1. I have received alart sinc on 1 of July,but when I try to link my bvn with my account, they are telling me to buy airtime, and when I try that they debited me#50.
    Please what can I do about that now.

  2. Comment:Hello admin I need more information about your programmes, our local Government Area Agric Department allows those who receive the text messages for FMARD to gives them ours name and banks details and charges us #200 only.so please admin what are the reality of such instructions.Thanks you. from Ikramu umar Katsina.

    • Pls call me and explain to me am confused I also received a message for the fmard grants am from kogi state .I don’t know how to go about the payment stuff pls 08031105771& 08059070006.

  3. I received a message that am qualified for the fmard grants . But my question is this ! If your bvn is not link with your bank account there is no way you can do any transaction with your account . So, my bvn is link with my bank account and am yet to receive any alart . But if am not correct pls some one should help me out pls. 08059070006, 08031105771

  4. am also about fmard ussd code of keystone bank. and my question again wht about those whom are no using thier of activation to thier bvn ditails.

  5. It is about fmardafjp. I believe my bvn is link to my account still I can’t find the code for eco bank so I can verify the linkage thanks

  6. There is no way your bank can work without link to Bvn.
    So all this link your bank account to this and that there should stop
    If is like that let them shear the money to those that are correct let see.
    There should not play us in this country without Bvn bank can work now
    There should give us our money.our president has approved this money since why those people in charge play us like ball??

  7. Im received a sms of shortlisted since early July but nothing disbursement till now, and my Bvn is validated with my account.

  8. Pls, how comes! We give enumerator bvn number during the land survey, so icn’t understand to link my account.already I use my both accounts access and Union is account use without link with bvn? Pls, you paid some of us majority of payers are not a real farmers, for us genuine farmers if u are not interesting to pay us no problem. TO ALMIGHTY ALL THINGS RETURN!


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