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9 Printable Feelings Chart Examples for Kids


Feelings Chart Examples for Kids: Even children have the right to express their feelings and emotions toward people and things around them. The ability to recognize and control one’s emotions is the most valuable skill one can have.

9 Printable Feelings Chart Examples for Kids

Feelings Chart Examples for Kids

A child can be likened to an egg: defenseless and vulnerable. As a parent, you must make sure that they are okay with the things going on in their lives on a daily basis.

With the help of a feelings chart for kids, they will be able to comprehend others’ emotions and express them in a suitable manner. Most significantly, they will develop strong minds and bodies.

An important part of a child’s growth and development is teaching them how to recognize and express their emotions as early as possible. Asking kids about their feelings on a daily basis will help you develop their emotional intelligence.

You can provide a feelings chart for kids so they can recognize and categorize their emotions on a daily or weekly basis. You can acquire a free printable feelings chart for kids from the list provided below.

1. Feelings and Emotion Chart for Kids

This is a great chart from Fun with Mama that not only allows you to teach the different feelings to your kids, but also allows you to unite and have fun with them while coloring! There are two types of this chart available, it is available for your younger kids and for older ones, and both of them come in colored and uncolored packages.

We highly recommend this printable since it comes with other incentives made by the designer. If this is your first time purchasing the set, all you have to do is sign up and subscribe to their newsletter to get it for free.

2. Jumbo Feelings Chart

Journey to Wellness NZ of Esty.com has provided us with this big feelings chart. It is quite affordable, and the purchase is worth it.

There are two types of products available (square and rectangular), and they are both in high resolution.

You can decorate your walls beautifully by printing and pasting the feeling charts; you can also choose to keep them on your system.

3. Emotion Wheel

Due to its wheel-like shape, this chart differs significantly from the others on this list. It offers a special way to explain to kids what the various emotions are.

Therefore we decided to include it on our list. Kids can color the black-and-white version of the book whatever they like.

The fact that you can download this lovely chart for free is another fantastic feature. You only need to subscribe to their newsletter.

4. My Feelings from A-Z

Another excellent graphic of emotions from Teachers Pay Teachers is provided here. It is suggested for kids in kindergarten through sixth grade, according to the platform.

It comes in two forms (black and white and colored), which even makes it more fun and easy for the kids while coloring them.

The chart uses different types of vocabulary words to describe feelings. Some are easy to learn, like “joy,” “sadness,” and “happiness,” while others are quite difficult, like “phlegmatic,” “snazzy,” and “twitchy.”

5. Feeling Words for Kids

This emotion chart doesn’t just show the common emotions; it also provides their synonyms. It helps the children broaden their knowledge of vocabulary and express their feelings in different ways.

It is worthy of note to remember that teaching children the subtleties of the various phrases is just as crucial as teaching them the various types of emotions and the words that can be used to describe them. For example, although the words “fear” and “scary” may be used interchangeably, their connotations are very different.

6. Character Emotions Chart

This printable feeling chart is made to assist younger kids in expressing and owning up to their emotions. It is also a means for children to check their characters’ feelings and improve their writing abilities.

Teachers who work with pupils in kindergarten through third grade should use this free printable. We also advise parents who want to teach their children about various emotions and sentiments to do so. You can color it with your children by using the black-and-white version that is included.

7. My Emotions Feelings Chart

Feelings charts can assist you in accurately identifying your emotions so that you can express and control them more effectively.

Furthermore, they help you develop a more positive sense of yourself, improve your empathy for others, and broaden your emotional language.

This chart was chosen because of its superb artwork. The chart is ideal for framing and hanging on the wall because of the intricate designs.

8. Feelings Chart and Feeling Faces

These Feelings Cards can be used at home or in the classroom to educate preschoolers and young children on how to recognize and categorize emotions.

They can also be helpful for anyone, regardless of age, who needs assistance recognizing emotions. It can be difficult for some people to read body language or facial emotions, so utilizing these cards as a guide can be quite helpful.

We think this example is quite helpful for parents who only want their kids to understand the many types of emotions because the chart features actual children’s faces. They gain a better understanding of the various emotions as a result.

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9. Understanding Emotions, Emotions Chart

The Emotions Chart is made to assist children with naming and recognizing their emotions, which is a crucial stage in the healing process. It was created by Hope 4 Hurting Kids, a non-profit organization dedicated to assisting children who are dealing with or have dealt with a traumatic experience.

Their objective is to provide useful information and beneficial resources to people who deal with such children, so that children can use this chart to become more aware of themselves.


It can be challenging to comprehend emotions. Even adults may struggle to tell them apart, particularly if they overlap. We must work hard to instill in our kids the importance of recognizing and understanding their emotions and thoughts.

We hope the printable feeling charts we shared above might aid in your family’s understanding of the various emotions.

Additionally, we hope that these charts will help your children become more outgoing, sympathetic, and kind-hearted as they mature.

If you have any questions concerning Feelings Chart Examples for Kids, please feel free to use the comment box below and ask us your question. We will be very pleased to answer you.

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