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GoTv Customer Care Number Lagos Office – Updated


GoTv Customer Care Number Lagos Office: The customer service phone number for the GOtv provider is 08065185208. No reader should skip this post, as it is important. In this post, we’ll give our readers even another unique nugget of knowledge.

GoTv Customer Care Number Lagos Office - Updated

GoTv Customer Care Number Lagos Office

What readers are going to be getting here is information regarding the entertainment industry, thus, you will get enlightened more at the end of this post.

This post focuses on GOtv which is famous for its streaming services. If you are making use of their decoder then you will gain from reading this post.


We will let you know the customer care number of the GOtv decoder. With the use of their customer care number, customers can directly lay out their complaints to them.

It is in our best interest that you get the right information and make the right press if there is any problem while making use of the decoder or any of their service.

Relatively, we will also let you know how to activate the GOtv application on your mobile device; the process involves and how to go ahead in a step-by-step procedure.


However, with the GOtv you will also know how to recharge and other easy things to do with your decoder. For more challenging situations, you will need to contact the GOtv Customer Care Number which is the reason for the update.

For the edification of our readers, the customer care number to be given in this post is GOtv Customer Care Number Lagos.

The customer care number of the GOtv is a good choice for the service user. If you are making use of this decoder, it is ideal you have their customer care number.


With their customer care number, you can lay a complaint, ask questions and know your navigation around the decoder.

For those who have been finding it hard to make use of their decoder, it is high time you make use of this customer care number which is available to all users.

Note, you do not need to be the purchaser of the decoder before calling. If you are a user, you have the right to call when you cannot get through with any navigation you want to make.


Does the GOtv customer care have a specific calling time?

Yes, the GOtv customer care number can only be called with time duration.  Anyone calling anytime beyond or below the time frame will get no response.

GOtv Customer Care Number Lagos


We have reached an important section of the post in which we will be giving another piece of information for the edification of our readers.

Are you living in Lagos State? If yes, here is the section for you. In this section, you will get the customer care number of GOtv in Lagos.

Those who are living in Lagos can get to call the customer care number and get an active response at any time they please.


Note that there is a time limit for calling the customer care service of the GOtv.  Other than the time, you will get no response.

You can call and get an active response from the GOtv decoder on working days precisely, on working hours of the day. Not that you may not get a response on weekends.

Call the customer care number today and get your response.


The customer care number of the GOtv service provider is; 08065185208.

You can start calling now and get your Smart Card number and surname ready. The number above is an active number of the GOtv service provider.

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GOtv Customer Care Number Lagos WhatsApp Number

Here is a new heading to consider. For the edification of our readers, we will be more detailed in this section of the post.


However, our aim in this section is to give our readers an active WhatsApp number of the GOtv so that they could get to lay out their complaints and get active assistance however.

Note that their WhatsApp number is more active than their customer care number. The reason behind this is that their WhatsApp number runs a 24-hour service as the information to be given to you is automated.

You are to provide it with the right code give i.e.; 1,2,3,4…………. Filling in this code will lead to the next question or the answer to your quest.


Note that you will have to follow their procedure to get answers from their automatic customer care WhatsApp number.

Other than this, you will not get any response from them. The customer care WhatsApp number to be given is active for all GOtv users, living in Lagos and regions beyond.

The active WhatsApp number of this service provider is; +2348082804878. Make sure to have your card ready and your surname depending on your quest.


GOtv Application Download

Related to the topic Gotv Customer Care Number Lagos, we have brought to our readers another intriguing piece of information.

What our readers are going to be getting from this section of the post is one valid piece. Here, our readers will get to know how to download the GOtv application into their devices.


If you are a movie fan, it is ideal to have this decoder’s application so as not to miss out on any program streamed on your favourite channels.

GoTv Customer Care Number Lagos

You can get a similar view from your mobile device wherever and whenever. If you have been looking for this, we got you covered.


Shortly, we will provide you with some procedures to get the GOtv Application into your device. Below are the procedure involved;

  • With an active data connection,
  • Open your Playstore
  • On the search engine, type in Gotv application,
  • Click the install button
  • Click the Enable button on the right hand of the screen
  • Open the application afterwards and sign in to continue to use it.

If you make use of the above-listed procedure, you will successfully install the application into your device and also stream your best series or movies on GOtv.

If you have any questions concerning GoTv Customer Care Number Lagos Office – Updated, please feel free to use the comment box below and ask us your question. We will be very pleased to answer you.


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