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How to Say Sorry in Spanish: Words and Phrases

How to Say Sorry in Spanish: There are different reasons to want to learn how to say sorry in Spanish. Since nobody is above mistakes; we’ve got you covered on the proper phrase to use when saying sorry in Spanish.




How to Say Sorry in Spanish: Words and Phrases

How to Say Sorry in Spanish: Words and Phrases

Aside from that, Spanish makes it a little more difficult to apologize. The word “sorry” does not have a single translation into Spanish.

How to Say Sorry in Spanish

It’s pretty easy to say sorry in Spanish. If you want to say sorry in Spanish, just say “lo siento”. Sometimes, terms like “perdon’ or “disculple” can be the best to use in some situations.

When you’re in a situation where you’re truly sorry saying “lo siento” is appropriate. However, “perdón” can be used for normal apologies while “disculpe” when dealing with minor issues.

A typical example of a minor issue is not holding the door for someone you didn’t realize was behind you. In such scenarios, you say “disculpe”.

One very important thing about Spanish is that the more you practice, the more natural the different words and expressions become.

Not having to rely on “lo siento” is important because you can say sorry in different ways and in different situations. Here are some examples;

You don’t know how sorry I amNo sabes cuánto lo siento
You can’t imagine how much I regret itNo te imaginas lo arrepentido que estoy
You can’t imagine how sorry I amNo te imaginas cuánto lo siento
I’m sorry, could you repeat the question?Perdona, ¿podrías repetir la pregunta?
Excuse me, can you pass the water?Disculpa, ¿me pasas el agua?
Excuse me, could I squeeze through?Con permiso, ¿puedo pasar? 

Learning Spanish Words and Phrases

When you want to learn Spanish, there are fundamental phrases you should learn to begin with. These words include; who, what, when, where, why, yes, please, no, and many more.

Knowing these words at the tip of your fingers will usher you into being able to conveniently converse in Spanish. Listed below are the basic words and phrases in Spanish;

Why?¿Por qué? 
I don’t likeNo me gusta
I likeMe gusta
Thank youGracias
Bless youSalud 
SorryLo siento

How to Say “I’m Sorry” in Spanish

What does “I’m sorry” sound like in Spanish? The English phrase is also translated into Spanish in a variety of ways. This depends on how the interjection is used,

Is it meant to convey regret, grief, or empathy? It might be a response, for instance, to learning that your friend is ill.

If so, (yo) lo siento is the most typical response. It’s often used in the Hispanic world to mean both “I regret it” and “I am sorry.”

“I’m sorry, could you repeat?” Is that what it means to say you’re sorry you bothered someone?” The options for these terms are perdón (“pardon”), disculpa (“excuse me”), and perdona (“pardon me”).

The same phrases might excuse yourself, such as “I’m sorry, but I have to go.”

Your lo siento can be strengthened and made to sound more sincere by adding an emphasizing word at the end.

You can make lo siento tanto (“I’m so sorry”) by adding tanto (“so much”). Lo siento mucho (I’m very sorry) is the result of adding mucho (a lot).

De verdad, which means “really,” can also create the phrase “I’m sincerely sorry,” lo siento de verdad. This sentence is an example of how to say sorry in Spanish.

Saying “How Sorry I Am!” in Spanish

Spanish speakers are fond of saying ¡Cuanto lo siento! (“How sorry I am!”). It’s less standard than the simple lo siento. It’s a good choice when the situation calls for a more invested concern.

You could also come across examples like this:

I’m sorry, but I can’t come tomorrowLo siento, pero no puedo venir mañana
I’m sorry for your lossLamento tu pérdida
I’m sorry for/I regret the loss of [your grandmother]Lamento la pérdida de [tu abuela]
Mi más sentido pésame My deepest condolences
Te acompaño en tus sentimientoI share your pain
Lo lamento muchoI am very sorry
Lo lamento sinceramenteI am sincerely sorry
Lo lamento profundamenteI am deeply sorry

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In English, we often use “I’m sorry, but…” It’s useful to apologize before saying something that probably won’t make the other person happy. The Spanish equivalent of the word is lo siento,

Now that you know how to say sorry in Spanish, don’t hesitate to use the right phrase when the need arises.

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