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How do They Get Cars in the Mall? (Everything to Know)


How do They Get Cars in the Mall: Have you ever seen an automobile in a shopping mall? You’ve most likely walked past a lot of cars in malls over the years.

How do They Get Cars in the Mall? (Everything to Know)

Most people never give any thought to how the car enters the mall. The process is somewhat unusual and fascinating, and it occurs far more frequently than you might imagine.

If you go to malls frequently, you’ve definitely noticed that the variety of cars on display varies from week to week.

How do They Get Cars in the Mall?

The mall has a unique entryway with an opening large enough for a car to pass through. You probably won’t be able to tell that a door like this has an aperture large enough for a car. If you look closely, you can see that the door has hinges that will allow it to open rather far.

The specialists who work at the mall entirely open these doors, let the car into the mall and then close them again. When an automobile is parked inside a building or a mall, it is moved through the area very slowly.

Additionally, when the mall is closed, this is usually always done. Compared to many other establishments, malls often open a little later in the morning. This is necessary so that such items can be set up and stores can be restocked from the previous night.

You would need to see it really early in the morning if you wanted to attempt to observe a mall bringing a car in. Typically, a nearby car dealer provides the vehicles on display inside the mall. These automobiles are driven by employees of the dealership, not the shopping center.

However, the cars are not normally driven by mall personnel, so they will need to work with the staff to make this happen. Due to schedules for advertising, the cars are occasionally altered.

A car dealer may also go pick up an automobile that is on display if they require it for their inventory in order to replace it with another vehicle. Automobile shops have long used the sales strategy of placing cars in malls. Here are a few explanations if you’ve ever wondered why it is.

Why do Car Dealerships Put Cars in Malls?

You might be wondering why a car dealership would park a car in the mall now that you know how an automobile enters a mall. There are several alternative explanations for this, and they will vary depending on the dealership and its objectives.

Here are a few of the main justifications a vehicle dealership would place a car in a mall, though.

A new car usually includes a number of distinctive features that set it apart from earlier models. However, you might find it difficult to appreciate how fantastic these elements are unless you are viewing them up close and personal.

It’s unlikely that seeing a newspaper ad or seeing a video for the new car will provide a prospective buyer with the complete experience they require.

The features, however, begin to come to life if a car is on show in a mall and can be walked around, sat in, and touched. When you see something in person, you can think it looks strange or superfluous when you first saw it in a commercial.

It is much better to approach a car while it is in a mall and examine it than to do so for a random automobile in a parking lot. If you try to admire someone’s car in a parking lot, they might assume you’re trying to hurt them.

In contrast, you should take your time and look around the automobiles in the mall to see what they have to offer. No one will object if you spend 30 minutes sitting in and moving about the car.

Before making a purchase, many automobile shoppers and buyers want to evaluate characteristics in greater detail, but they infrequently have the chance to do so without a salesman attempting to convince them to buy.

Display a New Model

It is eagerly awaited when new car models are released. Automobile manufacturers will want to ensure that everyone in the world is aware of all the features available in their vehicles. People prefer shiny, new items, which is the cause.

It will probably draw attention if you are the first person in your neighborhood to be able to buy a newly released car. Some people care a lot about this, and they’ll want to make sure they get the most recent and best versions of everything available.

The mall could be a terrific area to hunt for a new type of car if you’re eager to get your hands on one. Malls have no trouble switching out the vehicles that they bring in each week since they are aware that visitors are eager to see them.

It is a good idea for a car manufacturer to gain as much exposure as it can for a while because new models of vehicles only have that attractiveness for a little period of time.

You may have entirely missed the fact that Ford has developed some new designs or concepts if you have driven Ford vehicles your entire life but don’t keep up with new automobile launches.

You might learn everything you need to know about future car ownership during your visit to the neighborhood mall on your next outing.

Less Stress Than Dealership

Have there ever been times when you feared having to go buy a new car? If so, you are not the only one. The intense pressure that many auto dealerships use on their salesmen is transmitted to how you feel while visiting the showroom.

Essentially, even if you were only attempting to browse, you will feel forced to make a decision and buy immediately. Naturally, there won’t be much time to browse and thoroughly examine the features of the vehicle at a dealership because there is more stress there.

People can glance at the car at the mall and acquire a sense of it and what they enjoy by doing so. The best part of this situation is that it doesn’t put any pressure on the person who just wants to take their time and decide if they actually like the car.

The bulk of car dealerships will still attempt to chat with clients and persuade them to buy, even though some are discovering that this is the way that people want to shop.

The mall can be a great place to see what is available if you are not in a rush to buy a car and simply want some time to look at your options. Smart dealerships are realizing that the vehicles they have strategically placed in malls are assisting them in selling a large number of automobiles.

Mall/Dealership Combinations

As we previously stated, the main reasons why people dislike visiting car dealerships are that they feel under pressure and that it takes a lot of time. You might want to check out one of these hybrid car sales showrooms that you can locate in a mall if you’re one of those folks who can’t handle the inconvenience of automobile purchasing.

It’s fascinating to note that many automakers and brands have come to the realization that mall vehicle shoppers were, in fact, extremely serious. As a result, they began bringing a vehicle salesperson along and allowing him or her to spend time observing what was happening with the automobile at the mall and responding to any inquiries that might arise.

The end effect resembles a tiny car dealership located inside a shopping center. These tiny pop-up vehicle lots are fantastic since they are much more laid back than a typical car lot.

The procedure of purchasing an automobile is becoming much simpler. People are discovering that their likelihood of buying a new car increases with procedure simplicity. Because of this, businesses like Carvana are becoming more prevalent, simply delivering cars to potential buyers at their doorsteps.

Cars are selling faster than they have in the past thanks to this kind of service and the ability to fully sidestep the dealership, and the automakers are pleased with the results.

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How do They Get Cars Into Buildings?

You might not just find automobiles for sale on display in malls. Cars are frequently marketed by being displayed in various locations, such as huge corporate office buildings or even medical facilities. These buildings allow cars to enter through a sizable opening that is located somewhere inside the structure.

The entrance typically consists of a pair of double doors that can be opened without a central beam. The vehicle’s doors are opened as wide as they can go, and often the mirrors are folded in to make room.

The height of the car is another issue that these vehicles occasionally experience. The vehicle might not operate inside a building if it is too high. If the measurements are extremely close, the automobile may occasionally be lowered marginally by releasing a small amount of tire air.

Since the cars must look fantastic when they get to their location, this is often not the best option. Simply because of the size of the vehicle and the logistics of getting it through the building’s doors, many auto dealerships will be rather particular about the cars they choose to put in malls.


Now that you know how car dealerships get their vehicles inside shopping centers and other structures, hopefully, you feel like you have the inside scoop. Usually, the process can be completed without much difficulty.

However, it is imperative that you verify the aperture to ensure that the height and width will accept the vehicle if you are considering putting a car inside a smaller building. There is little doubt that parking a car within a mall can help sell it, but the car needs to get there without incident first.

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