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Editing and Proofreading: How to Proofread and Edit Perfectly

Editing and Proofreading: The skills of editing and proofreading are ones that writers should acquire. The truth is that even if you have the appropriate message to convey, you do so by using jargon and, of course, making mistakes. This can’t help you become a better writer. Most likely, you have used the services of others to ensure that your writing has been proofread. Why do you keep calling them? if you can handle it by yourself




Editing and Proofreading: How to Proofread and Edit Perfectly

Editing and Proofreading: How to Proofread and Edit Perfectly

The work of proofreaders and editors requires adequate tools to enhance their services. Before you begin, make sure  you have the proper editing tools at hand. what will be your editing tools?

Your editing tools will include: handbook, dictionary, thesaurus, computer, spell checker, etc.

Analyzing the Concept of Editing and proofreading

Editing and proofreading are two things in one- Editing and proofreading. It is pertinent that we carefully analyze what each of this term means.

Editing involves reviewing, reworking, and reforming. To edit, many writers choose a different style that they can master. It is not very easy reconstructing a write-up that has already been written but these tips will help you.

Your Style

A good write up must be purposeful, clear and sincere. Ask yourself certain questions like: how is my writing connecting the subject matter? Are the ideals expressed concise and direct? Does the writing sound authentic and honest? Your writing should be able to answer these questions

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The Sentence Structure

editing also involves changes in sentences for correctness. Remember a sentence is a statement that expresses a complete thought. In your sentence, Check for the use of subordinate conjunctions such as: although because etc. look after for the correct use of relative pronouns such as that, who etc.

Always look for sentences that all sound the same and ones that link long and the short sentences. It is necessary to examine your sentence for length and content. Don’t make your sentence be too long and rumbling. Keep it short but don’t make it too short. Check out for sentences beginning with the same pronoun or article. It is very common for many writers to use one article or pronoun when starting a sentence. Chock out for:

There, it the etc. at the beginning of every sentence.

Word Choice

Your word choice should not be awkward or confusing. If it is, you can replace them but endeavor to use appropriate direction. Always make your writing meet the standard of formal diction except otherwise

The above tips will enhance your editing skills. In Editing and proofreading you have to consider the two terms

That is not all how about:


Get this straight proofreading is not like editing, it involves the application of mechanics, spelling correct usage of grammar and form punctuation should also be checked carefully. Proofreading is all about:


for effective proofreading, a proofreader should look at spelling errors. These tips will help you in tackling spelling errors effectively. Check for spellings with your computer using the spelling checker. Read your article backward, this will give you focus on every word.

Mark any spelling which you are not sure of. Learn words that are commonly misspelled.

MACHAINCS: what are Mechanics? Hehehe don’t think of any science or energy terminologies hence.  Mechanics has to do with capitals italic punctuations and writing number rules.

This how to go about with mechanics:

Check carefully for end punctuation marks. Look out for the proper use of commas, coordinating conjunctions (about, and, or with etc.) in compound sentences.

Look for apostrophes marking possessive expressions and contractions. Examine the proper use of quotation marks in quoted sentence or in dialogues;

Make good use of capital letters.

Grammar and Usage

Review your writing for any commonly mixed pairs of words. Like there/their/ they’re / accept/except

Look out for concord and verb agreement. Your subject too should also agree with numbers


When proofreading. It is the organization and forms that matter in the making of a good write-up. Here is the deal:

  • Check the title, a good title must connect to your writing.
  • Make sure that all cited and quoted Materials that provide information are properly presented and documented.

Conclusively, Man’s daily activities are full of errors. Yes!  human beings are prone to errors, of course,  and no one is perfect. Even in writing, human beings have to guide against errors. Watch our for the most common errors in speech and writing when you are proofreading and editing.

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