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Does BlackRock Own Home Depot?


Does BlackRock Own Home Depot: Is Home Depot owned by BlackRock Investment Stewardship, which educates companies about risk taking and leadership factors.

Does BlackRock Own Home Depot?

Does BlackRock Own Home Depot

BlackRock Inc. has disclosed ownership of 70,040,522 shares of Home Depot Inc. in a SC 13G/A form filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) (US:HD).

This equates to 6.7 percent of the company’s ownership. BlackRock Inc. reported owning 72,153,993 shares in their previous filing dated 2021-02-05, indicating a -2.93 percent decrease.


BlackRock Inc. has a history of investing in underlying security (HD) derivatives in the form of stock options.

The company currently holds call options representing 0 underlying shares worth $0 USD.

Home Depot went public in 1981, selling its shares at $12 each. Its top five shareholders are;

  • The Vanguard Group – 8.3%
  • SSgA Funds Management Inc – 4.52%
  • BlackRock Fund Advisors – 4.36%
  • Capital Research and Management Company – 3.67%
  • Fidelity Management and Research Company – 1.68%

There is no entity on this list that owns more than 50% of Home Depot, so it operates independently rather than as a subsidiary.

With a 28% stake, the general public, mostly comprised of individual investors, wields some power over Home Depot.

This level of ownership, while significant, may not be sufficient to change company policy if the decision is not shared by other large shareholders.


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Who is BlackRock?

BlackRock do not own Home Depot rather they are Investment Stewardship that engages companies to better understand how company leadership identifies and manages risks and opportunities, including environmental, social, and governance factors.


They believe the can impact the ability to deliver sustainable financial performance for long-term investors.

BlackRock has worked with Home Depot for several years as a shareholder, and they help variety of corporate governance and sustainable business issues that they believe contribute to the company’s ability to deliver the long-term shareholder returns.

Their clients rely to meet their financial objectives, such as board quality, human capital management, business oversight and risk management, and the global energy transition.


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