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Guideline On Project Writing – How To Write A Research Project


How to write a project | Guidelines on Project Writing.

How to write a research projectGuideline on Project Writing – This article will teach you everything about writing a research project, especially for the undergraduate student in level 300 & 400 {HND 1 & 2} …See more details below

Guideline on Project Writing
Guideline on Project Writing

Guideline on Project Writing | How To Write A Research Project

Project Writing – Introducing student to research through practical approach, this article is best for undergraduate and graduate students all over the world. This article will also be extremely useful to those students who want to conduct a research on a chosen topic.

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Many students have inadequate knowledge about research or conducting a research. During the course of my dealing and interacting with university undergraduate and graduate student I have been able to learn about their real fears in conducting a research. To some student, conducting a research involve a lot of work and is time-consumed of course, this is true about research. Nevertheless, research must be conducted for one reason or the other depending on the circumstances, therefore this article is written to guide student on how to conduct a good research, specifically this article is written with the following objectives:

  • ­­­­­­­To guide the student in learning what research is all about.
  • To guide the student in choosing a problem-related topic for a research which could lead to solving the problem
  • To help the student in developing an insight for research through the use of scientific method.
  • To direct the student on the use of basic research procedures and techniques, and on how to tackle the problem under reviews and steps by step so as to achieve the stated objectives.
  • To guide the student in writing a proposal.


Because something has happen or went wrong somewhere or there is a problem so as to find solution to that problem.


 To find out the cause of that problem as well as finding solution so that such thing will not happen again.


  • Topics must be in your area of study
  • Your topics must have a problem
  • There must be personal interest from your topics
  • Availability of material.

Literally research has been defined as a careful search a studies inquiry usually critically and exhaustive investigations or experimentation having for its aim the revision or confirmation of an accepted conclusion or for making generalization in the light of newly discovered facts. It can also be defined as an investigation or to carry out fact findings mission or verification of facts concerning assertions or a problem so as to confirm or deny existence of a problem.

We have different types of research such as;

  • Analytic research
  • Descriptive research
  • Historical research
  • Experimental research

Below are the steps of writing research project topics from chapter one to five (1-5)


  • Introduction
  • Background of the study
  • Statement of the research problem
  • Research objectives
  • Research questions
  • Hypothesis of the study
  • Significant of the study
  • Scope and limitations of the study
  • Organizations of the study
  • Historical background of the topics
  • Operational definition of terms


  • literature review
  • Introduction
  • Conceptual framework
  • Theoretical reviews
  • Empirical reviews


  • Research methodology
  • Research design
  • Population and sample size determination
  • Method and source of data (p-s data)
  • Instrumentation
  • Data analysis techniques
  • Decision criterion for validation of hypotheses


  • Data presentation and analysis
  • Introduction
  • Data presentation
  • Analysis of research question
  • Test of hypothesis


  • Summary of Findings
  • Conclusion
  • Recommendation

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