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JAMB Use of English Questions and Answers (CBT) 2023/2024


JAMB Use of English Questions and Answers Download Portal 2023/2024.

JAMB English Questions and Answers: Download JAMB Use of English Questions and answers, and the possible expo solutions for all the batches in Jamb past question on English.

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JAMB English Questions and Answers

JAMB English Questions and Answers

Jamb Use of English question and Answers: This material will give you insight into the JAMB English Questions and answers 2023/2024 and the possible expo solutions for all the batches writing their exam.

How can i Practice JAMB Questions and Answers for Use of English

Do You Need JAMB English Answers to Practice Expo Questions? We will give you that, but Firstly, let’s start with the necessary practice JAMB 2023 Use of English questions and answers for this paper.

1st Step: How to Answer JAMB English Questions

Candidates are expected to select just one option for each question by ticking the radio button as shown below:
What is your name?
A. Rita
B. Benjamin
C. Johnson
D. Felix

Drag the mouse arrow to any option you wish to choose (it will turn to a pointing finger) and use to click on the radio buttons beside the option to select your answer.

To quickly answer JAMB Use of English questions, follow these computer usage instructions;

  • Put the heel of your hand on the table where your mouse is placed and then hold the mouse in-between your thumb and the ring finger.
  • Your index finger should be on the left button of the mouse.
  • Use your Mouse to Move the tip of the arrow onto the screen. The arrow will act as a pointing finger on the Exam’s computer screen.
  • Drag the mouse arrow to any question (it will turn to a pointing finger) and use to click on the radio buttons beside the options to select your answer (option).

2023 JAMB Questions and Answers for English Language.

JAMB English Questions and Answers: The simplest way to get JAMB 2023 questions and answers for English is to use the JAMB Use of English material that contains all the topics that JAMB will set the 2023 JAMB questions for Use of English from.

Before I give you the Possible JAMB 2023 Use of English questions and answers you should expect for your batch, below are the topics that the Use of English questions for JAMB 2023 will be set from.

Concord Rules Questions: Concord Rules questions will be testing your ability to relate the agreement between a subject, verb, and predicate. The options in this kind of questions are always very similar. So be very smart and also make sure you apply all the 24 concord rules when you meet these questions.

Oral English Questions: This ranges from vowel sounds, Consonants, voice, Speech, Concords, and all Oral related topics.

Synonyms and Antonyms Questions: Synonyms and Antonyms Questions will test the candidate’s abilities on the recognition and replacement of words by other words that are nearest or opposite in meanings. This section requires your familiarity with your dictionary.

JAMB English Novel Questions: Questions will be picked randomly from the 2023 Jamb Recommended Novel… Each candidate will have a different question. That is why it is advisable to get the Jamb 2023 Recommended summary and read it twice or thrice before the exam.

Comprehensive passage Questions: In this section, a summary of short stories or essays will be presented and candidates will be required to read this Summary passage and answer the questions that follow.

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Possible JAMB 2023 Use of English Questions and Answers to expect for your batch.

Below are some of the possible JAMB 2023 English questions and answers to expect for 1st batch (morning session), 2nd batch (afternoon session), and 3rd batch (evening session) candidates that will write English as one of their subjects.

Use this to answer questions 1 – 4: Choose the word that is nearest in meaning to the following word in a bracket.

1. (Derogatory)

  1. complimentary
  2. unwarranted
  3. lackluster
  4. unsavory

The correct answer is D. unsavory

2. (sovereignty)

  1. positing
  2. leadership
  3. autonomy
  4. kingdom

The correct answer is C. autonomy

3. (virtuous)

  1. devilish
  2. clever
  3. Intelligent
  4. upright

The correct answer is D. Upright

4. (typical)

  1. symptomatic
  2. characteristics
  3. universal
  4. incontestable

The correct answer is B. characteristics

5. Choose the word rhymes with’Thyme’

  1. climb
  2. bind
  3. time
  4. lime

The correct answer is C. Time

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Use this to answer questions 1&2: Which of the following is the correct primary stress pattern for the following:

1. “Constitution”

  1. CONstitution
  2. conSTItution
  3. constiTUtion
  4. constituTION

2. Palatable

  1. PALatable
  2. palAtable
  3. palaTAble
  4. palataBLE


In each of questions 26 to 30, select the option that best explains the information conveyed in the sentence. Each question carries.

26. In spite of his humble beginning, Audu now throws his weight around.
A. Audu is arrogant despite his simple upbringing.
B. Despite his obvious poverty, Audu is a proudman.
C. His noble birth notwithstanding, Audu is a corrupt man.
D. From his poor background, Audu is now a rich man.

27. Ngozi has always considered her father to be an impassioned man.
A. Her father is a very lively man.
B. Her father is an emotional man.
C. Her father is a disciplined man.
D. Her father is a very strict man.

