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Governor Umo Eno Biography – and Latest News

Governor Umo Eno Biography: Pastor Umo Eno is a businessman and a politician of the People Democratic Party (PDP). He is now the governor of the state of Akwa Ibom.




Governor Umo Eno Biography - and Latest News

Governor Umo Eno Biography – and Latest News

The Election held on the 18th of March, 2023 came out a success with Umo Eno as the Governor of Akwa Ibom State. He is the 11th Governor of the state and also a business tycoon. Despite his religious role, the Governor owns businesses.

Governor Umo Eno’s tenure as governor just began but can we conclude it is a win-win for him? However, there are some controversies about the winning of Umo Eno and cases are still ongoing.

Governor Umo Eno was indicted to have made use of a Fake WAEC certificate which has led to one court case and another.

However, the Court is still doing its best to see the case and give its final order and we wait patiently to hear their decision.

The Governor of Akwa Ibom State is a religious head of the “All Nation Christian Ministries Inc” located at #2 Edo Udo Road beside Royalty Hotels, Eket Local Government Area. He is also the owner of the Royalty Hotels.

Many have been asking a lot about him lately and we are going to provide you with more details regarding this entity in the post.

Governor Umo Eno- Early Life

Regarding the Early life of Umo Eno, he was born on the 24th of April 1964 and is 59 years of age. He is an indigene of Nsit-Ubium Local Government Area in Akwa Ibom State.

Nevertheless, Umo Eno attended Local Authority Primary School located in Lagos State, Nigeria; he got his First School Leaving Certificate.

After his primary education, Eno furthered to the renowned St. Francis Secondary School in Eket, Akwa Ibom and also Victory High School in Ikeja, Lagos.

From our research, Umo Eno obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Public Administration from the prestigious University of Uyo; later furthered for his master’s degree in the same field.

Umo Eno has always loved the creativity and is a pro in business idea creation. Certainly, his early life was a success and one everyone would like to know about.

However, Umo Eno did a few jobs while growing up and has always contributed distinctly to any part he is given to play.

Governor Umo Eno Biography – Career

Umo Eno after his secondary education started working at an early age to support the income of his parent.

After his secondary education, he started working at Union Bank Ng. However, about two years into the job, his father died.

Though the death of his father was a tragic one, it also made room for him. Nevertheless, he was approached by Albert Inyang who offered him a position at Bertola Machine Tool Nigeria Limed.

Due to his diligence, Eno was made the Commercial Director of the enterprise. Governor Umo Eno as earlier said has done a lot of jobs and has earned exposure from them.

He later worked for Norman Holding Limited where became a Chief Executive Officer and however started his own business.

The Royal Group is owned by Governor Umo Eno and has over 100 workers under his establishment making waves across the state.

Additionally, Eno’s diligence created room for him. He was appointed with political positions and has always performed well in his role.

Governor Umo Eno Biography –  Political Career

Indeed, Governor Umo Eno has held positions in politics. He once was a chairman and another time, the Executive Director, of the Agricultural Investment Directorate of Akwa Ibom State Investment Corporation.

Under the Tenure of Obong Victor Attah, he was made the Chairman; of Akwa Ibom Hotels and Tourism Board 2004-2007.

However, Udom Gabriel Emmanuel invited him to become; Executive Director, of the Agricultural Investments Directorate of Akwa Ibom State Investment Corporation (AKICORP) in which he performed his duties diligently.

In the year 2023, he became the winner in the democratic election and presently is the governor of  Akwa Ibom State.

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There are many controversies regarding Umo Eno starting from the court case between him and one of his former workers who made the claim that Eno is a cheat.

The young man made a case about him in the Magistrate Court in Abuja leading the court to make a proceeding in which Eno did not show up.

However, he claimed he had no idea about the court proceedings. Every successful man must have haters as we all know.

Can this be seen as hate or truth?

We do not have any idea about that but we are sure that other workers may not say the same about him.

Also, a former governorship aspirant of PDP made a court case regarding the forgery of Umo Eno’s WAEC certificate but did not have much proof to show which made his accusation mere claims.

A similar case was brought up fresh about him by Obon Bassey Albert, an aspirant of the Young People’s Party (YPP).

He claims that the certificate presented was fake and Eno was expelled from Uniuyo for the same reason meanwhile, Umo Eno has a Bachelor’s Degree obtained from the same institution.


We cannot tell whose claims are right or wrong as we are not witness to any of this. Umo Eno has always been a successful man and however has one of the most difficult roles to play which is leadership.

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