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How to Check Green Card Lottery Results 2022 Portal Update


Guidelines on How to Check Green Card Lottery Results 2022 Portal Update.

Green Card Lottery Results: Many individuals apply for green cards through consular preparation. A green card enables you to live in or travel to and from the United States as a lasting legitimate occupant. See how to Check U.S Green Card Winners Results here.

Green Card Lottery Results

This article provides an insight into the steps to check your Green Card Lottery Results online. you can check your status on the web or by enrolling for programmed updates. The two techniques are advantageous.

1. Check on the Off Chance that you are Exempted

For the most part, anybody applying for a green card must pay a charge. USCIS utilizes the expense to process your green card. Be that as it may, the accompanying gatherings don’t have to pay the expense:

  • Iraqi and Afghan unique migrants
  • K non-workers
  • Returning legal lasting inhabitants (SB-1)
  • Children who enter the U.S. under the vagrant or Hague Adoption programs

2. Identify Who Can Pay Your Expense

You can pay your very own charge. You can likewise have other individuals pay the expense for you. For instance, your charge can be paid by a companion, relative, lawyer, boss, or certify delegate. On the off chance that they pay, they should have your Alien Number (A-Number) and Department of State (DOS) Case ID.

3. Retrieve your Worker Data

The U.S. Office or Embassy ought to have given you an assortment of data before you left for the U.S. For instance, search for the accompanying:

  • A-Number (the letter A pursued by eight or nine numbers)
  • DOS Case ID (three letters pursued by nine or ten numbers)
  • Instructions for paying the USCIS Immigrant Fee
  • sealed worker visa parcel

4. Pay on the Web

You can pay with a charge card, platinum card, prepaid check card, or your ledger utilizing an Automated Clearing House installment. Visit https://www.uscis.gov/record on the web and select the “Sign in” catch. On the graph, choose “Snap to Pay the USCIS Immigrant Fee.”

  • Enter you’re A-Number and DOS Case ID.
  • Enter your installment subtleties.

5. Find your Receipt Number

This is a 13-character identifier that you may discover on most notification of activity USCIS has sent to you.

It should start with three letters and afterward have 10 numbers. Notice of activity archives are called I-797 structures, so search for this number on the shape.

  • Most interchanges from the USCIS have a receipt number; however, a portion of these will be brief. Search for a receipt number on an I-797 shape.

6. Visit the Site

You’ll Check the Status of your Case on this Website. Bookmark it so you can return to the page if vital.

  • This site can refresh gradually, so it’s regularly best to call first.
  • For consular preparing cases, take a stab at reaching the department where you previously met for your green card and after that the National Visa Center (NVC). In the event that you can’t get a refresh from these areas, attempt the USCIS site.

7. Enter your Receipt Number

Enter the number in the case underneath “Enter a Receipt Number.” Remember not to incorporate the dashes; however, you can incorporate reference bullets in the event that they are a piece of your identifier.

8. Peruse Your Status

After you enter your receipt number, you ought to be told about the status of your green card. For the most part, you will get the green card 120 days from the date you entered the U.S. on your outsider visa on the off chance that you paid your migrant visa charge before you entered the nation.

  • If you paid after you entered the nation, at that point you can hope to get your green card inside a half year after you pay your expense. Since it can take a while for your card to arrive, it’s best to pay the charge before you go to the United States.
  • You may likewise pay the expense after you arrive. On the off chance that you touch base in the United States and haven’t yet paid the USCIS Immigrant Fee, USCIS will send you a notice asking for installment with directions on paying your charge.

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Technique 3

Agreeing to accept Automatic Updates

  • Read the terms and conditions:

Visit the site: https://egov.uscis.gov/casestatus/landing.do. Tap on “make a record.” Read through the terms and conditions to ensure you concur. On the off chance that you do, click “Acknowledge.”

  • Provide required data:

To make a record, you should give the accompanying individual data:

  • name
  • address
  • email address
  • mobile telephone number
  • preferred email dialect
  • receipt number

Choose a Username

Your client’s name must be somewhere in the range of eight and 14 characters. You can’t utilize the “$” sign. Make sure to compose your username down with the goal that you recollect it.

Make a secret word. The secret key guidelines are confounded. Ensure your secret word meets the accompanying criteria:

  • must be somewhere in the range of eight and 14 characters
  • cannot be equivalent to your client name
  • cannot contain the “$” sign
  • cannot contain “secret phrase”
  • must have something like one number
  • must have finally one English capitalized character
  • must have something like one lower-case English character

Answer Security Questions

You’ll have to give answers to four security questions, e.g., “What was the name of your first pet?” Remember to record the inquiries and answers with the goal that you can recover them.

Select your Strategy for Getting Refreshes

You can get refreshes by means of email or instant message. The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) will send programmed updates at whatever point a move has been made on your application.


  • It takes no less than 120 days to get your card. On the off chance that you haven’t gotten it by, at that point present a request at this site: https://egov.uscis.gov/e-ask for/displayNDCForm.do?entryPoint=init.
  • If you think your green card is lost or it has not touched base following a half year, you can fill an I-90 shape via mail or electronically. This is the customary method to report it, and there is no expense

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