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Green Africa Customer Care – WhatsApp Number, Lagos, Abuja


Green Africa Customer Care: Many people want to learn more about Green Africa. You will learn more about that after reading this article. We will share the Green Africa customer service number with our readers in case they are interested and use Green Africa.

Green Africa Customer Care - WhatsApp Number, Lagos, Abuja

Green Africa Customer Care – WhatsApp Number, Lagos, Abuja

The Customer Care number will enable them to know more about the brand. Those who have been looking for the customer care number of this brand will benefit from their reading experience on the page.

Additionally, we will provide you with the WhatsApp number of this establishment. With the WhatsApp number, you can get chat with them and actively get a response from the service provider.


The WhatsApp number and information to be provided will be specifically bound to two states which are;

  • Lagos
  • Abuja

Other than these two, you will need to read another post about Green Africa Customer Care on our page. For those who have never made use of their service, this post will serve as a guide to you.

Green Africa Customer Care


You will get to know about their service and how to make use of Green Africa actively without any stress, read and share posts with friends.

Customer care is what many want to know about, firstly, we are going to start by giving you a brief regarding Green Africa.

If you have been wondering what service Green Africa renders, you have met the right page and we are going to share it with you here.


Green Africa is a value airline which is based in Lagos State in Nigeria. Their main objective is to offer safe, reliable and affordable air travel to their customers.

To date, Green Africa Airway does not have any bad reputation on them which makes them trusted by the masses. They are also cheap to afford and anyone can easily pay for their airline.

Their affordable system has contributed positively to the economic development of Nigeria and the continent as a whole.


If you have not made use of this airline, here is your chance to apply and get to travel by air with a cheap and reliable source.

Read subsequent sections to get information regarding their customer care number and other details depending on your location.

Green Africa Customer Care – Whatsapp Number

Here, we have intriguing information to give to our readers. What our readers are going to get in this section of the post is related information regarding Green Africa.


Green Africa with their spectacular performance has gained the interest of the masses which is a core reason for a rapid search for them.

However, in this section, you will be getting the customer care number of the Green Africa Airline. The customer care number will enable you to call and inquire directly from the airline without a third man.

If you have been searching for this then you met the right section where you will get all the information in full.


Green Africa being a trusted firm has many contact detail we will share a few with our readers here.  There are specific customer care services for each request.

If you want to book a flight, you will have to make use of an entirely different link which is below;

  • gcare@greenafrica.com

However, there is a general customer care number. The customer care number enables you to ask any question to the customer care assistant which will redirect and instruct you.


With this customer care number, you can book a plane, lay a complaint and make whatever request you wanted to.

Below is the Customer care number of the firm;

  • 0700-47336-237422

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Green Africa customer care – Whatsapp Number, Lagos, Abuja

In contribution to the above subheading, you will be getting another intriguing piece of information from this detailed post.

Customers and those interested will be getting information on their service numbers in Lagos State and also Abuja.

Note that the headquarter of this firm is located in Lagos State so it is necessary to know how to contact them. There are different ways to contact the Green Africa Airline.


One of the ways is through the use of their customer care number which was even above. The customer care number enables you to ask questions that you do not understand and do many other things.

With the use of the customer care number, customers can get to know how to book a flight and any information that they may have been looking for.

Another active way of linking up with Green Africa is through their active website. The active website gives you all the top-notch information you need regarding the firm.


If you have been looking for their website then you can click the link below;

You can actively make use of the following means to link up with them in Lagos and Abuja.

Green Africa Active links

We have reached the last section of the post. In this section, we are going to be giving our readers information that will enable them to know more about Green Africa.


What we are going to be giving to our readers in this section is other active links of the Green Africa Airline. The Green Africa Airline has other active links which we are going to share with our readers.

Below are some of the links to make use to contact Green Africa;

  • For Booking and enquiries; gcare@greenafrica.com
  • For General Information: info@greenafrica.com
  • On Tweeter: @gcareOnline
  • For group bookings: flycloser@greenafrica.com
  • Careers: careers.greenafrica.com
  • For Media inquiries; media@greenafrica.com

The above listed are some of the links you can use to contact and get a valid response from them. The career link above is for those who want to work under their establishment.


You can submit your application via their link and get a valid response from them. We have prepared a post on how to apply for their job opportunity.

If you have any questions concerning Green Africa Customer Care – WhatsApp Number, Lagos, Abuja, please feel free to use the comment box below and ask us your question. We will be very pleased to answer you.

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