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How to Start a Magazine Business with no Money


How to Start a Magazine Business with no Money: A magazine business can bring in a lot of money and cash for one to invest with, making it one of the more lucrative businesses in Nigeria. How do I launch a magazine business is a common question. Many individuals ask this question, but in order to get an answer, another one will inevitably arise: how can I launch a magazine without any money? Please stop asking if you are one of those people. Here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to launch a magazine without any money.

How to Start a Magazine Business with no Money

How to Start a Magazine Business with no Money

But wait;

Do you want to start a magazine business?


And you don’t have:

  • Licenses and permits.
  • Supplies.
  • Equipment.
  • Office space.
  • Associations, subscriptions, memberships.
  • Operating expenses.
  • Legal fees.
  • Employees and contractors.

Then how do you start?

Here is it:

  1. Start your Magazine Business with the online platform

Yes! You certainly have to go online not for social media chat or to do other unnecessary things. Create a simple blog and start showcasing what you really want to do. Creating a simple blog helps you to create a simple platform for yourself.  You may ask? Does creating a blog involve money? Of course it does but https://www.tumblr.com/new/blog or https://www.blogger.com/  Can offer you a free platform where you can start your online magazine. Create a suitable blog which will serve  as your immediate platform for your business.  Your magazine business must have a name and it is good that you use the proposed name of your magazine as the domain name of your blog. The brand of your business must reflect on your domain. This is the best method on how to get start a e-magazine business

  • Start telling people

Don’t keep quite but go ahead and tell people about your business which you have ventured into. You have to understand that the people around you can go a long where in helping you achieve your dream as a publisher. Tell your friends, colleagues, mentors and your family members   about what you are venturing into and seek for their advice. Their encouragement and support will go a long way to build your morale, tempo and confidence towards your magazine business. You cannot do it on your own, that’s why you need the company of other people. Yes! No man is an island.

  • Prepare your contents for your business

What make a magazine is the contents.  Your content and how you prepare it will tell whether your magazine will be in high demand or not. Before publishing your contents, endeavor to make it reflects on your niche, that is the title of your magazine. For example if your magazine is on internet marketing, your articles must reflect internet marketing.  Making a good content for your business will help in improving the standard of the business. Contents cut across everything present in the magazine ranging from the articles, videos, graphic designs, themes and templates etc.

  • Engage the social media, it will cost you no money

The social media is an important platform that a person can utilize when doing his business. With the social media, one can promote a magazine business. Remember when you are publishing your magazine; a social media Id is necessary for you. Your social media platform serve as a hook up to subscribers of your magazine, this can also be seen as a forum for your subscribers. With the social media, you can get advertisers and sponsors of your magazine.  The social media is a vital tool in the magazine business, most especially the e-magazine business.

The last two steps are for those who wish to take their business to the print level:

  • Source for more audience

The audience that constitutes a magazine business might either be physically or sourced from the online platforms of yours.  Your target now is to let many people know about your magazine through your social media platform and your blog. If you wish to go on print, make your magazine very popular by sharing your vision with people. Make friends with other publishers of other magazine and share ideas with them.


Hook up with advertisers, and tell them about the large audience you have grown and your dream to take your magazine in-print.

  • Outsource for finance and capital

Your third option is all about getting funding from outside sources. I’ve covered the world of startup funding in a number of different pieces, so I won’t get into much detail, but know there are dozens of potential ways to raise capital — even if you don’t have much yourself. Here are just a few potential sources for you:

  • Friends and family. Don’t rule out the po
  • ssibility of getting help from friends and family, even if you have to piece the capital together from multiple sources.
  • Angel investors. Angel investors are wealthy individuals who back business ideas early in their generation. They typically invest in exchange for partial ownership of the company, which is a sacrifice worth considering.
  • Venture capitalists. Venture capitalists are like angel investors, but are typically partnerships or organizations and tend to scout businesses that are already in existence.
  • Crowdfunding. It’s popular for a reason: with a good idea and enough work, you can attract funding for anything.
  • Government grants and loans. The Small Business Administration (and a number of state and local government agencies) exist solely to help small businesses grow. Many offer loans and grants to help you get started.
  • Bank loans. You can always open a line of credit with the bank if your credit is in good standing.
  • shoot your magazine Business

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After following the above mentioned steps in getting your magazine published without any money, it is time you unleash your business to a greater height. Just shoot your business. In case you want to publish your magazine, it is the right time to do it because you have gotten all the money. Don’t be afraid to lunch your dream. Magazine business can be successful.

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