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How to Prepare for Jamb, Scoring Skyrocketed Scores


How to Prepare for Jamb: Jamb is quickly approaching, and admissions momentum is advancing. The Jamb era is known for numerous things, such as pleasure, luxury, the quick wealth syndrome, etc. These things can be a potential distraction for candidates as they get ready for the Jamb.

How to Prepare for Jamb, Scoring Skyrocketed Scores

How to Prepare for Jamb, Scoring Skyrocketed Scores

Students are advised to ignore all possible form of distraction and focus dearly on their examination. But one question nags which is: how do I prepare for Jamb?



Below are eleven unique ways on how to prepared for Jamb:

  1. Have a goal/target While preparing for Jamb

For you to prepare very well in the forth-coming Jamb examination, goal setting is required of you. Successful Jambites  have a particular goal in mind before even setting out to prepare for the exams.

It is often said whatever the mind can conceive, the hands can achieve. Your success in your exams starts with your mind. Decide on a particular score you wish to achieve in the exams and work towards achieving it. Your goal/target will help you remain focus and will give you speed.

  • Plan your time/Have a reading timetable

Most people complain of lack of time to do a particular thing. The truth is that no one has the time, but those who wish to succeed create the time to succeed. Don’t wait for time; of course you know that the time will continue as 24 hours in one day.

One of the ways of planning your time is to: Have a reading timetable.

With a reading timetable, you will be able to schedule your time properly in order to achieve good success. Draw a plan for your day and include what subject you will be reading in a particular time of a day.  It is advisable to read when you are energized and not when you are tired. When you are studying study in a good and conducive environment free from distractions.


Yes! You have to:

  • Deal with distractions while preparing for Jamb

Distractions can stop you from achieving your goal/target which you had set for yourself. Before embarking on studies, ensure that all possible distractions are eliminated. This will make you study for easy comprehension.

Before studying ensure your system is in the right frame. One of the biggest distractions is self-distraction; that is the more reason you have to eat good food and get enough rest

  • Read and read

Reading is a language skill just like speaking and listening: Reading is a cognitive process which makes use of the visual psychomotor and cognitive process. In other words, it is decoding of encoded message.

You should endeavor to dread extensively while you are preparing for Jamb

Reading is a cognitive ability of the mind. Reading constitutes one of the key

  • Follow the syllabus

Fellow the syllabus carefully and endeavor you read up  every topic that is inscribed on the syllabus. The syllabus is not just a paper as seen by many. It is a material which will act as a guide to candidates while they are preparing for the exams.

  • Use past questions while preparing for Jamb

Yes! Research has shown that most candidates who score high in UME are those who made UME past question their best friends.  Previous exams conducted have shown that 70 to 80 percent of Jamb questions are usually repeated questions of the previous years. Studying the past question will not only expose you to the questions to expect, but the past question will also show the nature and texture of the exams.

  • Re-read

After thorough study with the syllabus, it is very important that you go back to what you read before and re-read. Re-reading is like starting afresh to read the previous things read. In some instance, many students are fun of skipping some topics they consider as a difficult one, paying attention to the less difficult ones. However, with re-reading one can pay adequate attention to those topics ignored or topics which seem unimportant.


The importance of re-reading to any candidates can never be over emphasized as it helps to refresh candidates’ memory.

  • Prepare for Jamb with C.B.T Practice test

Even though you finished computer school last year and you are very good with computer, you need Jamb CBT practice test. Even if you have studied all your hard copy past questions and answers, you need CBT practice test.



It is no news that Jamb format is not now the computer based test(CBT) format and any candidates who has not practice the cbt is on a probability of failing. When Jamb Cbt was introduced, many students had failed not because they were not intelligent but because they were not convenient with the use of computer.

  • Revise while you prepare for Jamb

Don’t get confuse, re-reading is not revising the duo work in two different patterns. Revising is going through what you have read either by reading, scanning or skimming. After studying all related materials, it is important to go through these materials over again. The more you revise your studied materials, your chances of scoring high.

Read Also:

  1. Be convenient with the exams center

Know your exams center before the day of your exams if possible two days before the exams. Many students have missed their exams because of the failure of early identification of their centers. Knowing your exams center will help you know and understand the environment where you will be writing the exams as well as the proximity from your present location to the exams center. Remember; the early bird catches the worm.


  1. Don’t forget the God factor

And the bible says; remember the lord in all your ways. Whether you are a Moslem, Christian or traditionalist, you should have one that thing which you look up to to as your source of help. Commit your exams into the hands of your God and ask for his direction to success.


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