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Download and Install First Touch Soccer Mod 2021 Apk


How to Download and Install First Touch Soccer Mod 2021 (apk) Android.

How to Download and Install First Touch Soccer Mod: First Touch Soccer 2021 (FTS 21) is a football manager game packed with the sophisticated features which give you a gaming experience that is only little short of real-world soccer.

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Download and Install First Touch Soccer Mod

First Touch Soccer 2021 (FTS 21) is a football manager game packed with the sophisticated features which give you a gaming experience that is only little short of real-world soccer.

Developed by First Touch Games, FTS 21 lets you play matches in HD, build a customizable team of players, earn lots of money (coins), sign in-form superstars in the football market and enjoy a couple of other exciting features.

FTS 21 has been touted as one of the best roll-outs among football manager games and in this post, you’ll learn more about FTS 21 as well as how you can download/install its APK file on your Android smartphone.

How to Download and Install First Touch Soccer Mod 2021

You’ll have to download the APK file, Data file and Obb file of First Touch Soccer 21. Click here for the APK, this link for the Data file and here for the Obb.

Following the download of all three files, below are the steps you need for installing FTS 21:

  • Extract all three files using Zarchiver. If you don’t have the Zarchiver app on your Android phone, click the link here to download it
  • To extract the Data file, search for FTS Mod Data within the Zarchiver app and select it
  • You should extract the Obb file in the same manner
  • Having opened and installed the Apk file, you should extract the Data file and the Obb file to Android/data and Android/obb folders respectively
  • With that done, ensure you restart your Android phone before launching the installed FTS 21. This is to save you the likelihood of any installation error

FTS 21 as an Offline Game

FTS is one of the top-rated Android-dedicated football manager games. Asides being a top-rated soccer game, FTS can be played completely offline, meaning you don’t need any sort of internet connection before you can enjoy all of the game’s features including up-to-date transfers, squad customization and gameplay in HD graphics.

Customizability of FTS 21

In a much similar way to Dream League Soccer 21, FTS 21 comes with a handful of customization options that let you have an awesome overall gaming experience. First of all, you’re vested with the power of creating a team, managing the team and equipping the team with all that is needed to defeat opponents and bag trophies.

Courtesy of FTS 21’s improved customizability, you can set up a team, define your tactics, execute your preferred formation, reinforce the team (by signing more players) and build a stadium for the team.

List of Game Modes in FTS 21

With FTS 21 being a kind of football manager game, it does come with the game modes we often see in similar games. These modes include:

  • Quick Match
  • Training
  • Start Player Match
  • Tournament

Signing Big Players in FTS 21: What Do You Need to Do This?

You can sign in-form superstars, valuable forwards and other highly rated players for your FTS 21 team but to do that, you must have earned a good deal of in-game coins. Some of the top superstars you can sign into your FTS 21 team may include Robert Lewandowski, Paulo Dybala, Neymar JR, N’golo Kante and Kylian Mbappe.

The New Perks FTS 21 Has Got to Offer

The new perks of FTS are actually what make the game a must-have for ardent lovers of football manager games. Of all these perks, one thing you’ll definitely love is the improved facial simulation which makes the players’ faces look exactly like those of their real-life counterparts. What this means is that you can expect to see Lionel Messi’s exact face, perhaps when your team is up against Barcelona.

If you’ve always loved to synchronize your game experience with up-to-date transfers, FTS 21 will definitely measure up to your expectation. For every football team in the game, you’re sure to find the newly signed players, just according to the latest transfer market.

In addition to the enhanced gameplay of FTS 21, one thing you’d like about the football manager game is its synchronized latest player ratings. And if you’re one hell of a cheat, you may want to try the profile.dat cheat of FTS 21 that lets you rake in unlimited money (coins).

Football Leagues Supported in FTS 21

A decent number of football leagues are supported in FTS 21 and prettily, this lets you pick any of the football teams from diverse leagues and access 20,000+ official players. Here’s a list of the leagues:

  • German League
  • Premier League
  • Spanish League
  • Belgium League
  • French League
  • Asian League
  • S. League
  • Italian League
  • African League
  • Greece League

FTS 21 Daily Challenge Mode

This gaming mode avails you the chance to earn free coins from coming up against randomly picked opponents and defeating them. Earning coins is essential as it enables you to reinforce your FTS 21 squad. And the more you secure wins from daily challenge matches, the more coins you earn.

With FTS 21, you may opt to go the way of cunning gamers by hacking the game. This, frankly, is a way of manipulating the game such that you’ll get unlimited money (coins) that let you enjoy any in-game benefit that requires giving up coins.

Any time you don’t feel like using the cheat feature again, you’re free to deactivate the profile.dat file by following the simple steps below:

  • Locate the Android path on your phone. You can use a file explore in doing this
  • Under this path, explore the data folder
  • Within the folder, locate dat and remove it from the folder

That’s all you need to set FTS 21 back to its default mode whereby you earn coins as you win progressively rather than have an unlimited amount of coins. In other words, you’ll have to win matches continuously so that you can earn more coins and in turn add new signings that will improve your FTS 21 squad.

Rundown of FTS 21 Features

  1. HD Graphics
  2. Up-to-date transfers
  3. Game Modes
  4. Manager Mode
  5. Optimized game controller
  6. The chance to earn unlimited coins (via the profile.dat explained earlier)

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