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How To kiss Your Boyfriend To Make Him Crazy About You


How To kiss Your Boyfriend: Do you have sinister fantasies about your partner? Do you want to learn how to romantically kiss your boyfriend? then proceed to the end of this guide.

How To kiss Your Boyfriend To Make Him Crazy About You

How To kiss Your Boyfriend To Make Him Crazy About You

We have simple steps for making your next makeout session extra steamy because it doesn’t take much to turn a guy on. You’ll demonstrate to him how good a kisser you are while also making him wild.

How to Kiss Your Boyfriend Romantically


Here are the steps on how to kiss your boyfriend romantically:

1. Look Your Guy in the Eyes

Keep your gaze fixed on his until he looks deeply into yours. This way, you’re already connected before you start kissing. Don’t even consider turning away! Maintain your eyes to ensure that you’re genuinely bonding.


You’ll want to close your eyes while you kiss, but good eye contact is essential before you lock lips.
Staring into his eyes causes butterflies to form in your stomach, and his, too!

2. Pull Him Close

Wrap your arms around his waist and draw him in. If he’s wearing a jacket, grab it and use it to draw him closer to you. Take a few moments to appreciate being so close and maintain eye contact.


Taking things slowly might sometimes be the finest way to drive your guy insane, especially if you’re crushed up against each other. You may also draw him in by his hips or by his hand.

3. Pull away for a Few Seconds after Leaning in for a Kiss

This taunting is driving him insane! Consider this: he’s completely prepared to kiss you, and you delay pleasure, which makes him want to kiss you even more.


You don’t have to be away for long to make this work. Lean back in for the kiss after a second or two.
This is also an excellent approach to relieve stress if either of you is worried about kissing.

4. Cup your Hands Around his Face

Cup the sides of his face and draw him in closer. You no longer have to be concerned about touching noses!


Furthermore, it demonstrates to him that you are possessive. You want him and aren’t scared to express it.
Guys appreciate it when their spouse takes the initiative, so don’t be shy about making some moves.

5. Give One Sensuous Kiss

With your kiss, you break the tension but leave him wanting more. It’s tempting to start a full-fledged make-out session but then quit after just one terrific kiss. Continue running your hands along his body and making eye contact to let him know you’re not finished.


6. Kiss him with your Tongue

Slightly open your mouth and rub it on his lips. Slip your tongue inside his mouth and flick it against his as the passion grows. Take your time and try kissing his upper and lower lips.

Get comfortable you might want to tilt your head and close your eyes to concentrate on the sensation.
During the kiss, try to mimic your boyfriend’s movements. You want everything to fit together like a puzzle so that it feels comfortable.


7. Kiss his Earlobes or the Area Around his Jawline

Move a little lower around his face to break up the kisses. If you’re feeling fun, gently tug on his earlobes or drop lots of kisses along his jaw.

Kiss around his face if you truly want to drive him insane, but wait before kissing his lips again. This can be done standing up, but it’s also really effective if you lay down together.


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8. Plant Kisses all Over his Neck and Shoulders

To liven things up, try kissing various places on his body. Kiss his throat or the sides of his neck to get him eager.


Work across his shoulders slowly and carefully. You might continue kissing him down his torso or return to his lips for deep passionate kisses.

Make this into a game! Kiss your partner all over his body to find the most sensitive areas. You may also combine these kisses with a massage. Begin with his hands and work your way up to his arms and shoulders. Then, while rubbing his shoulders, lay a kiss on his neck.

9. Offer Him frigid Kisses


Sip something cold and kiss his inner wrist right away. This is a really sensitive area, and the icy sensation might drive him insane.

To spice things up, lay cool kisses along his neck or jawline. Have some fun with the temperature! Try sipping something hot and kissing sensitive areas.

10. Hum While Kissing Him


The vibration will pleasantly surprise your boyfriend. Sure, it may feel uncomfortable to hum while kissing him, but the feeling will blow his mind! Humming while kissing his neck or kissing your way down his chest works well.

Experiment with humming; higher pitches produce rapid vibrations that may tickle, but lower pitches produce a gentler, pleasant sensation.

11. Move your Hands Over his Body


You can stroke his hair, stroke his arm, or embrace him. If you keep your hands still, you will appear stiff. Instead, as you kiss, slide your hands over his body. You may run your fingers down his back, rest your hands on his hips, or massage his thighs.

If your guy appears uneasy, take his hands and place them on your body. For example, if he keeps his hands at his sides, draw them toward you, and place them on your hips. If he doesn’t appear interested, try talking to him about his interests and desires.

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