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How to Lace Converse (Checkout these 5 Simple Steps)


How to Lace Converse: Converse sneakers are a great option for almost any occasion and may update your attire. This article outlines the five easy steps necessary to properly lace converse.

How to Lace Converse (Checkout these 5 Simple Steps)

How to Lace Converse

Lacing your converse can seem like a difficult thing to do. But that’s where we come in, by showing you the simple ways to do this.

To lace a converse in the usual shoelace criss-cross pattern, follow the steps below


Step 1: Pull the Shoelace Across the Eyelets

‣ Straight across the bottom row of eyelets, pull the shoelace

‣ Bring both ends of the lace up through the bottom row of eyelets as you thread it down the bottom of the Converse. 

A horizontal bar that is horizontally straight should connect the two bottom eyelets


‣ To make your laces appear symmetrical at the end, try to keep the length of each end as consistent as you can.

Given that it’s straightforward and comfy, this is the most conventional and widespread method of lacing shoes of all kinds.

Step 2: Thread “Side A” Across and Up

‣ Pull “Side A” from the left side of the shoe into the right eyelet second from the bottom and through the left bottom eyelet.


As a result, they create a diagonal line connecting the two eyelets.

‣ From the underside of the eyelet, you should push the shoelace through the second-to-bottom hole on the right.

It would be best if you did this instead of pulling it over the bottom hole on the left. 


‣ To make the lace come out and over the top once more, pull it through the right eyelet. How to Lace Converse.

Step 3: Thread “Side B” Across and Up

‣ Pull “Side B,” which is the shoe’s right side, through the right eyelet at the bottom and into the left eyelet that is the second from the bottom. 

It should create another diagonal line connecting the two eyelets as a result. 


‣ Push the shoelace through the second-to-bottom eyelet on the left from the underside while pulling it over the bottom eyelet on the right. 

‣ Once it pokes through and hangs over the top, you then pull the lace end through the left eyelet again. How to Lace Converse

Step 4: Cross the Two Sides Once More

‣ Cross the two laces back and forth while alternating “Side A” and “Side B” until you reach the top set of eyelets. 


‣ You must thread Each end through its own eyelet before being laced into the eyelet located one row up on the opposing side.

Pulling the laces too tightly could make your shoes uncomfortable. Instead, provide a little wiggle room as you climb.

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Step 5: Pull the Two Ends Together

‣ At the top set of eyelets, pull the two ends together. Another horizontal pathway, identical to the one at the bottom, should result from this. 

‣ To keep your feet in your shoes, tie the two laces together in a bow. You can leave at this point.

Alternatively, If you don’t want the laces to be visible, you can tuck them under the shoe’s cushion.


Where are Converses Made?

Vietnam, China, India, and Indonesia are the four nations that produce genuine Converse footwear.

The pair you purchased is probably a knockoff if they made it somewhere else.

Vietnam is the most likely place for a genuine Converse to be produced for Indian consumers. How to Lace Converse.


Can You Loose Lace Converse?

Converse typically fits larger than the typical shoe. Converse claims to fit a half size larger on their website.

However several consumers advise going down a whole size, especially if you normally wear a larger size.

Do You Lace Converse to the Top?

The right second-to-bottom hole is where you should pull the laces from underneath and over the top. Cross “Side B” upward diagonally.


Pull “Side B” through the second-to-bottom left eyelet and out of the bottom right eyelet.

To complete the criss-cross, you should twist the other half of the shoelaces to match. How to Lace Converse.

Can You Wear Converse Without Laces?

Athletic sneakers like Converse give any casual look a fashionable edge. However, the shoelaces may irritate your sense of style and make an outfit look unkempt.


Hidden shoelaces draw attention away from the shoes and toward the outfit. When wearing Converse shoes, you can conceal your shoelaces.

Lacing a converse may seem like a difficult chore, but that’s only if you haven’t figured out the easy way to do it.

If you follow the steps we listed in this article, you’ll get to lace your converse in no time.


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