28. The elders rebuked Olu for taking issue with his principal.
A. Olu was cautioned for shouting at his principal.
B. Olu was scolded for acting in collusion with his principal.
C. Olu was reprimanded for arguing with his principal.
D. Olu was blamed for issuing a statement denying his principal.

29. The manager paid us in hard currency.
A. We were paid in new notes.
B. We were paid in foreign currency.
C. We were paid in dollars and pound sterling.
D. We were paid in a strong and stable currency.

30. If he went to London, he would see the Queen.
A. When he goes to London, he will see the Queen.
B. He did not go to London and did not see the Queen.
C. He did not see the Queen when he went to London.
D. He would like to see the Queen when he goes to London.
(Questions 31 to 100 carry 1 mark each.)

In each of questions 31 to 45, choose the option opposite in meaning to the word(s) or phrase in italics.

31. Only those who are gullible fall victim to his trickery.
A. saucy B. devastated C. courteous D. astute

32. He is well known for his inordinate ambition.
A. excessive B. passionate C. moderate D. sound

33. Students could be timid.
A. friendly B. bold C. covetous D. pugnacious

34. The witness decided to conceal the evidence.
A. divulge B. hide C. destroy D. pugnacious

35. The members of the congregation were inspired by the sermon.
A. bewitched B. enthralled C. disenchanted D. disorientated

36. Agbenu was ecstatic about her result.
A. dispassionate B. sad C. pessimistic D. mad

37. The labour leader’s recalcitrant stance was applauded.
A. stubborn B. flexible C. uncompromising D. well-informed

38. A cool bath in a hot weather can be truly invigorating.
A. devastating B. unpalatable C. debilitating D. disgusting

39. I am loath to do the assignment.
A. willing B. unwilling C. waiting D. dying

40. Toyin is married to an impatient, self-centered man.
A. a fretful B. a tolerant C. an edgy D. a tolerable

41. Gregarious animals can be found in the zoo.
A. Various B. Wild C. Lonely D. Tame

42. The doctor examined the patient painstakingly.
A. perfunctory B. professionally C. painfully D. carefully

43. The company has continued to monopolize the distribution of the products.
A. centralize B. specialize C. liberalize D. regularize

44. A conservative estimate put the number of missing persons at forty.
A. A rough B. An accurate C. A primitive D. An incorrect

45. The agency has sworn to deal with all the apostles of confederation.
A. proponents B. protagonists C. apostates D. opponents.

In each of questions 46 to 60, choose the option nearest in meaning to word(s) or phrase in italics.

46. The leader has the unstinting support of his party.
A. unsparing B. laudable C. uninspiring D. cautious.

47. The party supporters vilified the Chairman for the role he played in the crisis that rocked the party.
A. elected. B. challenged C. condemned D. impeached

48. The company is to shed three thousand staff this year.
A. demote B. lay off C. throw up D. placate

49. There was a glut of oil on the market.
A. a variety of B. an accumulation of C. an abundance of D. an increase in

50. A few years ago, nobody would have believed that the economy would turn around.
A. deteriorate B. improve C. stagnate D. change

More Jamb English Questions And Answers 2023/2024

51. Before announcing his retirement, Ochima resolved to settle on account with the bank.
A. pay back all he owes B. close his account with C. retire his loans from D. get back at

52. The boys knew that a storm was imminent.
A. possible B. impending C. threatening D. encroaching

53. The nurse was in favour of voluntary euthanasia.
A. a painless death B. a simple operation C. a sleeping pill D. a major operation

54. The cynics feared that the nation’s nascent democracy would fail.
A. pessimists B. delinquents C. critics D. illusionists

55. The essence of governance is to seek the good and well-being of the majority of the people.
A. importance B. goal C. characteristic D. secret

56. From what she said, one may infer that she does not like the course.
A. suppose B. realize C. deduce D. agree

57. He shared his room with a person whose behavior was quite nauseating.
A. disrespectful B. disgraceful C. discouraging D. disgusting

58. The carpenter built a commodious wardrobe.
A. gigantic B. small C. spacious D. wide

59. Publishing as a business venture has become a hot potato in Nigeria.
A. unpleasant B. profitable C. unacceptable D. expensive

60. The man’s story sounded plausible to his audience.
A. fantastic B. credulous C. credible D. entertaining

In each of questions 61 to 85, fill each gap with the most appropriate option from the list provided.

61. ‘I can’t stand people prying into my private life’, Ladi said. ‘…,’ (A. Me neither B. Me too C. I also D. Likewise myself) agreed Agbenu.

62. The sergeant spoke to me in a … (A. coerce B. coarse C. course D. causal) manner.

63. The reason why he was not offered admission was …(A. because B. that  C. when D. owning to) his results could not be found.

64. Adika… (A. receive B. receives C. has received D. had received) a message from the club regularly.

65. Three quarters of the people in the village … killed but only half of their huts … ( A.
B. were/were C. was/was) affected.

66. If you saw the photograph of the man, … (A. can B. will C. would D. could) you be able to identify him?

67. It is bad to take… (A. someone else’s B. someone’s else C. someone’s else’s  D. someone elses’) property without permission.

