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Does Home Depot Pay You During Your First Week?

Does Home Depot Pay You During Your First Week: Does Home Depot pay you during your first week there? Every employee’s motivation to work quickly is correlated with the money they made from the services they provided. Knowing Home Depot’s payment plan, though, is essential. As a result, this page will describe Home Depot’s policy about the first week of employment.

Does Home Depot Pay You During Your First Week?

Does Home Depot Pay You During Your First Week?

When you will get paid is one of the most important things to know, when you are about to start a new job.

As an employee, the sole aim of working or searching for a job is practically to earn a living and of course to live a comfortable life.

Also, apart from the amount the organization pays its workers, another important question one may want to ask regarding Home Depot is; Do you get paid for your first week at Home Depot?

Do You Get Paid for Your First Week at Home Depot?

Most employers pay their employees on a weekly or biweekly basis. Some employers pay monthly; other employers pay on set dates.

However, Home Depot doesn’t pay its employees during their first week of resumption.

It can take up to two-three weeks to receive your first paycheck, depending on when you started the job.

Home Depot Employees are paid for the two weeks before pay week, meaning if the month starts on a Monday and they get paid that Friday, the second check of the month is for the first two weeks.

Payroll checks may be issued at the end of each pay period worked, or there may be a lag and your paycheck may be issued a week or two (or longer) after you begin work.

At the latest, you should be paid by the company’s regular pay date for the first pay period that you worked.

However, this means that employees will receive their first paycheck on their regular payday, just like any other pay period.

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What is the Starting Pay at Home Depot?

The starting pay at Home Depot varies depending on the position you are applying for.

However, the average salary for Home depot employees is $15 per hour or $32,000 per year.

Below are some of the most common positions at Home Depot and how much each makes, on average.

1. Cashier

Home Depot cashiers make an average of $12 per hour or $23,400 per year. Most cashiers work 8-hour shifts with breaks in between.

2. Warehouse Supervisor

Home Depot warehouse supervisors make an average of $63,855 per year. With the average hourly pay ranging from $26 to $30 per hour, their annual salaries may go up to $74,406.

3. Assistant Manager

The starting salary for assistant store managers at Home Depot averages $19 per hour or $40,000 annually. The assistant store manager is in a busy position at Home Depot and is always on call.

4. Sales Associate

The average pay for a Home Depot sales associate is $12.68 or $25,360 annually. Sales associates work an average of 40 hours per week. Home Depot sales associates’ salaries may differ according to location and benefits earned.

5. Lot Associate

Home Depot’s lot associates have an average starting salary of $10 per hour or $21,000 annually. Full-time lot associates work for approximately 8 hours per day.

6. Warehouse Associate

According to Indeed, a Home Depot warehouse associate makes an average of $15.48 per hour or $30,956 per annum. Full-time warehouse associates at Home Depot work at least 40 hours per week.

Therefore, it will take two to three weeks to receive the first payment because Home Depot pays biweekly.

So, if you are considering working for Home Depot, you put into consideration the factors stated above to see if it is sustainable.

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