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Hooters Job Requirements and Positions for Companies 2023


Hooters Job Requirements: Do you have intentions of working with hooters company but do not know about hooters job requirements? This article will explain in detail the requirements and hooters company positions.

Hooters Job Requirements and Positions for Companies 2023

Hooters Job Requirements and Positions for Companies 2023

About Hooters

Hooters was opened in 1983 in Clearwater, Hooters now has over 400 locations in 28 different countries across the world. Known for rendering tropical themes with a sports bar atmosphere.

Applicants can function in various standard restaurant roles within the company, including kitchen help, host and hostess positions, and managerial positions.

The most evident position with the bar and restaurant includes the job title of Hooters Girl. Acting in a server role, employees remain strictly female, must adhere to modeling standards.

Hooters Job Requirements and Positions for Companies

Below are job positions, locations, responsibilities, and requirements at Hooters. You can find more job postings on the “Careers” section of the Hooters website http://www.hooters.com.

1. Staffer

Job description and Responsibilities:

1. Clean up spilled food or drink or broken dishes and remove empty bottles and trash.

2. Wipe tables or seats with dampened cloths. Scrape and stack dirty dishes and carry dishes and other tableware to the kitchen for cleaning. Locate items requested by customers.

3. Fill beverage or ice dispensers. Stock cabinets or serving areas with condiments.

4. Restock bar and beverage areas. Change beer kegs. Carry food, dishes, trays, or silverware from the kitchen or supply departments to serving areas. Adherence to the grooming and uniform guidelines.

5. Maintain store floor safety (occasional sweeping).

6. Being punctual for all shifts and assigned work duties. Training and teaching co-workers. Working cooperatively with others in an environment of mutual professionalism, dignity, and respect.

Job Requirements:

1. To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to perform each essential duty satisfactorily.

2. Must be able to know or learn the location of storage facilities of alcoholic stock.

3. Ability to effectively communicate in the English language. Must be able to read and understand the menu, ticket writing, and a computerized register system.

4. Must attend Orientation and agree to policies and procedures as outlined in the New Employee Handbook and New Hire Packet. Must successfully attend and complete all other required training.

2. Staff – Preston

Job Description:

1. The Staff position maintains cleanliness and sanitation of various areas of the restaurant including the parking lot, Front of the House, and restrooms. This is a part-time position.

2. They recognize this role plays a significant part in the guests’ perception of the atmosphere.

3. Attention to detail of restaurant needs in all aspects of staff support responsibilities. Displays an ability to prioritize multiple tasks to ensure operations run efficiently.

4. Keeps all wait stations fully stocked and maintained

Job responsibilities:

1. Team Player

2. Team Communication

3. Performs assigned tasks

4. Proper Chemical handling

5. Table Bussing

6. Spot Sweeping

7. Stocking FOH product

8. Trash removal

9. General cleaning and upkeep

Requirements and Skills:

1. Knowledge of Sanitation and use of MSDS

2. Ability to promote Brand Integrity

3. Ability to maintain Professionalism at all times

4. The Ability to communicate clearly

5. Ability to work well with others

6. Also, the Ability to multi-task

7. Ability to prioritize given tasks

3. Hooters General Manager:

Job description:

1. Coordinates food service activities of the Hooters Restaurant by performing the following listed duties in accordance with company guidelines.

2. Keep maintaining conceptual integrity, comparable sales growth, profitability, positive customer service, and Team Member relations.

3. Responsible for the overall success of the Hooters Restaurant located inside the Hooters Casino Hotel.

Job Responsibilities:

1. Ensure scheduling meets required labour goals.

2. Overall responsibility of all employees in the Hooters Restaurant.

3. Ensure standard operating procedures in the Front and Back of the House are enforced.

4. Ensuring that the restaurant is functional and meets all the company’s standards and integrity issues including but is not limited to cleanliness, atmosphere, service, guest interaction, employee interaction.

5. Ensuring they adhere to all company policies.

6. Completing accurate and necessary daily, weekly and monthly paperwork and administrative duties including but not limited to.

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Requirements and qualification

1. Must have a minimum of a High School diploma or GED.

2. Must have the ability to understand and execute the company’s systems, policies, and procedures.

3. Must have the ability to understand and execute the company’s philosophies including promotional activities.

4. Internal Candidates must have successfully shown Trainer abilities under company standards, Shift supervisor abilities under company standards.

Also, Key Employee abilities are under company standards. Must have a 1-year minimum experience showing the aforementioned.

5. External Candidates must have a minimum of 2 years of successful industry related management experience or a College degree in hospitality studies plus industry experience.

4. Hooters Girls

Job Description:

The Hooters Girl is the icon of the Hooters Brand and has drawn guests into Hooters Restaurants for decades. An exclusive position, reserved only for those who are entertaining, goal-oriented.

In the restaurant, her glamorous styled hair, camera-ready make-up, and her fit body all contribute to her confidence and poise identified her.

The Hooters Girl appears to live a healthy, active lifestyle and is captivating to all who visit Hooters restaurants.

Job Responsibilities:

1. Entertains guests in a Fun Way

2. Makes Special Occasions Memorable

3. Team Player

4. Promotional Representation

5. Community Outreach & Events Participation

6. Sales Generation, including Promotional Items & Merchandise

7. Team Communication

Job Requirements and Qualifications:

1. Knowledgeable of Glamorous Hair Styling

2. Knowledge of Make-up Application

3. Customer Service Skills

4. Basic Mathematical Computations Skills

5. Ability to Promote Brand Integrity

6. Ability to Engage Guests in Products and Menu

7. Ability to Maintain Professionalism at all times

8. Must be 18 years of age in some areas age requirements maybe 21 years of age

9. Charismatic Energy

10. Fun, Upbeat, Entertaining

What is the dress code like?

For host, it is a pair of jeans and a black long sleeve or short sleeve v necks with a white socks and white shoes

What tips or advice would you give to someone interviewing at Hooters?

Have open availability and a positive attitude. Each shift is going to be different so always expect the unexpected and use smart judgment.

What benefits do Hooters offer?

Health, Dental, Vision, Life, and paid time off.

How long does it take for corporate to approve you after your info is sent to them.

However, they hired me on a Thursday and approved on the following Tuesday.

How are the working hours at Hooters?

You can make your own schedule but most girls only work 8 hours a day three to four times a week.

What is the interview process like at Hooters?

Literally based solely on looks. Forget skill.

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