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Delta State University Postgraduate Courses | delsu.edu.ng.

DELSU Postgraduate Courses: Below is the list of accredited Postgraduate courses offered at Delta State University (DELSU), it includes; Postgraduate Diploma, Professional Masters, Academic Masters, and Doctor of Philosophy degrees.

DELSU Postgraduate Courses
DELSU Postgraduate Courses

DELSU Postgraduate Courses

The management of the Delta State University (DELSU) has published its accredited Postgraduate courses approved by the National Universities Commission (NUC) for postgraduate programmes in the institution. See DELSU Postgraduate Courses below.

Delta State University Postgraduate Courses

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Agricultural Economics & Agricultural Extension: (i) Agric. Econs (ii) Agric. Ext.PGD, M.Sc. & Ph.D.
Animal Science: (i) Animal SciencePGD, M.Sc. & Ph.D.
Fisheries: (i) FisheriesPGD, M.Sc. & Ph.D
Crops Science with areas of specialization: (i)Crop Breeding (II) Plant Biotechnology(iii) Horticulture and Landscape Management (iv)Farming System and Crop Production(v) Crop Protection PGD, M.Sc. & Ph.D
Soil Science with areas of specialization: (i)Soil Conservation and Management(ii) Soil Fertility Management (iii) Soil Pedology (iv)Soil Chemistry (v) Soil Bio-RemediationPGD, M.Sc. & Ph.D
Forestry and Wildlife with areas of Specialization: (i) Agroforestry (ii) Siviculture (iii) Forestry Economics (iv) Wildlife Management (v) Wood Science (vi)Forest BiometricsPGD, M.Sc. & Ph.D
English & Literary StudiesEnglish LanguageM.A & Ph.D.
Literature- in – EnglishM.A & Ph.D.
Fine and Applied Arts:Master in Fine and Applied Arts: with specialization in Visual Arts:(i) Painting (ii) Graphics, (iii) Ceramics, (iv) Sculpture and (v) TextilesMFA
Art HistoryM.A. & Ph.D.
Studio Art (i) Ceramics ii) Graphics (iii) Sculpture (iv) Painting & TextilesPh.D.
History & International Studies:HistoryM.A. & Ph.D.
 International StudiesM.A. & Ph.D.
Music: (i) MusicPGDM; M.A. & Ph.D.
Religious Studies & Philosophy: Religious Studies (i) Old Testament (ii) New Testament (iii) Church History (iv) Africa Traditional Religion (v) Christian Theology (vi) Sociology of Religion (vii) Physiology of ReligionM.A. & Ph.D.
Theatre Arts: Theatre ArtsM.A. & Ph.D
Languages & Linguistics:(i) French Languages & Linguistics (ii) Literature in French(iii) TranslationM.A.
(i) African Literature in French (ii) French Literature(iii) Comparative Literature (iv) French Language & LinguisticsPh.D
Anatomy: Anatomy and Cell BiologyM.Sc. & Ph.D.
Physiology: PhysiologyM.Sc. & Ph.D.
Community Medicine: Public HealthM.Sc.
1. Dept: Educational Management & Foundations: options: (i) Educational Administration (ii) Educational PlanningM.Ed. & Ph.D
2. Department of Guidance & Counseling: Options: (i) Guidance and Counseling (ii) Measurement and Evaluation (iii) Educational PsychologyM.Ed. & Ph.D.
3. Library & Information Science:(i) Library & Information SciencePGD, M.Sc.
(ii) Library SciencePh.D
4. Health Education: Health EducationM.Ed. and Ph.D.
5. Human Kinetics, Recreation and Sport Science Education: Options:(i) Human Kinetics Education (ii) Sports Management (iii) Exercise Physiology & Sports Science EducationM.Ed. and Ph.D.
6. Department of Science Education:(i) Science Education: Options: (a) Biology (b) Chemistry (c) Integrated Science (d) MathematicsM.Ed.
(ii) Science Education (iii) curriculum & InstructionM.Ed. and Ph.D.
7. Social Science Education: Social Studies EducationM.Sc (Ed) & Ph.D.
8. Vocational Education: (i) Agricultural Education (ii) Home EconomicsM.Ed. & Ph.D.
9. Technical & Business Education: (i) Industrial Technology EducationM.Sc. (Ed)
10. Institute of Education(i) EducationPGDE
(ii) Basic EducationPGDBE
(iii) Educational ManagementPGDEM
Master of Laws; Master in Law and Diplomacy and Doctor of Philosophy in Law programmesMLD, LL.M. & Ph.D
A. Chemical & Petroleum Engineering:Chemical Engineering: Areas of specialization: (i) Biochemical Engineering (ii) Chemical Reactions Engineering/Catalysis (iii) Environmental Engineering (iv) Materials/Polymer (v) Renewable Energy/Bio-energy (vi) Unit Operations.PGD, M. Eng. & Ph.D
Petroleum Engineering: Areas of specialization: (i) Corrosion Engineering (ii) Fluid Dynamics and Transport (iii) Petrochemical/Petroleum Refining (iv) Oil & Gas Production and Fuel Technology (v) Drilling Engineering (vi) Reservoir EngineeringM. Eng. and Ph.D.
B. Electrical/Electronic EngineeringAreas of specialization: (i) Electric Power Systems and Machines (ii) Control and Instrumentation (iii) Electronic and Telecommunications (iv) Renewable Energy/BioenergyPGD, M. Eng. & Ph.D
