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How to Check JAMB UTME Results Online 2023/2024


How to Check JAMB UTME Results Online – www.jamb.org.ng.

How to Check JAMB Result Online: JAMB Candidates that took part in the 2023 JAMB CBT Exam can now check their JAMB Result online. below are list of methods you can use to check your JAMB 2023 Result for free either through the official JAMB Result checker portal or through SMS.




How to Check JAMB Result Online

How to Check JAMB Result Onlinejamb.org.ng

Joint Admission and The Joint Matriculations Board (JAMB) has release its 2023/2024 Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) results online.

Is 2023 JAMB Result out

JAMB Candidates that took part in the 2023 JAMB CBT Exam can now check their JAMB Result online within (2 to 3 days) after writing the JAMB Exams.

How to Check 2023 JAMB Result on JAMB Result Checker Portal

All the 2023 JAMB candidates will be notified once their JAMB Result is out and ready for checking. Therefore, you can check yours through SMS or on the JAMB Official website following the steps below.

Use the methods listed below to check your JAMB result via the JAMB Result checker Portal for free.

  1. Visit the official JAMB result checker portal @ https://www.jamb.org.ng/result-checker-portal/
  2. Enter your JAMB Reg. No and tab on “Check my result
  3. At this point, your Result will show up if it is available.
  4. You will also get a notification message if the result is not available. You can then move ahead to download and print it out.

How to Check JAMB result via SMS

The second method to check your 2023 JAMB result with your mobile phone is through SMS. To check your Result through SMS, simply go to your Message and type UTMERESULT to 55019, through the GSM number used by each candidate to obtain profile code and UTME registration with the board and their results would be relayed to them

For example, Type: “UTMERESULT” and send it to 55019.

Note: You must do this with the phone number you registered with JAMB and you will be charged N50 per SMS.

How to Check your Result using PC or Mobile Device.

  1. Go to jamb.org.ng/eFacility/CheckUTMEResults
  2. A page will come up and you will have to input your JAMB Reg. number in the space and tab on “Check my result”.
  3. At this point, your 2023 JAMB Result will show up on your screen. You can download and print it out.

Note: This result is not the Original JAMB Result. This Result is called “JAMB Result Notification”. To check and print your Original JAMB Result, follow the guide below.

Check JAMB Result with Registration Number

All candidates that will love to check their admission status via the JAMB portal are to check their JAMB result using their JAMB registration number.

When will 2023 JAMB Result Come out?

It takes about 2-3 days from a candidate’s exam day to see his or her result. But due to delay, it might take longer than that and therefore, some candidate’s results may be delayed more than expected.

Therefore, follow the step by step guide below to check your own 2023 JAMB result online without any scratch card.

Pls Note: The first JAMB Result you will get is not the Original JAMB Result. That first Result is called “JAMB Result Notification”.

Meanwhile, when applying for admission, you will be required to submit the original JAMB Result and not the JAMB Result Notification.

How to Check and Print Original 2023 JAMB Result?

We also have a step by step guide on how to print your original 2023 JAMB results.  Print your original 2023 JAMB result here.

Common 2023 JAMB Result Checking Challenges and their Solutions

Many candidates will see a message like “You Do Not Have Any Result Yet” when they try to check their Result. If you are seeing such, then you have to relax and recheck later.

What that message means is that JAMB is still in the process of uploading the results of the center and your Batch.


JAMB Results are usually released in batches. So even if someone wrote the same day as you happen to see his/her result, you will still need to stay calm and wait for yours.

What to do next after seeing your Result?

If your result is available and if you have scored well, then you have to go ahead and use your JAMB Result to Apply for admission at your desired institution. ALSO Check for Jamb Cut Off Marks.

Why Is My JAMB Result Not Showing?

There is this question from candidates as “Why Is My JAMB Result blank? If you try checking your result but see something like “Sorry there is no result yet”.

If you see, “Sorry there is no result yet”, it simply means “JAMB has not uploaded your result yet”. In such cases, candidates are advised to keep rechecking on daily basis or often in a day.

After seeing your result, you have to check the JAMB cut-off mark for all institutions here, to see the Cut off mark for your school and the JAMB Cut off Mark for All courses here.

How to use your Result to Apply for Admission

JAMB Score is one of the most important and valuable criteria for admission in 2023. All Tertiary institutions require their applicants to meet their JAMB Cut off mark so as to be eligible for their Post-UTME admission.

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