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How to Maximize Youthful Opportunity

Maximizing Youthful Opportunity

Opportunities? They are all round us. “There is power lying latent everywhere, waiting for the observant eye to discover it” – Orison Marden.


I believe that in life, we all are divided into three categories when it comes to recognizing and maximizing opportunities.

  1. The ones who can’t recognize nor maximize them.
  2. The ones who recognize, but can’t maximize them.
  3. The ones who both recognize and maximize them.

Opportunity is always where you are, never where you were.

In the world today, to get anywhere, you must launch out for somewhere or you will get nowhere. Start with what you have and not with what you don’t have.

Whatever God has given to you will create anything else He has promised you.


A fortunate person is a person that has maximized opportunity, while unfortunate person is a person that has refused to maximize opportunity.

OPPORTUNE: Happening at the time that is most convenient for someone or most likely to succeed.

FORTUNE: Good success or good experience. And therefore defined a “Fortunate person as an opportune person. Somebody that is smart enough to know what will work and how to make it work with a productive idea.


Opportunity is a favorable junction of circumstances, time and place, according to Webster’s Dictionary.

It also says that opportunity is a chance for advancement or progress.

NOTE: Your advancement in life is a function of advantages you maximize.

We therefore find three elements in this definition:

  • Circumstance,
  • Time and
  • Place.

Even the Bible says in Ecclesiastes 9:11 – “Time and chance happen to all” the emphasis is on the harmony of time and chance.

NOTE: However, that the result sought must be positive, not negative. Considering that last statement … but time and chance happen to all “one realizes that every man has opportunities, but an inability to recognize and maximize them”.

  • Opportunity starts with an attitude. Opportunity is everywhere if you will create it. “If you have a wrong attitude to life, you are not likely to maximize opportunity.
  • It is a discovered avenue for profiting.
  • It is locating what will work and making it to work. It is knowing what will produce result.

NOTE: Opportunity is a mother of all fortune. To lack opportunity is to be unfortunate.

  • Opportunity is taking advantage of time, chance, situation, location and circumstances by the gift of God in your life.
  • Opportunity helps you to see adversity as a diversity into creativity, productivity and prosperity.
  • Those who maximize opportunity will turn their stumbling block into building block and stepping stone.
  • They convert obstacles as a spectacle into miracle.
  • They Will turn the scar into stars.

They turn their setback into a setup for a comeback.

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  • Maximizing opportunity is a gateway to maximizing destiny.
  • Destiny Anchors on maximized opportunity
  • Opportunity has a direct impact on how you use your ability.
  • Opportunity makes destiny (life) easy or difficult.
  • Maximizing youthful opportunity eradicates difficulty in adultful life.
  • Your responsibility in life is traceable to how you maximize the opportunity that comes your way.
  • Maximizing youthful opportunity is minimizing adultful difficulty or adulthood.
  • Today’s opportunity determines tomorrow’s possibility.
  • Impossibility is simply not making use of today’s opportunity.
  • Celebrities simply maximized opportunities, while no non-entity simply minimized opportunities available.
  • Obscurity in destiny is absence of not maximizing the opportunity that comes your way.
  • Superiority or inferiority is a function of opportunity either maximized or minimized.
  • The reality of the possibility of your destiny is strictly anchored on maximized opportunity.
  • Punctuality of destiny is a product of opportunity maximized.
  • The regularity of destiny is a pointer to a maximized opportunity.
  • Opportunity maximized enlarges your capacity in life and destiny.
  • Opportunity maximized will give you quality in your destiny. It gives you a qualitative and not just qualitative destiny.
  • The reason (youths) are a liability is because of not maximizing opportunity. (After all, a liability is an ability lying somewhere ready to be used)
  • Mediocrity in destiny is as a result of not maximizing opportunity.
  • The necessity of your destiny is traceable to the opportunity that you maximized.
  • Flexibility or rigidity is a quality that is rooted in opportunity maximized or minimized.
  • Life can be a strategy, tragedy or comedy based on how you utilized every opportunity that comes your way.
  • Curiosity is possible in destiny when opportunity is maximized.
  • The mastery or slavery of your destiny is triggered by the opportunity either maximized or not.
  • Divinity (God) walks around with those who maximized opportunity.


  • If you can use time well, it means you are saving your life.
  • If you use your time to its fullest, you are m maximizing your potential, destiny, gift and talent.
  • If you do not waste your time, you are living your life correctly.
  • The one who waste his time waste his life.
  • The one that saves time, saves his life.
  • He understands his life and achieves a lot in it.
  • Success comes only to those people who are in the right place at the right time and do the right things.

You must maximize your youthful strength because; The glory of young men is their strength, and the beauty of old men is the gray hair.

Even the youths shall faint; and be weary, and the young men shall utterly fall.

  • The world is a stage and your age plays a vital role in it.
  • Life is in phases and men are in sizes, don’t allow your age to affect your destiny.
  • Jesus Christ was 12 years when he sat in the midst of Doctors hearing and answering questions with understanding.
  • David was 17 years when he killed Goliath and 30 years when he became the king.
  • Joseph was 17 years when he had a dream, he appeared before Pharaoh when he was 30 years.
  • Josiah was a king when he was 12 years old.

In summary, you can always grab an opportunity depending on how fast and the tactical advancement you make towards it.

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