1. Pls,can a graduate from the university apply for this recruitment if you have all what the GE’s is looking for? Thank you

  2. Please can someone with Advance Diploma IT person and have done his national service apply to teach ICT,and am very good at it will you take me sir ?

  3. please can we see the list of” and among others” as part of the GES requirements for completing of the postings,also can we use teaching practice period and national service year as years of teaching experience?

  4. Please could you kindly help those of us university graduates with all the requirements met? It seems we have waited for quite longer. I completed in 2018, did Music Education and as I said earlier, I meet all the requirements. THANK YOU FOR HELPING US FOR RECRUITMENT.

  5. I have a problem with my birth certificate, it will be ready within two weeks. can I apply without my birth certificate for now?

  6. Good morning, please when will GES recruitment forms be out for those of us who did bachelor degree in early childhood education.

  7. Please may I know the link and procedure to send an application for appointment as a Director I in the GES this year?

  8. the weather and climate on this time we are wishing the great for the all becoming trust time on my day of great to understand all coming best act of weter resoceses on time of the weather life we are here for this time…. At home life stand for all belive the great mind true mind….


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