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How to Make Public Profile on Snapchat (Android and iPhone)


How to Make Public Profile on Snapchat: Create a public profile on Snapchat by going to the app’s settings menu. Here’s how to make a Snapchat public profile.

How to Make Public Profile on Snapchat (Android and iPhone)

How to Make Public Profile on Snapchat

People can find Snapchat users that are 18 years of age and older on the app thanks to Public Profiles.

A Public Profile not only boosts visibility but also gives access to a few options like displaying Stories, Lenses, and Subscriber Count.

Follow the steps below to make a public account or profile on Snapchat.

‣ Open Snapchat on your smartphone

‣ Click on your profile or the Bitmoji icon. This is the icon in the top left corner.

‣ Go to your profile settings menu

‣ In the profile settings, scroll down until you find “Add to Spotlight”.

‣ Click on the ellipsis, then select “Create Public Profile” from the pop-up menu.

You will now be guided through the public profile creation process by Snapchat. 

‣ Select the “Create” button on the screen when you’re done.

Snapchat users can now subscribe to your profile to view your stories because your profile is now public.

The following are the requirements for a public profile on Snapchat

‣ User must be at least 18 years old

‣ The account must be more than 24 hours old.

‣ User needs at least one friend who adds them as a friend, and vice versa. 

‣ User must follow Snapchat’s community rules

How Do I Put a Subscribe Button in My Snapchat Profile?

Follow these steps to put a subscribe button on your Snapchat profile.

‣ Launch Snapchat on your iOS or Android device.

‣ Select your profile image.

‣ Choose “Build a following on Spotlight.”

‣ View the details and select “Create.”

‣ Confirm the “Subscribe” button has been added by previewing the public profile.

How Can I Add a Profile Picture on Snapchat?

To add a profile picture to your Snapchat account, follow these steps

‣ Launch the Snapchat app.

‣ Select the profile icon.

‣ After that, tap the Snapcode 

‣ Next, select the ‘Edit Bitmoji’ option.

‣ Select ‘Change My Bitmoji Selfie’ by tapping it.

‣ Next, select the picture you want to use.

‣ Click Done.

Can a 16-Year-Old Create a Public Profile on Snapchat?

No. You must be at least 18 years old to be a creator on Snapchat. However, you are free to have a standard Snapchat account.

You must be 18 years of age or older to opt-in for this feature, which is the most fundamental and crucial need for creating a public profile.

Is there Any Way to Save Someone’s Snapchat Story?

To save someone’s Snapchat story, simply tap the name to enlarge the story. After that tap the Snap you want to save, then tap on “Save” at the bottom.

You can also screenshot the snap if you want. Snapchat sends a notification to every user when a screenshot of their snap is taken.

If you want to take a screenshot without the creator knowing, do this:

‣ Turn on Airplane Mode

‣ Disable WiFi

‣ Open the Snapchat app

‣ Go to the Snap you want to screenshot

‣ Take a screenshot.

How Do You Decline a Friend Request on Snapchat?

Simply tap and hold the username in the list of friend requests on the device if you want to reject a friend request.

A range of new settings, including one to “Ignore Friend Request,” will become available to you.

If you need to, you can also share the username of the person who added you.

After Reporting a Snapchat Story, is it Taken Down Right Away?

Every report that is submitted to Snapchat is revised. Normally, it takes no more than 24 hours.

After which Snapchat will delete the content or suspend the account if they discover that the account or a Snap violated the terms of service.

The moderators at Snapchat receive reports you submit for their consideration.

They will examine the reported snap or account and determine whether the content violates the community guidelines.

If it violates these rules, Snapchat may report the content to law enforcement and delete the account or snap from the site.

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How Can I View Old Snapchat Stories?

If you want to see your old Snapchat stories, you will have to retrieve them.

Simply submit your request there to have your lost Snapchat data downloaded.

When you do that, your data should appear and be recoverable within 24 hours, though occasionally it may take a little longer.

How Do I See Old Snapchat Conversations?

To see old Snapchat conversations, do the following:

‣ On your mobile device, open “Files,” the file manager that comes preloaded with Google, or pick a different file explorer.

‣ Scroll down in the “Files” app and select “Internal Storage.”

‣ Go to “Android -> Data -> com.snapchat.android.”

‣ All files with the “.nomedia” extension should be “renamed.” 

‣ Add a new extension after this point. Try adding one, like “.txt,” “.jpg,” or “.mp4”, if that process is unable to recognize the file or folder.

‣ Find your missing Snapchat messages by searching through the files that suddenly surface. 

Your operating system has already cleared the cached files if there are no files visible.

Does Snapchat Save Pictures in a Database?

Yes, if you save pictures in your memories, Snapchat keeps them in a cloud-based storage. In your memories, you can keep an endless number of photos and videos.

This method is also used for chats and snaps, but after viewing, snaps disappear from their system.

Also, after watching, conversations disappear if one person doesn’t save them.

How to Stop People from Replying to My Snapchat Story?

You can stop people from replying to your Snapchat story by disabling the story replies feature.

Follow these steps to disable the feature.

‣ Log into Snapchat 

‣ Select “My Public Profile” from your profile.

‣ In the top right corner, click the Settings button. The profile settings page will appear.

‣ Go to the “Manage Public Story” section.

‣ Turn off “Show Story Replies” 

You have successfully disabled the story replies function.

What are Some Ways to Save Snapchat Pictures?

To save Snapchat pictures to your gallery do the following:

‣ Tap the photo icon next to the shutter button in Snapchat. This gives you access to Memories from the camera view. 

‣ Tap the picture you want to save 

‣ In the top-right corner, tap the More icon. 

‣ After that, select Export Snap.

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