why he is popular today. Due to the course of his study, he has been able to apply knowledge in his field of expertise.

Dele Alake happens to have gone through several institutions. His educational career started at Surulere Baptist Primary School in Lagos.

After getting his First School Leaving Certificate (FSLC), he moved to secondary education. He was a student of Christ’s School Ado Ekiti where he wrote his WAEC.


After getting his West African School Certificate he moved to the tertiary institution. He was a student of Igbobi College in Yaba, Lagos, Nigeria.

After obtaining his General Certificate of Education he moved to the university. Dele got admission to study at the University of Lagos.

He has a Bachelor of Science in Political Science and a Master’s degree in Mass Communication from the same University.


The career of a person is the reason why the person has become very prominent. This is one aspect that we cannot afford to miss out on.

Dele Alake happens to be a successful man in his 60s due to the career he chose years ago. He has been pursuing this career for several years now.

This career has put in on a very high level both in and outside Nigeria. For this reason, many want to know what he actually does for a living.


Dele Alake is a journalist, Activist, and Technocrat. He has been able to work in several corporations and serve prominent individuals.

Dele was a Special Adviser of Information and Strategy to a one-time Lagos Governor. This person happens to be Bola Tinubu.

Also, he was involved in the disannulment of the June 12 1993 Presidential Election. He is the first Information and Strategy Commissioner in Nigeria.


Dele happened to have seen the transformation of the Ministry of Information and Strategy. He put in effort to ensure that it became a relevant ministry.

Nevertheless, he has had several controversies during his career. This does not still change the fact that he is very successful.

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Dele Alake Personal Life, Net Worth, Phone Number

This is the last but not the least section of this post as it also holds important info. The update here is still on Dele Alake Biography.

This is where all will see some very important details regarding his life. These details happen to be his personal life, net worth, and phone number.


Those that do not know about these aspects of his life are on the right site. They are going to do well to see a lot regarding them from here.

Dele Alake happens to be a prominent person in Nigeria today. Nevertheless, he still has a life outside his profession.

Dele happens to be a married man who also has children. His career has added to his wealth making his net worth to be enormous.


He is one of the richest journalists in Nigeria today with a net worth estimation at $ 4 million. Also, one can reach him through his available phone number.

This phone number is not available online but you can use his social media handle. See more posts of Dele Alake on Twitter @Alakedele.

The update that is here is regarding the life of a prominent man. Those that do not know who he is can now see about him.


They can see his biography and his life from birth till now. His career, net worth, and other details are available here.

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