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How to Clean Invisalign (All the Best Cleaning Practices)


How to Clean Invisalign: One of the most crucial things to keep in mind with Invisalign aligners is that they must be cleaned. The aligners still need to be cleaned even if they are meant to be thrown away every few weeks. If not, you run the danger of having to wear a bad pair of aligners every day.

How to Clean Invisalign (All the Best Cleaning Practices)

Cleaning vs. Rinsing Invisalign Aligners

Remember that there is a distinction between cleaning and rinsing when it comes to Invisalign. Rinsing your aligners may make them appear cleaner, but it does nothing to address the unseen bacteria that can accumulate.

The following is the basic cleansing process listed on the Invisalign website for nightly cleaning:


‣ Rinse your aligners with water every night.

‣ Brush your aligners with a soft-bristled toothbrush (not the one you use to brush your teeth daily) and gentle, clear liquid soap to remove any debris or food particles that have accumulated during the day.

Rinse thoroughly after brushing.


‣ Store in a protective case whenever they aren’t in use.

Cleaning Accessories for Your Invisalign

Invisalign sells a product called “Steraligner” that comes with a tray. Rubbing alcohol and sodium bicarbonate, a natural antiseptic, are among the ingredients.

Place your aligners in the tray and soak them for 3 minutes to clean them. Brush with warm water after rinsing off the sterilising solution.


Invisalign also sells “cleaning crystals,” which are dissolved in water and used to soak your aligners in.

These crystals include cleansing agents such as sodium sulphate. If you’re looking for a less expensive and more accessible alternative, these ingredients are similar to those found in products used to clean retainers (but not denture cleaners).

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Is There Any Research on Best Cleaning Practices?

The basic cleaning method described above is often enough to keep your aligners clean at night — but it may not be the most thorough approach.

A study published in the journal Clinical, Cosmetic, and Investigational Dermatology Trusted Source studied the pathogens on invisible aligners that were changed every 2 weeks for a 6-week period.

They studied three approaches:


rinsing with water

‣ using effervescent tablets plus brushing

‣ brushing the aligners alone with toothpaste and a toothbrush


At the study’s conclusion, researchers determined that brushing and using effervescent tablets most effectively cleaned the aligners. They also determined that brushing was only slightly inferior to using the tablets. How to clean invisalign.

How Often Should You Clean Your Invisalign?

You should clean your aligners every night, usually while brushing and flossing your teeth. This aids in the removal of any accumulated food, debris, and bacteria during the day.

You can also clean your Invisalign if they appear visibly dirty, such as if you drank something cloudy while wearing them or if you put them on too quickly after eating.


In addition to more thorough cleaning, you should rinse your aligners every time you remove them. Even if you change your aligners every two weeks, they still require careful cleaning.

Failure to do so can cause the aligners to appear discolored (making your teeth look yellow) or can cause bad breath. Plus, you’re continually exposing your teeth to built-up bacteria. How to clean invisalign.

Any Cleansers to Avoid?

Some cleaners are simply too harsh or damaging to use on your Invisalign aligners. Examples of these include:


denture cleaners

‣ mouthwashes, especially those that contain alcohol

‣ scented soaps, which can easily start to taste bitter


‣ toothpaste

You should also refrain from using cleansing soaps that have added dyes (such as blue, red, or green soaps). These can easily stain your Invisalign, which can make for a long 2 weeks of wearing.

Using a coarse bristle brush, not a soft-bristle toothbrush, may also be too harsh on your Invisalign. How to clean invisalign.


Best Ways to Care for Your Aligners

Following some best practices for aligners, care can help keep them clean and free of bacteria. Here are a couple of examples:

When eating, always remove your aligners. Otherwise, food particles can accumulate in the aligners and cause them to become ineffective. While your aligners are in place, you should only drink water. You risk staining or damaging them otherwise.

Avoid using extremely hot water to clean the trays. When you’re not using your aligners, keep them in an airtight container. This reduces the possibility of losing them and protects them from bacteria.


These practices can help keep your aligners clean and your treatment as effective as possible. Invisalign is a popular method for teeth straightening, but the aligners must be cleaned on a regular basis to be effective. How to clean invisalign.

By taking care of your aligners, you can keep them as clear and undetectable as possible. Because they are designed to be discarded, they cannot usually withstand harsh cleaning methods such as abrasive brushes or extremely hot water. Consult your dentist if you are having difficulty keeping your aligners clean.

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