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How to Uncommit from a College


How to Uncommit from a College: If you’ve already paid the deposit fee for enrollment, can you still uncommit and choose to go to another college?

How to Uncommit from a College

How to Uncommit from a College

From the time you are admitted until the day you graduate, you have the option of not attending a university.

Normally, you have to include a tuition deposit when you accept an offer of admission from a university. You’ll probably forfeit the deposit if you decide later not to enroll.

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How to Uncommit From a College

Simply send an email to the admissions office with the subject “withdrawing from enrollment.” Your deposit will probably be lost.

As agreed, send a written notice to the first school stating that you will be withdrawing and that you have accepted a position off the waitlist at a different institution. Most likely, you’ll forfeit the deposit.

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