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Info on Dog Tags – What Information Goes On A Dog Tag


Info on Dog Tags: A common term used by individuals to describe an identifying tag is “dog tags.” Military personnel are the ones who typically wear these tags.

Info on Dog Tags - What Information Goes On A Dog Tag

Info on Dog Tags – What Information Goes On A Dog Tag

This tag carries several important pieces of information like their name and other inscriptions. However, one can easily identify his own with the tag.

Tags are usually fabricated from metal. Most of the time, the tags always have two copies of the information. One military personnel could wear one tag while another from another nation could wear a similar tag with a duplicate.


Being in the army is one patriotic move with much confidence. However, in a battle where people die and their faces are smashed, the only way to identify the body is by using the Dog tag.

When an army man dies on a battlefield, one of the tags would be collected from the individual’s dead body for notification while the duplicate would remain with the corpse.

United States of America (USA)- Info on Dog Tag

The USA is one country with the top military in the world. However, there is a need to know about the Dog Tag worn by the military.


Here, you will get to see the information on their tags and the reason for the information. As earlier said, the Dog tag is used for identification.

Not all country Dog Tag has the same information and the shape of their metal tags are usually not the same.

The Dog Tag worn by the US Army is oval in shape and has a duplicate copy. Information on the United State of America Dog Tag include;

  • Last Name
  • First Name and Middle Initial
  • Social Security Number (Or DoD ID number), followed by “AF” indicating branch of service).
  • Blood Group
  • Religion

China Military

The Military of China also wears Dog tags. Usually, their Dog Tags are long and rectangular in shape.  The information on the label is stamped in simplified Chinese.

However,  the information in the tag includes;

  • Full Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Gender
  • RIC number
  • Japan Dog Tag

The Japanese dog tag looks a lot alike like that of the US army. The information and inscriptions are similar but there are slight differences.


Information on the tag is as follows;

  • First name
  • Last Name
  • Identification Number
  • Blood type

South Korea

Just like most of the military, the South Korean army uses two long name tags. Their name tag is rectangular in shape with an oval end, stamped (In the Korean language).  Information on the tag is information that will help them get recognition.

Some information on the tag includes;

  • Branch (Army Air Force, Navy, Marine)
  • Service Number
  • Name
  • Blood Group
  • Rh Factor

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Info on Dog Tags- France

The Dog tag of the France military is a distinct one to consider. However, the France military issues a rounded metallic rectangle tag, designed to be broken in half.

Information on the tag includes their name, first name and ID number which is placed above.


United Kingdom- Info on Dog Tag

The British Armed Forces also make use of the name tag. Their name tags are usually circular and caries information including;

  • Blood Grup
  • Canada Dog Tag

Canada Forces identity discs are designed t be broken in two in the case of fatality. The lower half is returned t the National Defense Headquarters with the member’s personal document, while the upper half remains on the body.

The information on the upper half includes;

  • Service Number
  • Initials and Surname
  • Religion
  • The Legend “CDN FORCES CDN”
  • The text “Denmark- Info on Dog Tags

The Military of Denmark also makes use of the dog tag. Their tags are rectangular metal plates. The tags are designed to be broken into two pieces each with distinct information stamped on it.

Information on the plate includes;

  • Surname
  • First name
  • Personal Identification Number

Also, the right-hand side of each half-tag is engraved DANMARK. One can easily identify the army of Denmark with the tag and he can get back to his country.


Info on Dog Tags- Israel

This is the last country we are going to consider. The Israeli military is another distinct and their dog tag too. However one can tell from afar from looking at the tag worn.

Their dog tags are designed to be broken in two. Information appears in three lines (twice). Below is the information you will find on the tag;

  • Army Identification Number
  • Last Name
  • First Name
  • Blood Group


You have seen the relevance of the name tag and with the descriptions, you can tell the tags of some country army.


The Tags serve as a big deal. With the use of the tag, one can identify their own, they can also identify a body in a brutal war where faces are smashed, etc.

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