68. As Obande does not know anyone in this city, he hopes that some kind… (A. men B.
individuals C. man D. inhabitants) will put him up for the night.

69. Be careful not to… (A lose B. loose C. loss D. lost) this money.

70. How is the new editor… (A. pushing B. going C. getting D. moving) on with his work?

71. Nowadays, many graduates are not well disposed to teaching,… (A. do they? B. they are? C. aren’t they? D. are they?)

72. The armed robbers went into the house and robbed the three… (A. women’s occupants B.
women occupants
C. woman occupants D. woman’s occupants).

73. It is often… that inflation… (A. say/resulted B. said/result  C. said/results D. say/result) from too much money chasing very few goods.

74. If you would do me this favour, I … (A. will B. shall C. would D. should) be very grateful.

75. I have the … (A. privilege B. priviledge C. privillege D. privelege) of meeting the President.

More Jamb English Questions And Answers

76. My classmate,… (A. that B. whose C. whom D. which) I haven’t seen for years, wrote to me last week.

77. Four weeks… (A. has been B. are C. were D. is) enough for the police to conclude their investigation.

78. The woman is one of the … (A. elitists B. elites C. elite D. elitist) of the society.

79. The doctor asked the patient what … (A. is the problem B. the problem was C. the problem is D. is your problem).

80. He put… (A. a white dozen eggs B. dozen white eggs C. a dozen white eggs D. white dozen eggs) in a basket.

81. Idakwo ran… (A. lest he almost B. lest he will C. lest he should. D. lest he may) miss the train.

82. Course … (A. material B. materials C. material’s D. materials’) writers are to reflect local colour.

83. It was a free-for-all and the students were blamed for taking the law… (A. into their hands B. in their hands C. into their own hands D. in their own hands).

84. Ali plays… (A. their B. some C. a D. the) violin with remarkable skill.

85. The candidate’s charisma should be a…(A. determinable B. determining  C. determinant D. determinate) factor in winning the election.

In each of questions 86 to 88, choose the option that has the same vowel sound as the one represented by the letter(s) underlined.

86. colonel
A. gaol B. colony C. golden D. girl

87. tend
A. jeopardy B. turned C. earned D. caned

88. market
A. get B. mortgage C. enter D. bachelor

In each of questions 89 to 91, choose the option that has a different vowel sound from the others.

89. A dear B. fair C. bear D. there

90. A. hope B. cost C. coast D. won’t

91. A. naught B. north C. spot D. law

In each of questions 92 to 94, choose the option that has the same consonant sound as the one represented by the letter(s) underlined.

92. concrete
A. attend B. anxious C. concern D. consider

93. chalet
A. college B. chemical C. chairman D. champagne

94. teeth
A. though B. taught C. thought D. tank

In each of questions 95 and 96, choose the option that has a different consonant sound from the others.

95. A. shoe B. ocean C. chef D. chief

96. A. laugh B. off C. wife D. of

In each of questions 97 and 98, choose the option that has the same stress pattern as the given word.

97. cement
A. employ (noun) B. interest C. perfect (adjective) D. include

98. typist
A. rebel (verb) B. superb C. refuse (noun) D. propose

In each of questions 99 and 100, the word in capital letters has the emphatic stress. Choose the option to which the sentence relates.

99. My MOTHER served rice and fresh fish stew for dinner.
A. What of kind of meal did your mother serve for dinner?
B. Did your mother serve rice and fresh fish stew for lunch?
C. What kind of stew did your mother serve for dinner?
D. Who served rice and fresh fish stew for dinner?

100. The President SPOKE to the press.
A. Who spoke to the press? B. to? C. Did the President speak to the press? D. Did the President write to the press?

Helpful Hints

Can Someone Change or Edit an Answer Selected already? Yes!! you can change or edit any question that you have answered already.

Can someone skip any questions and answer them Later? Exactly!!! You can skip any question and answer it later before the end of your exam. But never leave any question unanswered.

How To Pass JAMB English Exam 2023

Question from “use of English comprehension passages” requires answers from the reading passages. So make sure you read the passage first then read the questions and proceed to pick the answer base on what you read on the passages.

Note: The use of English has 60 questions in total. Use of English Questions is set from Concord rules, Oral English, Comprehension passages, Synonyms, and Antonyms, JAMB 2023 Novel, etc. The questions are completely Objectives.

When you have less than 20minutes left while you are left with so many unanswered questions, attempt using our prediction method to do wise guess.

Those were the possible JAMB 2022 Use of English questions and answers to expect for your batch. Make use of the JAMB past questions and answers for Use-of-English to find out more questions for yourself.

The materials above will be beneficial to the first batch (1st set or morning batch), second batch (2nd set or afternoon batch) or third batch (3rd set or evening batch) If yes, then worry no more.

If you have any questions concerning JAMB English Questions and Answers, please feel free to use the comment box below and ask us your question. We will be very pleased to answer you.

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