C. Electrical/Electronic EngineeringAreas of specialization: (i) Electric Power Systems and Machines (ii) Control and Instrumentation (iii) Electronic and Telecommunications (iv) Renewable Energy/BioenergyPGD, M. Eng. & Ph.D
D. Mechanical EngineeringAreas of specialization: (i) Heat and Mass Transfer Engineering (ii) Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering (iii) Industrial Metallurgy and Corrosion ManagementM. Eng. and Ph.D.
1. Accounting, Banking and Finance(i) AccountingPGD
(ii) Banking & FinancePGD & M.Sc.
2. Business Administration & Marketing (i) ManagementPGD, M.Sc.
(ii) Business Management: Specialization- (a) General Management (b) Human Resources Management (c) Entrepreneurship (d) Operations Research (e) Financial Management (f) Project Management Ph.D
(iii) Marketing: Specialization– (a) Strategic Marketing Management (b) Oil and Gas Marketing (c) Marketing Research (d) Digital Marketing (e) Political Marketing (f) Analytical Marketing (g) Financial Services Marketing (h) Marketing CommunicationsPGD, M.Sc.Ph.D.
1. Animal & Environmental Biology:(i) Environmental BiologyPGD 
(ii) Hydrobiology and Fisheries (iii) Entomology (iv) Parasitology(v) Pest and Disease ManagementM.Sc. and Ph.D. 
2. Biochemistry:M.Sc. & Ph.D 
3. Chemistry:(i) ChemistryPGD 
(ii) Analytical/Environmental Chemistry (iii) Inorganic Chemistry (iv)Organic Chemistry (v) Physical Chemistry (vi) Industrial ChemistryM.Sc. & Ph.D. 
4. Geology:  (i) Engineering Geology/Environmental Geology/Hydrogeology (ii) Petroleum Geology (iii) Mineral ExplorationM.Sc 
5. Mathematics: (i) Mathematics (ii) Industrial MathematicsM.Sc & Ph.D. 
6. Computer SciencePGD, M.Sc. & Ph.D. 
7. Physics: (i) Geophysics (i) Solid State Physics (iii) Radiation & Health Physics (iv) Theoretical PhysicsM.Sc. & Ph.D. 
8. Microbiology: (i) Environmental Microbiology (ii) Food Microbiology (iii)Industrial Microbiology.M.Sc. & Ph.D 
1.Business Administration:Business Management:- Areas of specialization: (i) Operational Management (ii) Human Resources Management (ii) Entrepreneurship (iv) General Management (v) Organizational Behaviour (vi) Corporate Finance (vii) Project ManagementM.Sc. & Ph.D.
2. Economicsa. Economics: specialising in: (i) International Economics (ii) Public Finance (iii) Public Sector Economics (iv) Health EconomicsM.Sc. & Ph.D.
b. Environmental Economics: (i) Energy and Petroleum Economics(ii) Industrial Economics (iii) Development EconomicsM.Sc. & Ph.D.
c. Monetary and Banking EconomicsM.Sc. & Ph.D.
3. Geography and Regional Planning: Area of specialization:(i) Biogeography (ii) Climatology (ii) Environmental Resources Management (iii) Geographic Information System (GIS) (iv) Geomorphology (v) Industrial Geography (vi) Population Geography (vii) Regional Development and Planning (viii) Remote Sensing (ix) Rural Geography (x) Soil Geography (xi) Tourism and Recreational Planning (xii) Transportation Geography(xiii) Urban Geography (xiv) Hydrology and Water Resources Management   M.Sc. & Ph.D.
4. Mass Communication: Area of specialization: (i) Print Journalism (ii) Radio/ Television and Film (iii) Public Relations and AdvertisingM.Sc. & Ph.D.
5. Political ScienceSpecialization:- (i) International Relations (ii) Comparative Politics (iii) Developmental/ Environmental Studies (iv) Political TheoryM.Sc. & Ph.D.
(v) Public AdministrationPGD, M.Sc. & Ph.D
6. SociologyAreas of specialization: (a) Sociology of Development (b) Criminology and Security Studies (c) Industrial Sociology (d) Sociology of Health & Illness (e) Sociology of Quality of Life M.Sc. & Ph.D.
1.Engineering:i. Professional Master programme in Petroleum Refining and Petrochemical Engineering(MPRPCE).
ii. Professional Master programme in Renewable and Sustainable Energy(MRSE)
2. Business Administration:Postgraduate Diploma in Business AdministrationPGDBA
Master programme in Business Administration:(i) General Management (ii) Human Resources Management (iii) EntrepreneurshipMBA
3. Economics(i) Postgraduate Diploma programme in Petroleum EconomicsPGDPE
 (ii) Professional Master programme in Energy and Petroleum EconomicsMEPE
4.Mass Communication(i) Postgraduate Diploma in Communication ManagementPGDCM
(ii) Professional Master Degree in Communication Management:(a) Public Relations (b) Advertising Management (c) Developmental CommunicationMCM
5. Political ScienceProfessional Master programme in Public AdministrationMPA
Professional Master programme in Peace, Security and Development StudiesMPSDS
6. Sociology: (i) Master in Crime ControlMCC

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