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How Many Championship Rings Does Steve Kerr Have?


How Many Championship Rings Does Steve Kerr Have: The NBA is home to a number of exceptional athletes. Playing well on the court, on the other hand, does not guarantee success as a coach.

How Many Championship Rings Does Steve Kerr Have?

Once they were given the chance to lead a team, many talented athletes failed miserably. Steve Kerr wasn’t one of those people.

For fifteen years, Steve Kerr played professionally in the NBA. Throughout his playing career, Kerr represented seven different teams.

Following his retirement, Kerr gave coaching a shot and excelled at it. Kerr rose to fame as the Golden State Warriors’ head coach. What Number of Championship Rings Does Steve Kerr Own? Together, let’s investigate!

How Many Championship Rings Does Steve Kerr Have?

Kerr earned five NBA championship rings during the course of his basketball career. In addition, he added three additional championship rings after taking over as the Golden State Warriors’ head coach. Kerr now has eight championship rings as a result.

In 1996, 1997, and 1998, he captained the Chicago Bulls to three NBA titles. He won one NBA championship in 1999, the year after joining the San Antonio Spurs. After that, he went back to the San Antonio Spurs, where he finished his career with one more championship.

How Many NBA Titles Does Steve Kerr Have?

Following his retirement, Kerr took over as the Warriors’ head coach, leading them to three additional NBA titles in 2015, 2017, and 2018.

For a coach in the NBA, this accomplishment is exceptional. Scott Fujita will delve more deeply into his life story and career in this piece.

Steve Kerr’s Biography

Stephen Douglas Kerr, an American professional basketball coach, and former player, was born on September 27, 1965. He currently serves as the head coach of the National Basketball Association‘s Golden State Warriors.

He has won nine NBA championships, including four as head coach of the Warriors and five as a player (three with the Chicago Bulls and two with the San Antonio Spurs). The only NBA player to win four straight championships after 1969 was Kerr.

Of players who have made at least 250 three-pointers in their careers, Kerr has the highest three-point field goal percentage (45.4%) in NBA history.

Before Kyle Korver beat it in 2010, he also held the NBA record for the highest season-long three-point percentage at 52.4%. He is regarded as one of the best shooters of all time as well as one of the best NBA coaches.

One of majority owner Sarver’s trusted basketball advisors, Phoenix hired Kerr as the team’s president of basketball operations and general manager in June 2007.

Kerr made his resignation public in June 2010, however, he held onto his minority stake until 2014. After that, Kerr returned to his role as a color analyst for NBA on TNT until 2014, when he decided to pursue a coaching career. Kerr accepted his first position as head coach of the Golden State Warriors in May 2014.

The team entered its most prosperous run under his direction, making it to six NBA Finals and capturing four titles in 2015, 2017, 2018, and 2022. The 1995–96 Chicago Bulls had held the mark for the most victories in an NBA season, but the 2015–16 Warriors broke it with an astonishing 73 victories.

As a player for the U.S. national team, Kerr won the FIBA World Championship in 1986, and he served as an assistant coach for the 2020 Olympic squad that won the gold medal. He was chosen to lead Team USA from 2023 to 2024.

Steve Kerr’s Career

1. Before Joining the Chicago Bulls (1988-1993)

After being selected in the second round of the 1988 NBA draft, he started playing for the Phoenix Suns. He appeared in just 26 games for the Phoenix Suns during his first season.

Later, he changed teams and joined the Cleveland Cavaliers. Kerr played for Cleveland for three whole seasons. He came to Orlando in 1992 to play for the Orlando Magic after appearing in 183 games (29 starts) for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

After one season with the Orlando Magic, he transferred to the Chicago Bulls the following year. Kerr followed the illustrious Michael Jordan to the Chicago Bulls in 1993.

2. Steve Kerr’s Career With the Chicago Bulls (1993-1998)

Kerr followed the illustrious Michael Jordan to the Chicago Bulls in 1993. The Chicago Bulls acquired this player prior to the 1993–94 season. In particular, he scored 8.6 points per game and added 2.6 assists.

The majority of the next two seasons saw Michael Jordan sit out of action. The Chicago Bulls’ inability to advance past the second round can be attributed primarily to this.

With Jordan’s return during the following three seasons, Steve Kerr assisted the Bulls in their three consecutive NBA championship victories.

This player in particular was crucial to the 1997 victory. Specifically, Kerr scored in game 6 to give the Bulls an 88-86 lead after Jordan passed the ball to him.

The game had barely five seconds left at that point. In summary, Kerr spent seven years as a Bull and earned three rings in 1996, 1997, and 1998. In the 1993–94 season, Kerr had an average of 2.6 assists and 8.6 points per game.

3. His Post-Bulls Career

Kerr joined the San Antonio Spurs in January 1999 after capturing the NBA championship in 1998. With the San Antonio Spurs, he earned his fourth championship. Since the 1960s, Steve Kerr is the first NBA player to have won four titles in a row while not being a member of the Boston Celtics.

In July 2001, Steve Kerr joined the Portland Trail Blazers after leaving the San Antonio Spurs. For the Portland Trail Blazers in the 2001–2002 season, he appeared in 65 games.

He rejoined the Spurs in August 2002 after playing for the Portland Trail Blazers. He spent the remainder of his playing career with this group. In the 2003 NBA Finals, Kerr assisted the Spurs in defeating the Mavericks.

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4. Steve Kerr’s Career Post-Retirement

Following his retirement from the NBA, Kerr started working as an analyst for Turner Network Television. He collaborated with Marv Albert at the time.

Between 2007 and 2010, this player served as the Phoenix Suns’ general manager. As a result, the Phoenix Suns’ record was 155–91 (63.1%). In June 2010, Kerr resigned from his positions as the Phoenix Suns’ president and general manager. Time passed. He started coaching in the middle of May 2014.

He was named the Golden State Warriors head coach. His coaching career has been extraordinarily fruitful. With the most victories during the regular season, Kerr became the first rookie head coach in NBA history.

He has a stellar resume and has guided the Warriors to three championships in 2015, 2017, and 2018. In 2016, Steve Kerr won NBA Coach of the Year. In 2015 and 2017, he also took over as the NBA All-Star Game’s head coach. In three straight seasons, Kerr led the Warriors to 67 or more victories.

In summary, this NBA player has a successful track record as the Golden State Warriors head coach. He consequently acquired three more NBA rings, bringing his total to eight.


Kerr was an Arizona Wildcats basketball player in college. He was named to the Pac-10 (now the Pac-12) first team twice as a player, and as a senior in 1988, he was recognized as an All-American. He played 15 seasons in the NBA after being selected by the Phoenix Suns in the second round of the 1988 NBA draft. As a member of the consortium led by Robert Sarver that bought the Suns in 2004, Kerr became a small shareholder in the organization.

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