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Free Ishiba Grant Disbursement Date 2022


Free Ishiba Grant Disbursement Date 2022 – Ishiba Grant 2022 is Out.

Ishiba Grant Disbursement Date: Ishiba Grant empowerment prgramme is now ready for disbursement of grant. The Ishiba Grant 2022 is now out and is ready for disbursement. We have provided you with all the necessary information you need to know about Ishiba grant in this article.

Ishiba Grant Disbursement Date

About the Ishiba Grant 2022

The Ishiba Grant Development and Empowerment NGO is a foundation that gives members the opportunity to get grants in diverse fields such as religion, agriculture, skill acquisition, health care, and education.

1. God’s Word

Ishiba Grant Development and Empowerment NGO is religious-based – a Christian foundation as stated on the official website. It places emphasis on religion and the importance of spirituality in every life.

2. Agriculture

The foundation recognizes the potential of agriculture to moved Africa into the future and helps it achieve its potentials to become fully developed.

From the food reliance which would stem hunger to generating revenue for the continents to creating jobs and even more opportunities for the teeming masses.

Ishiba Grant Development and Empowerment NGOs have because of the above reasons and more made agriculture a core focus of its goals and aims.

It seeks to make more people take agriculture up as a means of livelihood and empower them by giving them the requisite skills and means to achieve these set goals.

Through seminars and workshops which it organizes regularly on certain types of agricultural ventures aided and taught by professionals in well-structured mentorship programs, the foundation supplies seeds and stalks, requisite fertilizers, pesticides and it covers the basic cost of production for these agricultural ventures.

It aims to stick with the farm through all the farming stages to help when needed.

3. Skills

Acquiring skills is certainly a sure way of bettering any country or people’s prospects and the Ishiba Grant Development and Empowerment NGO definitely recognizes this. Creating and empowering a new general of creative thinkers and doers with innovation at the core of their every action is the Ishiba Grant’s goal.

With more skills come more options and knowledge and with these come economic emancipation not just for African but for Africans.

This and more are why it organizes  skill acquisition workshops, seminars, and schemes regularly to train young people, those who are disadvantaged in society, and the most vulnerable persons with skills that are economically viable.

4. Grant

With all said and done, the foundation realizes that money is needed to get most of these started, no matter how innovative the prospective entrepreneur is.

It puts at its core the responsibility to give grants to deserving persons who have shown the willingness and zeal to start-up businesses that are viable. Those who are given grants must have attended the seminars and workshop training organized by the foundation and must have passed successfully.

Beneficiaries would be given capital which is enough to kick start their businesses  and assistance where necessary all the way.

5. Health Care

The Ishiba Grant Foundation also takes health seriously as it does not just sponsor free medical checkups, it also foots the bill (partly or fully) of medical surgeries and medical bills, building health care centers, supplying free drugs to the government or public-owned health centers and so much more which are its way of giving back to the society.

6. Education

Education through knowledge impacting is power and young people are encouraged by the Ishiba Foundation through the building of schools, renovating schools, donating school and education materials and supplies, and fitting schools with facilities that would forward the modern trend of being ICTand science-oriented.

ISHIBA also gives scholarships, mentoring, and consulting services to students at no cost too!

How to Join/ Become a Member of the Ishiba Grant

After all that has been stated, you sure would want to be a part of this program. To join the program, follow the procedures below.

Step One:

Visit the website of the Ishiba Grant 2022 Development and Empowerment NGO by logging on to www.ishibacdcs.org

Once you are on the homepage of the Ishiba Foundation website, on the top of the homepage, you would see a “Join Us” option. Click on it and it would take you to the registration portal which is www.portal.ishibadcs.org

Click on the “Click here to enter” option. Once you get to the page, fill in the form with the right information then submit.

Step Two:

Follow the instruction which was sent to you on how you can complete the payment details.

Step Three:

Make sure you scan your bank teller or any evidence of payment available to you the send it to the email address which would be sent to you right after the verification.

Step Four:

An email would be sent to you to confirm that your account has been activated. Next, you should follow the link in it which would lead to you having to log in to your profile.

Step Five:

You can apply for your grant at this stage.

Grants Benefits of Members

  1. Members can apply for grants once they join ISHIBA and all grants affiliated with the foundation.
  2. Also, Members can partake in ISHIBA  seminars and workshops in categories such as health, agriculture, education, mentorship programs, and skill acquisitions.
  3. At the end of each seminar, you are qualified for a certificate at the cost of 1000 naira.
  4. ISHIBA or her partners would sponsor projects of the members’ choosing.

If you have any questions concerning Ishiba Grant Disbursement Date, please feel free to use the comment box below and ask us your question. We will be very pleased to answer you.

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  1. Good afternoon.
    Please may I know the Disbursement date of the Ishiba Grant 2022.
    Thanks in anticipation.
    Olaitan Olaweje.

  2. Good afternoon I want to use this opportunity to tell you that am also a member of ishiba and also introduce a lot of people and up till now nobody address us again we fill form of ishiba not online even there was a message sent to me last 2years please what can I do now a lot of people that register with#1200 and later pay for certificate with#2500 at balogun via igbogila ogun state please help thanks.

  3. Good afternoon brothers& sisters I filled the form since last seven to eight years ago we. Are still waiting our thanks you


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