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Check NIRSAL Covid-19 Loan Application Approval 2022 – nmfb.com.ng.

How to Check NIRSAL Covid-19 Loan Approval Status: Nirsal Microfinance Bank Covid-19 Loan Targeted Credit Facility (TCF) Checking Approval service has been open for 2022. How to Check NMFB LoanApplicant that applied for 2022 NIRSAL Covid-19 Loan can now check their loan status below.

How to Check NIRSAL Covid-19 Loan Approval Status

How to Check NMFB Loan.

The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) has made a Disbursement of 300 billion naira to Nirsal Microfinance Bank for payment of remaining applicants of 2021 and 2022 new applicant on Targeted Credit Facility (TCF) as a stimulus package to support households and Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs).

See How to Check NMFB Covid-19 Loan Approval Status Household / SME


  1. If you come across this information (This BVN Details Does not exist) know that your loan has not yet been approve. Kindly check back, If you successfully applied for the loan, you will definitely get approved. just have patient.
  2. If your loan is approved. kindly accept the offer immediately, and add your BANK DETAILS. you will receive alert within one week duration.

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    • Have you accepted the offer? OR was the offer ejected? If you have successfully accepted the offer, click next. you will see where you can add your account details.

      • Hello admin, my wife loan has been approved
        and accepted over two months now and no fund received till this moment, what may be responsible for that since you said fund will be received in one week time.

        • Admin please l have been registered since February this year and my loan has not been approved yet what can cause the delay? Maybe I should be reapplied, your advice please.

  1. My loan got approved but there was no provision for acceptance or next.. and my acceptance box is already Marked (✅) on the offer letter..

  2. What is the faith of those that their BVN Validation shows them “sorry, your loan has not been approved check back letter”? I applied April last year, will they approve my loan request? Thanks

  3. Hello my name is Sunday Matthew I applied since last year, and I don’t know what happened that I didn’t get mine. Please sir I need help if possible thank you!

  4. I have accepted my loan offer and have also given the hem my bank name and account number for days ago but am yet to receive the fund. What could be the reason for d delay?

  5. I applied since last year April but no approval till now, if I check, the reply is your BVN does not exist, but the person we apply together have been paid

  6. I applied March this year and I check my status yesterday, it reads bvn does not exist, does it means am not qualified? Can I reapply or I still have to wait? Thanks

  7. How do I check my loan status because I tried to log in now but it was still displaying a page we used to register. Pls I need the link for the approval

  8. I applied the loan since February and it’s replied to me that my details has been submitted Act no is 3158723197 first bank

  9. My own act no is 3046415005 by first bank no merits information since February pls help me to start small businesses to help me pls.

  10. My loan got approved but there was no provision to acceptance but to was Mark good with green and the system didn’t reject my loan? 07030811553

  11. Please why is it that am yet to receive my approval message. And I apply since last year but up to now I didn’t get any approval message. Anytime I checked using the portal were you insert your BVN it keeps saying my BVN doesn’t exist? Please admin help me I beg you in the name of God. The registered name was Ezekiel Christopher Gwet

  12. Sir, I received the approval letter and accepted it and send but there is no provision for account details what can I do please?

  13. I am Richard Ezekiel Imoh have been approved for one month now but havel not received the fund uptil now.

  14. So since before now if checking my bvn number said me. sorry your long has not been approved please check back later why sometimes if check their said this please and please better to send me money in my account

  15. Please Sir I need you correct my account number bcos my account number is not correct I need help you sir you correct my account number shis is correct account number 7013061018

  16. Good evening. Please my wife applied for this Position -19 load. She got approval and she was called to submit her details and sponsor since may this year. Till now,she have not received the money. Thank you.

  17. From Adejoh Friday, I did nine registration since last year 2020,and it was successful, but up to now no approved message from nirsal.pls master’i need your help, & God bless u.my acct number is -3164915216,FIRST BANK OF NIGERIA BVN –22240625638,Phone number–08060607999, thanks.

  18. I applied f9r a loan for my farm Ihechiowa Farms on Augußt 7 or 8, 2021, and was recommended for a loan. In March 2021 it was stil at Nirsal Bank and had not gone to the Central Bank. But a couple of months ago my 2000nairà I used to open an account was returned to my account. What does that mean? Cañ I still look forward to an agric loan loan from the Nirsal Bank/Central Bank. My email is cedctre@gmail.com
    Thank you.
    Obasi Ogbonnaya.


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