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How to Apply and Get a Job in Dubai From Nigeria | Links & Procedures.


How to Apply and Get a Job in Dubai | Jobs in Dubai.

How to Get a Job in Dubai | This article will help us on How to Apply and Get a Job in Dubai From Nigeria, See link and procedures for job applications.

How to Get a Job in Dubai

How to Get a Job in Dubai

Dubai is a city with some amazing architectural structures, from its high-rise buildings and skyscrapers and accommodating one of the tallest building in the world ” the Burj Khalifa”. Every year thousands of people visit Dubai either for tourism or for seeking greener pastures. Most of the Nigerians has been asking and searching and applying for jobs in Dubai.

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How to Apply and Get a Job in Dubai

There are two ways which you can use to apply and get a job in Dubai.

1. You can travel to the city, searching for jobs physically – This method means you will have to incur extra charges for visiting Dubai. You will have to get a visiting visa depending on how long you want to stay and search for jobs. This may cost you between $82-$110 for a visiting visa, depending on the duration.

2. Applying for jobs in Dubai from Nigeria – This method means you will have to apply for jobs in Dubai all by yourself or through an agent.

For the purpose of this post, we will dwell more on the second approach.

How to Apply for jobs in Dubai from Nigeria.

It is important to note that Dubai has a lot of English speaking firms that recruit international job seekers. Applying for jobs in Dubai from Nigeria could be a very meticulous task but it is feasible. You don’t need to pay for a visa before applying for a job in Dubai from Nigeria.

A good way to start is by searching for prospective employers on the internet.

Your first stop place should be the Dubai Yellow Pages (business directories), which you could access by logging onto yellowpages.ae. Additionally, use the Free Zone websites (uaefreezones.com) which would help you find a listing of businesses in Dubai.

Additional Tips: Intensify your research on the individual companies to check their licensing status and business activities validity. This is to avoid recruitment scam.

You Can check out the following websites for job openings, and make sure you apply for it.

As earlier mentioned, ensure to verify the authenticity of the business or company before applying for the business. That you can do by visiting the Dubai Department of Economic Development (http://www.dubaided.gov.ae/) to check for the licensure of the company.

Make sure you provide accurate and necessary information to your prospective employer. Once you have successfully landed a job, request for a written job contact letter, otherwise known as employment letter.

Dubai Employment Visa Application 

Once your application has been successfully granted, wait for your employer to complete and submit the necessary application to sponsor you for a Dubai employment visa. Your employer is fully responsible for the cost of the employment visa as well as for every other processing fee.

Once this is done, you will be contacted by the United Arab Emirates immigration department for verification. You will be required to verify all the information supplied during your job application process, a reason you should give accurate information about yourself.

As a Nigerian, you must have a Dubai work visa before you can work in Dubai. In addition to your document verification, there are three major requirements for obtaining a Dubai work visa.

Health Card

You must undergo a medical examination which will include a chest X-ray and a blood test to rule out diseases such as HIV, hepatitis C or tuberculosis. Submit your medical records, two passport-size photos and photocopies of your passport, written job offer verification and employment visa application (the one completed by your employer) to the Department of Health and Medical Services to obtain a health card; this step is mandatory for foreigners working in Dubai.

Labour Card

You will also need a labour card, visit the Dubai Ministry of Labour office to submit the required documents. Submit alongside three (3) copies of your employment offer (contract), a passport-size picture, and photocopies of your medical records, employer’s labour license, and entry visa.

Residence Visa

This is the third and final requirements for obtaining a Dubai work visa. Visit the Dubai General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs to get a residence visa to complete the proper requirements for working in Dubai.

Fill accurately and completely the residence visa application form right there. Additionally, you will be required to provide original copies of the following documents; passport, a copy of entry permit, a copy of your health certificate or medical records, copy of your labour card, and two (2) passport-sized pictures.

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