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How Much is Build-a-Bear? (Updated 2022)


How Much is Build-a-Bear: How much does a bear weigh? Although most shoppers find it difficult to resist the charming toys, Build-A-Bear may be expensive. Continue reading to learn more about the wide variety of options at Build-a-bear.

How Much is Build-a-Bear? (Updated 2022)

How Much is Build-a-Bear

The biggest network of shops that allows customers to customize their own plush animals is called Build-A-Bear Workshop.

There is also a website where a variety of items may be ordered online. Build-A-Bear could be pricey.


Despite the company’s year-round discounts and deals, just a couple of individuals find it to be relatively challenging to acquire.

T-shirts, purses, pajamas, and a variety of other items are typical accessories that you can fit your bear with.

Along with apparel, users may give their bear accessories like shoes, boots, pets, handbags, sandals, socks, and sports equipment.


The number of accessories you can buy is limitless, and adding more will inevitably raise the price.

What is the Cost of Build-a-Bear?

The typical cost of a basic Build-a-Bear bear, without clothes, is from $10 to $25. 

Most individuals pay between $45 to $80 to create a bear that they are delighted with and that they feel is complete.


Whenever you add each additional piece of clothing or accessory, it will apply a specific cost for each outfit or accessory.

Build-A-Bears are custom stuffed animals you can adorn and customize. To make your Build-A-Bear more special and one-of-a-kind, you may add a selection of accessories.

The plush creatures from Build-A-Bear are simple when they are first made, but they do come with a tiny red heart that is inserted inside the bear.


Although they may be purchased separately, it does not include clothing and accessories in the cost of a Build-A-Bear.

Build-A-Bear shops occasionally run promotions or discounts where certain clothes or accessories are given away for free along with the purchase of a certain animal.

There are many characters available for Build-A-Bear toys. Others are just regular animals, but some are officially recognized figures from films, television programs, and cartoons.


In retailers for only a few weeks or months at a time, licensed characters are frequently limited edition.

It features more intricate designs, and also includes a variety of accessories that are also licensed and limited editions, they usually cost more money.

Other typical Build-A-Bear figures include dogs, cats, bears, bunnies, and monkeys. The collections at Build-a-Bear also come in a wide range of themes, such as My Little Pony, Disney, Girl Scouts, etc.


Their bears may coordinate with specific themes like Christmas, Halloween, and Easter.

What is the Price of Build-a-Bear Clothing and Accessories?

Depending on your selection and the style of outfit you choose, clothing might cost anything between $5 to $50.

Little accessories with starting prices of $3 include brushes, sunglasses, ribbons, and other small items.


Besides bigger items like furniture, skates, and wagons that might cost $50 or more, complete costumes can cost anywhere from $15 and $40.

Some accessories aren’t always accessible; they’re only issued sometimes, or with specific characters or seasons of the year.

A Build-a-Bear may be ordered and made online, then mailed to you or anyone you choose. If you spend a specific amount, shipping could be free; else, there will be a charge.


Children may create their own teddy bears in a friendly and enjoyable setting at Build-A-Bear.

How Much Does It Cost to Add a Voice to a Build-a-Bear?

Depending on the particular model, the cost of a Build-A-Bear voice box ranges from $6 to $8. Choosing one of the pre-recorded voices or noises normally costs roughly $6.

A customized voice box costs $8 and may be purchased if you are building the bear for a particular occasion or want to record a unique message for the receiver.


The Build-A-Bear voice boxes are inserted after the bears are filled and last for several months.

Depending on how frequently the voice box is played, their battery life averages around two months.

The voice will speak every time a hand presses or pushed the plush animal.


The variety of noises includes those made by animals, brief messages or phrases, sobbing, laughing, and even little tunes.

You may take a Build-A-Bear stuffed animal back to your neighborhood location to have the old batteries in the voice box removed and new ones installed if they run out.

How Much Does Build-A-Bear Cost on Your Birthday?

Build-A-Bear has a unique deal where the price of the bear is based on your age when you create a personalized Birthday Bear on your birthday.


Any day of your birth month, you may visit a Build-A-Bear workshop and construct the unique Birthday Bear if you’re celebrating your birthday.

The cost is determined by your age or the age of your child. The Build-A-Bear would only cost $5 if your child is turning five.

The Birthday Great Bear is the only plush toy that is accessible for this promotion. Though it periodically undergoes minor adjustments, its design often keeps its consistency from year to year.


To qualify for this offer, children must be younger than 14 years old. A Birthday Bear typically costs between $1 to $14, dependent on the child’s age.

What Does It Cost to Scent a Build-a-Bear?

We may add scents to plush animals from Build-A-Bear for an additional $3.

One method to add additional personality and distinction to your Build-A-Bear is to include a scent of your choosing. You have several alternatives to pick from.


The smells are presented as hard plastic items that are fashioned like various objects. Sometimes the forms are arbitrary, and other times they correspond to the aroma.

You may pick the aroma you want to add when you construct the bear, and when you stuff it, you can add it.

Build-A-Bear consumers are not required to purchase a fragrance, although they can. Scents from Build-A-Bear are made to endure for at least six months.


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Do Build-a-Bear Prices Vary?

The cost of a Build-A-Bear is essentially the same everywhere. But there are certain exceptions.

Create your own Build-A-Bear creations while on a trip with the help of Carnival Cruise Lines’ Build-A-Bear At Sea program.


The animals and accessories offered on the cruises may be a limited edition and more expensive than those offered in shops.

The service occasionally offers to provide more reasonably priced Build-A-Bear creatures that are straightforward or basic.

There is a Build-A-Bear store at Disney Springs that provides a larger variety of animals to construct besides unique Disney branded accessories.


Compared to other Build-A-Bear shops, this one has greater costs.

Each season’s selection is subject to change, and the shop occasionally offers discounts and other incentives to help make the animals more accessible.

Can I Use Coupons at Build-a-Bear?

A variety of coupons are available from Build-A-Bear, and using them to get discounts on your favorite toys and accessories is a terrific way to save money.


You may save money if you join the Build-A-Bear mailing list since you’ll get exclusive offers and coupons in the mail.

In many periodicals, particularly those geared toward families and children, coupons are very common.

On your Build-A-Bear purchase, the coupon inserts can help you save $5 to $10. Books of travel coupons are another source for Build-A-Bear coupons.


Coupon booklets for travel are another source for Build-A-Bear discounts.

Special coupon booklets with discounts for various shops and stores are common in places with a lot of tourist attractions.

These booklets serve as advertising for the retailers whose businesses agree to include their coupons in them.


These kinds of coupon books are available, among other places, in Orlando, Florida; Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, etc.

Although the discounts might differ, these coupons can save you up to $10 when you buy an animal or accessories.

There are bargains and specials on the Build-A-Bear website that might not be present in physical locations.


You can keep track of these offers and be prepared to take advantage of them as soon as they go live by often checking the website.

Many online discounts are time-sensitive or only apply to particular characters or accessories.

Many websites provide coupon codes, and there are even smartphone applications that make it simple to get discounts for practically any retailer.


You should check these coupon websites for the finest offers if you want to buy a Build-A-Bear either online or in person.

You might use a discount code or locate printable coupons that you can use in-store to save money while making an online purchase.

You may join the Bonus Club at Build-A-Bear to accumulate points toward exclusive gifts. You gain points for each purchase you make at Build-A-Bear.


Every dollar spent there is worth one point, and if you go to the store frequently, these points may build up rapidly.

You can exchange the points after they reach a particular threshold for certain incentives or prizes.

These benefits might include free delivery, printable coupons, exclusive discounts, or even free extras or upgrades.


Every time you go shopping, you use your rewards account to add money to your next purchase.

Are Build-a-Bear Prices Lower Online?

Many Build-A-Bears and accessories are available online, often at lower prices than they are in physical locations.

Several times a year, the Build-A-Bear website offers special discounts and online prices.


Holidays and other special seasons of the year sometimes coincide with these specials and offers.

The website has a clearance section where you can purchase Build-A-Bear plush toys and accessories at a discount.

These sale goods are frequently in short supply and can sell out quickly. For things you purchase online, shipping fees may also apply.


Many of the bears and accessories sold by Build-A-Bear are available online, often at lower prices than those found in the physical locations.

Several times a year, Build-A-website Bear’s offers discounted online prices. Holidays and other occasions are frequently congruent with these promotions and offers.

There is a liquidation area on the site where you can purchase Build-A-Bear plush toys and accessories at a lower cost.


These sale goods are frequently in short supply and may go faster. The cost of shipping things you purchase online may also be charged to you.

On their website, Build-A-Bear provides delivery. For free delivery, you need to spend more than $40 on items.

Shipping for gift cards is always free. The website also occasionally provides free shipping offers that do not require a minimum purchase or demand a lower minimum transaction.


The firm will occasionally promote this free shipping offers a few days in advance, but they frequently just throw them in as a surprise for one or two days at a time.

It receives free delivery without meeting the customary minimum spending requirement by using one of the available promo codes.

Can You Purchase Discontinued Build-A-Bears?

Retailers and collectors may sell retired or discontinued Build-A-Bear characters.


Build-A-Bear periodically, albeit seldomly, brings back characters that have been discontinued so that consumers can buy them directly from the store.

There are several rare and highly sought-after retired Build-A-Bear dolls. Build-A-Bears may be pricey and hard to find. As a Build-A-Bear bear gets older, it becomes more valuable.

Some individuals view Build-A-Bear characters as collectibles and want to purchase each one that becomes available in the anticipation that one day they will be discontinued or uncommon and be valuable.


Even though buying Build-A-Bears does not ensure financial success, if you adore plush toys and want to start a collection, you might purchase ones you can sell for more money in the future.

A Build-A-Beard character’s retired status does not automatically imply that it is valuable. Some are available online or at yard sales for as low as $2.

Some of the more expensive, rarer designs that may have been produced in restricted quantities or under license might be worth several hundred dollars.


How Can I Cut Expenses?

Before going to the store, search, for coupons; they frequently provide $5 off a $25 purchase. Join the club “Stuff for Stuff.”

You will earn one point, which is equal to one or more gift cards.

According to the point redemption, you may get a $10 gift card for every 100 points you have earned.


You can also get free things as you accrue points. For instance, you can get an item of free clothing at 150 points and a free plush animal at 250 points. A unique voucher will also be sent to you on your birthday.

Get the Build-a-Bear app to learn about exclusive deals, fun events occurring nearby, and/or discounts.

Try searching on eBay or Craigslist, or even try purchasing clothing from Amazon, if you are seeking something specific or simply want a simpler approach to discover what is available in your region.


Remember that the bear or other animal is not the pricey aspect; rather, you will need to spend money on accessories and attire.

If you want to bring a child, set a hard spending limit and allow them to choose only a few items.

The accessories may cause the bear’s price to rise; on average, a completely attired bear may cost approximately $70.00.


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